Friday, July 29, 2016

After yesterday's fun with packing, I couldn't resist changing the accent color, just to see how it would look!

So let's revisit the first outfit, and change the shirt color from blue to red (as well as swapping out a different scarf and socks). I've changed the earrings for something more round, so that we can look at softer or rounded shapes for prints and accent items. This, of course, will change our color scheme, too:

BlazerL.L.Bean (no longer available); earrings – Narinee
 pants – J. Crew Factory; watch – Olivia Burton; shirt – Lands’ End
bag – Deux Lux; scarf – Becksondergaard; socks – Raey; loafers – Munro
suitcase – Briggs & Riley

The 2nd outfit only sees a change of shirt and earrings - as much as I was considering a softer print for the shirt, the idea of a flannel shirt in Ireland and England just makes TOO much sense to abandon!

Jacket – Patagonia; earrings – Judith Ripka; wool headgear – Buff;  
jeans – L.L.Bean; flannel shirt – Uniqlo; hoodie – L.L.Bean
waterproof booties – Aquatalia

The 3rd outfit - our indoor activities ensemble - gets a great scarf, and some fun socks. Never discount the possibility of socks as an ice-breaker for pub conversation!

Turtleneck – Uniqlo; socks – Paul Smith; scarf – Mila Schon
 bracelet – Ippolita; cardigan Lands’ End; jeans – L.L.Bean
loafers – Munro

As before, for a short (4 to 6 days) trip, this is really everything you need:

The pieces from the 3 initial outfits can be recombined in a few more ways, to give you a feeling of variety, or to be worn in different settings/weather conditions:

But if you're going to be away for a week or more, you're going to want to lay out your 3 outfits, and see where the gaps are that you need to fill:

In order to keep our color comparison as accurate as possible, I've just changed the colors of the blue items... Okay, I had to change the earrings, because I'm mad about these earrings!

Tee shirts – L.L.Bean; gloves – Saks Fifth Avenue
sweatshirt – Lands’ End; ring – Pandora; earrings – Alexis Bittar

This is the "new" everything - and I think it looks pretty versatile...

The additional 3 garments give us quite a few new outfits - this is just a sampling of how all of the pieces can come together:

And yes, if you wanted to pack BOTH the blue AND the red accents, I'm not going to stop you! It takes the wardrobe beyond the bounds of a carry-on bag, but for a long trip it might be just the ticket...



Thursday, July 28, 2016

Someone out there's going to Northern Ireland, and then over to England. Envy.... sigh....

I know a couple of garments that are on the packing list, but I'm going to do some imagining around those few things.

For starters, let's say that this is the travel outfit in question, and thus our color scheme is set:

BlazerL.L.Bean (no longer available); earrings – Wadarat Supasirisuk
pants – J. Crew Factory; watch – Olivia Burton; shirt – Lands’ End
bag – Deux Lux; scarf – Halogen; socks – Banana Republic
loafers – Munro; suitcase – Briggs & Riley

In addition to having a chosen color scheme, I've decided to focus on the tile-like pattern of the scarf, as well as the woven detail of the tweed jacket as our focal motif - a woven handbag, square earrings, etc. You'll see this detail in more pieces of jewelry, as well as the nice squared plaid of the flannel shirt, too!

Knowing that it can be cold, wet, windy and changeable in both locations, a nice warm outfit with waterproof boots is essential:

Jacket – Patagonia; earrings – Coomi Silver; wool headgear – Buff
 jeans – L.L.Bean;  flannel shirt – Uniqlo; black cashmere hoodie – L.L.Bean
waterproof booties – Aquatalia

And although this isn't at ALL a dressy trip, something sort of nice and pretty is never a bad idea for indoor days - museum, historical houses, churches etc.:

Turtleneck – Uniqlo; socks – Paul Smith; scarf – Missoni
bracelets – Me to We; cardigan – Lands’ End; jeans – L.L.Bean
loafers – Munro

So if my friend only packs these 3 outfits, she's pretty well set for a brief trip:

In addition to the 3 original outfits, there are more combinations - at least these 4:

However, I wouldn't travel to Ireland and bet on being able to get laundry done. (if there's a place on our planet where it is HARD to get laundry dry, it's Ireland...)

So let's evaluate everything we have so far, and see where we need to supplement our suitcase:

Gloves are small, and very important...

