Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Six Pack: Black and Bone - All About the Coat

Coat – Ter et Bantine, scarf – Rag and Bone (yoox), black loafers – Robert Clergerie (stylebop), trousers – Miu Miu (my Theresa), black tee – Dorothy Perkins, cardigan – Calvin Klein, earrings – Max and Chloe, tote bag – Marni

Green sweater – Dolce and Gabbana, onyx earrings – David Yurman, ivory silk blouse – Jaeger, black sweater – Alexander Wang, skirt – Lutz Huelle, scarf – Mary Katrantzou, corduroy pants – Stella McCartney, black and gold bracelet – Caipora Jewellry, black pumps – Munro, ivory sweater – Stefanel


Monday, September 22, 2014

A 4 by 4 Wardrobe in Bright Plum, Smoky Blue, Navy and Grey

I don't want everybody to feel like I've beaten the "navy and grey" horse to death, but I had a lot of requests for variations of those colors, and they all take on their own feel...  Please remember that I prepared these posts back in August, so you'd have pretty things to read while I'm on vacation; if the hyperlinks don't work, or an item is sold out, I sincerely apologize!

This is the color scheme - three of the colors we've worked with before, but this bright plum color changes everything.  What once was a soft and muted palette takes on a brightness and life that can be included in an outfit on a day that feels right, or you can always stick with the softer colors when that's what you prefer.  It offers a nice range of versatility in mood.
    Navy henley – Uniqlo, jeans – Mango, navy shirt – Uniqlo, corduroy skirt – Peter Jensen
Grey tee – Kin, grey jeans – Uniqlo, grey cashmere sweater – Uniqlo,  wool trousers – Reiss 
A lot of "marled" fabrics here - it could be a signature for sweaters for this particular person...
Turtleneck Chloe, striped tee – Mint Velvet, jacket – Uttam, cardigan – Acne Studios
I have a serious crush on the turtleneck in the last photo, and on the plum crew neck here.  Clearly I need to pay attention to my fondness for the marled sweater, eh?
plum tee – J. Crew, tee shirt – T by Alexander Wang, violet sweater - Fatface, blue silk blouse - Equipment
 Since the scarves seemed flower to me, I stuck with a flowery motif for some of the jewelry.
Square silk scarf – Antagoniste, silver flower earrings – 21dgrs, flower bracelet – Ngurah Gede, silver flower necklace – Kadek Hendra, long scarf - Minuet,  hoop earrings – Simon Sebbag, bag – Brooks Brothers, ankle boots – Sam Edelman, loafers – Walking Cradles 
I really like the choices this provides - that plum tee shirt with a scarf and almost any of the "bottoms" would be bright and cheery, but on a day when you wanted to stay low-key and muted, solid grey with silver jewelry would still look elegant and pulled-together.
Navy henley – Uniqlo, jeans – Mango, navy shirt – Uniqlo, corduroy skirt – Peter Jensengrey tee – Kin, grey jeans – Uniqlo, grey cashmere sweater – Uniqlo,  wool trousers – Reissturtleneck – Chloe, striped tee – Mint Velvet, jacket – Uttam, cardigan – Acne Studiosplum tee – J. Crew, tee shirt – T by Alexander Wang, violet sweater - Fatface, blue silk blouse - EquipmentSquare silk scarf – Antagoniste, silver flower earrings – 21dgrs, flower bracelet – Ngurah Gede, silver flower necklace – Kadek Hendra, long scarf - Minuet,  hoop earrings – Simon Sebbag, bag – Brooks Brothers, ankle boots – Sam Edelman, loafers – Walking Cradles

                        Bogs Footwear (Weyco)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Six Pack: Orange and Brown - All About the Suit

Everybody's familiar with the concept of the power suit, but this suit goes far beyond the predictable black...

