Friday, February 23, 2018

If you're going to clean out your closets, make sure that the things that you eliminate get a new life, and support a good cause: 


Columbia will contribute $1 for every pound of clothes received. When you recycle, you can vote for the contribution to go to:

I'm taking a "health day," but I still have something to share....
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Thursday, February 22, 2018

You might remember a travel capsule wardrobe for a brave (some might say daring) heroine a couple of months ago...

This was her inspirational scarf, her style guidelines, and her color palette:

Red Tulip Scarf from KathKath with style guidelines and color palette
scarf - KathKath

A Conference, Alone....

After the lecture that she attended before the holidays, she joined a group that did a lot of research in the subject that she found so fascinating. So now, they're getting together for a weekend conference to discuss their finding and their next steps. She's VERY excited...

travel outfit in navy and yellow with orange accents
scarf - KathKath; earrings - Aurelie Biderman; cardigan - L.L.Bean; tee shirt - Lands' End; watch - Fossil; suitcase - Bric's; pants - Lands' End; backpack - Longchamp; mules - Tory Burch

It's just a couple of days, so she won't need a lot of things. Mostly they'll be sitting around a conference table talking, taking notes and sharing ideas... There's 1 nice dinner planned, and as usual she's going to take advantage of breakfast served in her hotel room!

Tote Bag Travel Capsule Wardrobe in navy and yellow with red and orange accents
yellow tee - L.L.Bean; yellow earrings - Les Nereides; floral cardigan - J.Crew; red earrings - Aqua; yellow bracelet - Cult Gaia; floral tee - Uniqlo; dress - Eileen Fisher; pajamas - Uniqlo; clutch - Topshop; mules - Nina

She's growing in confidence with her packing - when she looks at these pieces available for getting dressed through the weekend, she's not at all worried....

Tote Bag Travel Capsule Wardrobe in navy and yellow with red and orange accents

But she walks through a few outfits, just to be sure!

2 outfits from a Tote Bag Travel Capsule wardrobe in navy with red, orange and yellow accents

2 outfits from a Tote Bag Travel Capsule wardrobe in navy with red, orange and yellow accents

She likes the balance of the predictable yellow "twinset" with the whimsy of a printed tee shirt; finding "her" color palette has made it easier for her to branch out into some more unpredictable purchases!

Revisiting the Red Tulip Scarf, and some Unpredictable Navy
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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Yesterday she managed to wrestle her wardrobe into shape, so today she want to be certain that she has enough accessories. She's not mad about having tons of stuff, but it is pretty important to have at least some appropriate shoes!

Her color palette looked like this when she was finished:

wardrobe color palette in beige, white, navy and shades of teal and green

She thought for a bit, and chose gold as the metal color for her jewelry (maybe just for this season - who knows?)

And she's going to rely a bit on navy as a "cooling" influence on her wardrobe, as she moves away from those warm olive-ish greens that made her feel drab. So she drafted a 2nd color palette, like this:

a clothing color palette with an accompanying accessory palette

Now that her colors are all settled, she things for a minute about what she's going to look for in her closet, and then buy if she comes up empty-handed at home...

planning accessory shopping using a color palette

For reference purposes, this is her spring wardrobe:

Spring wardrobe in beige and blue, with shades of green
beige cardigan - L.L.Bean; plaid shirt - L.L.Bean; beige sweater - L.L.Bean; striped polo shirt - Lands' End; floral shirt - L.L.Bean; green cardigan - L.L.Bean; white tee - L.L.Bean; beige tunic - L.L.Bean; green sweater - L.L.Bean; aqua 3/4 sleeve tee - L.L.Bean; mint tee - L.L.Bean; ocean tunic- L.L.Bean; chambray shirt - L.L.Bean; navy pants - L.L.Bean; jeans - L.L.Bean; beige shorts - L.L.Bean; white shorts - Lands' End; beige pants - L.L.Bean; striped dress - Lands' End

After a bit of digging, and a little bit of patient shopping, she was able to assemble this:

Spring accessory wardrobe in navy and beige with green accents

Just to make sure that she's okay with her newly assembled accessory wardrobe, she collects her Spring wardrobe into "clusters" and then accessorizes them:

wardrobe cluster with accessories

wardrobe cluster with accessories

wardrobe cluster with accessories

wardrobe cluster with accessories

wardrobe cluster with accessories

spring dress with accessories

Now she's truly prepared for the coolest days, or a warm and sunny spell - if only Spring would get here SOON!!!

Adding Just Enough Accessories
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

This is almost the same wardrobe that we saw back on February 7th; I've made a couple of changes so that our new "dilemma" is clear...

This is her starting wardrobe; there's nothing really WRONG here - they're all perfectly nice clothes, but she struggles, and often feels that she doesn't look... pretty...

a casual wardrobe in olive, beige and shades of blue and green
all clothes - L.L.Bean

So she goes through the same exercise that we've seen before - does she have the right general assortment of pieces? Yes, this seems fine...

a casual wardrobe in olive, beige and shades of blue and green sorted by type of garment

Is it the colors? She feels in her gut that she's got a color "issue..." She's always been told that she was an Autumn, but the colors feel muddy and heavy to her... She's got blue eyes, and freckles, and she feels more... light? than the colors that are suggested for her...

a casual wardrobe in olive, beige and shades of blue and green sorted by color

She realizes that she owns quite a bit of yellow-y olive green, which really isn't a color that she likes! She is happy with both white and beige, but her favorite accent colors are blues and greens and more blues and greens! And so, just for a bit, she's going to test-drive this palette:

wardrobe color palette in beige, shades of green and shades of blue

First thing is to get rid of those colors that feel dank and moldy...

casual wardrobe sorted by what to keep and what to donate

With her core of 14 pieces, and her colors, she thinks for a bit and comes up with some shopping goals for spring. She's going to need to replace those olive pants and shorts for sure! She could get more beige pieces, but she realizes that maybe... navy... just to try.

And she's going to pursue that "pretty" feeling that she's been missing! A floral shirt? Some bright stripes? Maybe even a dress, in one of her new favorite colors...

Spring wardrobe goals

It really didn't take very long at all...

Spring Wardrobe additions in blue, green and white

This is how her casual wardrobe looks now - it still has a balance of warm-ish beige with cool blues and green. But the beige is a great summer neutral, and she's really happy with her outfit possibilities.

casual wardrobe in beige and cool green with blue and green accents

4 ways to wear navy pants for spring

4 ways to wear beige pants for spring

4 ways to wear jeans for spring

4 ways to wear beige shorts for spring

4 ways to wear white shorts for spring

She has outfit options to wear from the coolest damp spring days, or for warm and sunny days. Maybe some accessories will make all of this even better, eh?

Another Wardrobe Disaster...
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Monday, February 19, 2018

I am surprised that this was this most visited post - I suspect that Google's statistics aren't always reflective of the real world!

But this is still a really interesting post, based on information from an old (and very popular) fashion book called Hot Tips...

cotton shirts - Uniqlo

I was heartened to see that all of the outfits I suggested would still be perfectly appropriate and undated... that's my goal!

For what it's worth, I am just now starting to mend from the flu, so I can't guarantee that there will be posts every day on The Vivienne Files. I'll do my best, but I can assure you that flu + fibromyalgia = a long recovery...

The Most Popular Post on The Vivienne Files (so far!)
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