These are the additions that I've chosen to make to our imaginary suitcase:

Tee shirts – L.L.Bean; gloves – Saks Fifth Avenue
sweatshirt – J. Crew; ring – Bavna; earrings – Narinee

So this is NOW the entirety of our travel wardrobe:

Just 3 additional piece of clothing give you at LEAST 6 more outfits. Some time I'm going to sit down and see just how many different combinations are possible...

For the less cold among us, one of the tee shirts could be short-sleeved, or a sweater could be cotton rather than cashmere. But the general idea would still work, and all of the outfits would still come together perfectly.

Ireland.... sigh...


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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Thank you - everyone - for letting me know about the broken hyperlinks. Your clicks (and your purchases!) generate the revenue that keeps The Vivienne Files supplied with air conditioning and iced coffee! Broken links = sad, sad blogger....

hugs to all,

You asked, you get!  What does the woman with the "chocolate box" wardrobe buy for cooler weather?

First off, let's remember that we left her (here) with this wardrobe:

By the time August rolls around, even if you don't NEED warmer clothing, you're certainly thinking about it! A long-sleeved shirt can layer under anything, warm socks in pink are just plain fun, and a sweater that combines all of the chocolate, caramel and cream colors can be worn A TON...
shirt – Uniqlo; socks; - Uniqlo
sweater – L.L.Bean

For illustrative purposes, here are a few new outfits that result from the modest shopping excursion show above; There are certainly more combinations than these:

Next up, the weather takes a decided turn, and some warm snuggly things are in order:

cardigan – Eric Bompard; scarf – Becksondergaard
turtleneck – Steffen Schraut

As before, these few additions give you many new options - don't forget that a button-front cardigan can be worn alone, as a sweater, in addition to being worn over another top.

When the winter holidays loom large, even the most casual of us might decide that we need something a bit dressy:

Boots – Aquatalia; blouse – W118 by Walter Baker
 leather skirt – Jason Wu

These additions also work extremely well with our fictional heroine's existing wardrobe:

And after the holidays, heading toward Valentine's Day, might be a great time to scour the sales and look for some romantic tops - cherry filling for our chocolate box!

Turtleneck – Jardin des Orangers; scarf – Missoni
blouse – Plein Sud Jeans

Adding an entirely new color to your wardrobe isn't as risky as it seems, if you make sure that your new accent is something that works well with your current neutral colors. These 3 pieces blend beautifully:

And OH YEAH, somebody's going to need a couple of winter coats:

jacket – Basler; Owl in the City scarf – Aspinal of London
cashmere gloves – Cornelia James; leather gloves – Lord & Taylor
coat – L.L.Bean

Maybe she didn't need another scarf, but there was no way I was going to resist a scarf called "Owl in the City!"

Here's her wardrobe, after the cool-weather additions:

I think she's going to be very happy...


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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Don't you want to walk down this avenue? I'm hoping that there's a lovely person with some iced coffee down there in that intriguing yellow building...

Avenue in the Park by Gustav Klimt

While green is the dominant color in this painting, there's no way to build even the smallest of wardrobes around that shade of green, unless you make the garments yourself. So I've chosen the lovely grey of the tree trunks and branches as our neutral.

Life List

She's taking just a short break, but with a very specific purpose in mind...
Earrings – Alexis Bittar; blazer Uniqlo; watch – Skagen;
 tee – Uniqlo; scarf – Nordstrom; backpack – LoefflerRandall;  
pants – L.L.Bean; shoes – Keds; suitcase – Hartmann

She's packing just enough for a few days of walking outdoors, followed by casual dinners and long nights of restful sleep:
Earrings – Aoy; tee – Uniqlo; necklace – Lagos;
yellow cardigan – REDValentino; sunglasses – Ray-Ban; green tee – 
Polo Ralph Lauren; bracelet – Komang Wijayana; leaf necklace – Ying; 
 shortsL.L.Bean; infinity scarf – LOFT; sandals – Birkenstock; 
 chiffon top – Uniqlo; ballet flats – Me Too; skirt – L.L.Bean

When her friends hear her mention her life list, they always assume that she's talking about birds, but that's not the case!

She found a large arboretum, near a city that she's always wanted to visit...

So she's going to add to her life list of trees! She's always had a passion for leaves, and branches, and bark...


Monday, July 25, 2016

She was enjoying the shopping...