Tweed jacket – Dolce & Gabbana, orange sapphire earrings – Jamie Joseph, loafers – Bottega Veneta, brown wool pants – Brunello Cucinelli, bow blouse – Biba, scarf – Le Mont St Michel, bag - French Connection (sold out)
Brown sweater – Dear Cashmere, tweed skirt – Dolce and Gabbanabrown jeans – Viyella, square scarf – Hermesfringed scarf – Fedeli, brown print blouse – Oky Coky, orange cardigan – Miu Miucarved floral earrings – Toosispearl and chain necklace – Givenchyslingbacks – J. Renee, orange tee shirt – Solochiara

Many product links lead you to retailers who pay The Vivienne Files a small commission.  This commission has never been, and never will be, a factor in what items I choose to include in these wardrobes!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Six Pack: Grey and Mint - All About the Scarf

Remember, these posts were written in August, so it's possible that some items are no longer available.  If that's the case, I'm terribly sorry!

Tee shirt – Hobbs, earrings – Givenchy, scarf – Radical Chic, pants – Isabel Marant Etoile, grey cardigan – Burberry Prorsum, socks – Hansel from Basel, loafers – Lauren Ralph Lauren, bag – Tumi
Scarf – Nordstrom,  grey clutch – Solomon Appollo, grey pearl earrings – Carmen Anocibarivory top – Leetha, skirt – Hobbs, grey suede pumps – Sole Societysugared rose tee – White Stuff, cardigan – Neera, mint sweater – Vanessa Bruno Athe jeans – Current/Elliott,  pearl necklace – Sukanya Thongperm


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Project 333, Planning, Packing, Paris, and the Unexpected

I leave later today for Paris... and Yes, I'm excited!  It never gets old, and I never get tired of doing the same things, going the same places. This trip will be very different from most of my recent ones, because I'm going with someone who's never been there.  This will definitely add some new perspectives to how I see the city.

My carefully schemed packing is going to be changed slightly, because the weather in Paris is quite a bit warmer than it is here in Chicago.  This makes me think AGAIN that it's only reasonable to be prepared for weather changes when you travel.

Last week, in Chicago, the weather went from air conditioning overnight to weather cold enough to wear gloves.  Literally, in less than 12 hours, we saw 30 degree temperature drops, which have persisted for over a week.  A tremendous number of visitors found themselves in shorts and sandals when the temperature was HIGH in the 50's Fahrenheit.  It's great for the economy of the city, since everybody had to go shopping, but it was a rude and unhappy shock for the tourists.

Thus, my standing rule that no matter WHERE I go, no matter what time of year, I have a pair of pants or jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, socks and real shoes with heels and toes.

Since the weather cooperated, I began Project 333 for the autumn - here's four outfits that I've worn since "the drop".  I'm making a concerted effort to wear my Hermes scarves, since they haven't seen the light of day much since last April!

black cardigan - Eileen Fisher, (this year's version), black tee - Lands' Endslouch pants - Eileen Fisher, (tweed ones seem to be gone - the link is to solid black), pearl stud earrings - Majorica, pearl and chain necklace - Majorica, loafers - Stuart Weitzman (discontinued, but these are what I'd replace them with), earrings - Alexis Bittar (Discontinued), scarf - Hermes, denim dress - J. Jill (similar), flats - Thierry Rabotin

blue crewneck sweater - J. Jill (similar),black jeans - Eileen Fisher, earrings - Katherine Seaman, scarf - Hermes, boots - Munrogrey sweater - Eileen Fisher (LL Bean's cotton version),waxed jeans - Eileen Fisher, knot earrings - Fortunoff, scarf - Hermes, boiled wool jacket - L.L.Bean, shoes - Cole Haan

Most days that I'm on vacation, there will be at least a small post for you here at The Vivienne Files.  I prepared the posts over the past 6 weeks, so if you encounter broken links or sold-out items, I apologize in advance!  But always remember, it's not about shopping, but about getting ideas and enjoying what we already own.


                        Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)                        

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Start With Art: Yellow Tree by Linda Jacobson

So beautiful, and such inspiring colors!  I was completely unfamiliar with this artist; my readers send me the most wonderful things...
 “Yellow Tree”, by Linda Jacobson available from Saatchi Art
I chose a muted palette from this painting - I think I'm in a muted mood today.  Would you like to see a 2nd post (after my vacation!) based on this painting, with more vivid colors?  

