Monday, September 26, 2016

You asked for "soupçon," you get it!

If you're going to have a red sweater, why not a cozy cashmere cardigan? This is one of those garments that you could keep forever, and wear it mostly for Christmas and Valentine's Day, but there are a lot of other times when it could be just the ticket. Some gloomy day in November, when the sun has never shone...

First up, scarlet and olive! This is a combination that might veer too far into the Christmas-y, if the green is too bright. (Which isn't a problem, unless you don't like the look.) However, this olive green mutes those holiday associations, and provides a good base for the brightness of the scarlet.

I've worn red with grey for years, and I've always like the way to quiet richness of the grey stands up to the brightness of the accent. This was one of those cases where I chose a neutral bag, rather than an accent. I'm still not able to put my finger on when or why I do that!

(note that the right shades of garnet will be perfect with this scarlet...)

I knew that this would be beautiful! The warmth of these 2 colors are perfect together.

Scarlet and navy is classic!

Brown is the hardest color for me - I don't know if it's because I don't wear it, or because I wear it (in my hair and eyes) constantly! These colors feel cozy together...

I was pretty confident about this! Some of us still feel like we're dressing from the '80s when we wear red with black, but it behooves us to remember that a great many of the people around us don't even remember the '80s...

I've got a "bit of bright blue" in the works, and a "touch of turquoise," but I'm stuck with what the last 2 days of the week will hold. Maybe a bright green, and some fuchsia?  Opinions welcome....


Friday, September 23, 2016

A calm, balanced woman, able to see all sides of an issue.... Remember her from the class reunion?

This was her visual cue:

When we met her at the reunion, this was what she had with her to wear; she was deftly straddling the divide between warm and cool colors:

Just a few days later, she's headed to Europe for a 10-day... attempt to talk some more extreme individuals down off of a political ledge. It's all pretty quiet - no fanfare...

(yes, she seriously considered packing the matching leopard shell...)

She's going to have to talk to a wide variety of people, in a WIDE variety of settings. She will certainly see the inside of a conference room, but also the occasional bar stool in a pub, or long walk in a city park...

So she has calm, relaxing blues. Positively aggressive prints. Some warm textured caramel things, and enough basic black to hold it all together!

She can handle whatever's thrown at her, occasion-wise, with this wardrobe:

Now if her persuasive skills can work as well as her packing skills...


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Do we remember the veterinarian from the class reunion? She was the woman who used this as her style leitmotif:

And who had packed this eclectic mix for that trip:

tunic dress - Biba; necklace – Bauble Bar; earrings - Cornelia Webb;
bracelet - Wallis; watch - Movado; scarf - Avant Toi;
ring – Pomellato; cardigan Jardin des Orangers; metallic tee –
Maison Margiela;
scarf – Santorus; ivory tee – Jaeger; belt – Levi’s;
clutch – Elliott Lucca; cords – Mother; corduroy skirtDorothy Perkins;
backpack - Chloe Stanyon; jeans – Closed; flatsBernardo;
loafers – L’Amour des Pieds

Since she's an expert in the study of contagious diseases in free-range ruminants (someone's got to study these things!) she's been invited to an extensive symposium on lifestock health being held at a major university. Thus, she's going to be gone for a while, and is going to need some additional things to wear:
Flannel shirt – Uniqlo; earrings – Aurelie Bidermann; brown turtleneck – Uniqlo
green turtleneck – Jardin des Orangers; cream turtleneck – Lands’ End
tee – Kettlewell; cardigan – Simply Be; scarf – Etro; cords – Patagonia
bracelet – Mela Artisans; boots – Sorel; jeans – J.Crew; dress - Uniqlo

It's a college campus, so it's casual. But it's other animal health professionals, so she wants to look nice. And there will be at least a little bit of visiting of beasties in their various places of residence, so waterproof boots will be handy. (yes, the white jeans are ONLY for indoor meetings!)

She decides that a balance of jeans and lovely sweaters, with a dress thrown in for evenings, will do nicely:

Although the green accents look like a random addition to the uninitiated, she knows full well that it's a carefully planned change of pace:

And she's going to have a LOT of options, depending on what the event throws her way:


It's such fun being an expert, even if you're the smallest person in the room...


Bogs Footwear (Weyco)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

She's a medical examiner, and she's got her own, very deliberate, way of doing things! When we saw her at the class reunion, this was what she had with her:

cardigan – J. Crew; necklace – Swarovski; ring - Armenta;
earrings – Alexis Bittar; scarf – Image Diary; bracelet – Alexis Bittar;
scarf – Etro; watch – Movado; sweater – L.L.Bean; black and white tee –
Rag & Bone; blue tee – The Mercer N.Y.; dress – Lands’ End; jeans – L.L.Bean;
pants – L.L.Bean; skirt – Lands’ End; handbag – Lautem; pumps – Cole Haan;
boots – Munro; flats – Vaneli; tote – Orciani

This is the unifying style inspiration that she uses for her appearance and image; not for just anyone, I'd say!

Now, she's preparing for an interesting vacation. She's agreed to go with him on his lengthy business trip, even though they don't know each other all that well...
Velvet jacket – Forte Forte; scarf – Marc Jacobs; earrings – Betsey Johnson
print top – Diane von Furstenberg; red silk top – Diane von Furstenberg
black silk tee – Frame; lace-trim top – DKNY; velvet pants – Unique;  
dress Diane von Furstenberg; clutch – Louise et Cie; pumps Nina
red cardigan – Uniqlo

The promise of 10 days in a new city is compelling, and the idea of having 8 or 10 dinner dates with him is... sufficiently intriguing that she's willing to give it a try!

She packs meticulously, as would be expected. Because it's vacation, and because it might be romantic, she includes lots of velvet, and silk, and a touch of very non-frilly lace:

She's got a range of dressy options, from a blue that could be interpreted as... cooling...

To just a touch of red, which might be worn if she wants to heat things up!

Of course, if things go really well, it won't matter WHAT she's wearing! And if things go badly, she has her own hotel room, and she's holding her own return ticket....

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh?


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