I've been asked to clarify the role of the various "fours" in the 4 by 4 Wardrobe, so I'm going to do that while working with this painting.  Multitasking...

The First Core of Four is designed to give you two tops and two "bottoms" (I don't know why, but lots of people are completely bothered by the term bottoms...) that can be worn as four outfits.  It's the most simple and high-mileage combination of neutral clothes you can find, and it makes a great base upon which to build your wardrobe.
Green silk blouse – Equipment, green corduroy pants – Peter Jensen, green sweater – Madewell, green jeans – Maison Scotch
A second Core of Four (another four blue-on-blue outfits), now gives you sixteen different combinations! (4 x 4 = 16).  Yes, these outfits aren't the cutting edge of trendy fashion, but they're certainly acceptable and appropriate pretty much anywhere you can wear jeans, and if you love these colors, they'll be outfits that make you happy.
Blue tee shirt – Uniqlo, cuffed blue jeans – Frame, blue sweater – Steven Alan, dark wash jeans – A.P.C.
 But as we all know, you need more tops than bottoms, and so we have an Expansion Four of tops that can be worn with either color of jeans.  When I'm looking for these, I try to find tops that combine the two colors with which we're working, in order to introduce some prints into the mix.  Texture can be nice too...
Metallic sweater – Alexander Wang, plaid silk shirt – Equipment,  green tee shirt – Kain, floral blouse – Sugarhill
And finally, we introduce the accent colors in order to really be able to wear these clothes A LOT without seeming to be limited in our colors.  This Mileage Four gives you a final ration of tops to bottoms of 3:1, which is not a bad target.  What you wear above the waist is much more noticed and memorable than your trousers or skirt, so it makes sense to have more variety in shirts and sweaters.  Also, many of us find that we can easily wear jeans more than once without laundering them, but tee shirts have to be washed ALL THE TIME...
Camel sweater – Warehouse, blue tee – Majestic Filatures, camel silk blouse – Ana Pires, blue sweater – Warehouse
Woman does not live by clothing alone - you've got to at least wear shoes!  The role of integration is to give you a sense of coherence in your outfits.  For example, if you wore a green sweater with blue jeans, it would all hang together if you were also wearing a blue scarf that picked up the color of the jeans.

 In the original 4 by 4 wardrobes, I used only 4 items to Integrate the Wardrobe. Those wardrobe were for hot weather, and were very minimal  - we were really pulling together the very least necessary for a beach vacation or similar activities.  Since then, I've surrendered to my longing for accessories and expanded the number, but you could certainly get by with just a couple of pairs of shoes, a bag, and one scarf, or one pair of earrings.  Always remember - the choices are yours, and nobody else's!
Fringed scarf – Nordstrom, aquamarine stud earrings – Ayako Kanari, cord and silver bracelet – Vivien Frank Designs,  jade earrings – Zandra Lorena Sajbin, jade necklace – Zandra Lorena Sajbin, blue subtle striped scarf – Apoccas, crossbody bag – Rebecca Minkoff, loafers – Geox, ankle boots – Sole Society
Green silk blouse – Equipment, green corduroy pants – Peter Jensen, green sweater – Madewell, green jeans – Maison ScotchBlue tee shirt – Uniqlo, cuffed blue jeans – Frameblue sweater – Steven Alan, dark wash jeans – A.P.C.Metallic sweater – Alexander Wang, plaid silk shirt – Equipment,  green tee shirt – Kain, floral blouse – SugarhillCamel sweater – Warehouse, blue tee – Majestic Filatures, camel silk blouse – Ana Pires, blue sweater – WarehouseFringed scarf – Nordstrom, aquamarine stud earrings – Ayako Kanari, cord and silver bracelet – Vivien Frank Designs jade earrings – Zandra Lorena Sajbin, jade necklace – Zandra Lorena Sajbinblue subtle striped scarf – Apoccas, crossbody bag – Rebecca Minkoff, loafers – Geox, ankle boots – Sole Society

                        Dorothy Perkins(US)