Of course, she had to start with shoes. There are women in the world who don't need shoes, but that's not the general rule. So she started with something in her favorite dark chocolate brown:

Shirt – Lands’ End; pants – Lands’ End; sweater – Uniqlo;
 scarf – Givenchy; top shoes – OluKai
boots – Pikolinos; bottom shoes – Born

She couldn't WAIT to get some earrings - she'd been wearing demure, tiny studs for years, and she wanted something more fun. And something PINK!
Tee – L.L.Bean; pants – Lands’ End; sweaterUniqlo; 
 top earrings – Charriol; middle earrings – Matta
bottom earrings – Latelita London

And a scarf, too! While she had been able to wear smaller, more traditionally patterned scarves for her job, she had never been able to just bust out with some big swishy piece of gorgeousness. And MORE PINK!
Tee – L.L.Bean; pants – Lands’ End; cardigan – L.L.Bean
 top scarf – Nordstrom; middle scarf - Givenchy
 bottom scarf – Bottega Veneta

She wanted a new watch, too. She had been wearing a very lovely, small watch for work, and while she wasn't going to get rid of it, she really was looking forward to a leather band, and a great big round face that she could actually see...
Shirt – Lands’ End; Pants – L.L.Bean; sweaterUniqlo; 
 top watch –  Movado; middle watch – MVMT
bottom watch – Skagen

She has never, ever, worn a bracelet to work; it would bang against the desktop, and that would be a big "no-no." But now, she was longing for something in a natural material, with a warm, organic feel to it!
Top – Dorothy Perkins; pants – L.L.Bean
top braceletTiffany & Co.; middle bracelet – Sumalee Nawakul;  
bottom bracelets – Gorjana

Heck YES she's getting some pink shoes! Who wouldn't?

Tee – L.L.Bean; pants – Lands’ End; cardigan – Uniqlo
 top shoes – Sam Edelman; middle shoes – Steve Madden
bottom shoes - Keds

One day she was heading out the door to run errands, and she reached down without thinking and picked up her briefcase. And promptly put it BACK DOWN, emptied it out, and put it in the stack of things to be donated. WHO wants their briefcase, after they've retired?

Top – Dorothy Perkins; jeans – J. Crew
 top tote – SoleSociety; middle tote – Longchamp
bottom tote – Lodis

There's really nothing more flattering than pink earrings, is there?
Top – L.L.Bean; jeans – J. Crew
 top earrings – Saranarat; middle earrings – Nocturne
bottom earrings – Maha Lozi

For some reason, it seems like she was seeing beautiful pink scarves everywhere she looked. Well, woman does not live by 1 scarf alone... At least not THIS woman!
Blouse – Lands’ End; pants – Lands’ End;  
top scarf –  Hermès Voyage en Etoffes; middle scarf – Gucci
bottom scarf – Max Mara

The only thing that might be MORE of a departure from her work life than pink shoes might be GOLD shoes! But they go with pretty much any warm-toned outfit, so they're REALLY very practical...
Blouse – Lands’ End; pants – L.L.Bean
top shoes – Vince Camuto; middle shoes – Topshop
bottom shoes – The Flexx

She's not going to get rid of her pearls - they've stood her in good stead for decades, and they're still very lovely. But she wants to bust out into something completely different - how about a pendant that looks like a piece of chocolate candy?
Top – European Culture; pants – L.L.Bean;  
top pendant – Sence Copenhagen; middle pendant – Melis Goral
bottom pendant – Tadam!

New sunglasses will come in handy - and this time, they're going to be PINK TOO!!!! (she's really losing her head, just a bit, over her new love for all things pink...)
Tee – L.L.Bean; pants – L.L.Bean; cardigan – Fabiana Filippi; 
top sunglasses – Kate Spade; middle sunglasses – Burberry
bottom sunglasses – Vince Camuto

While her new tote bag is tremendously useful, she realized a few weeks later that a smaller bag, also in brown, was pretty important. How nice to buy a color that you really love...
Top – European Culture; skirt – L.L.Bean;
 top bag – Roque Bags; middle bag – N’DamusLondon
bottom bag - Baggallini

And finally, a scarf in shades of brown just makes her happy:
Blouse – Twin-Set; skirtL.L.Bean
top scarf – Arte Cashmere; middle scarf – Mandkhai
bottom scarf – Gianfranco Ferre

Her new wardrobe please her, right down to her (pink polished) toes! While her work wardrobe had been an accurate, and very practical, reflection of her position and her achievements, this wardrobe reflect the "inner" her - colors of chocolate, caramel, whipped cream, strawberry filling in the chocolates.... 

Maybe a part-time job in a lovely chocolate shop is in her future?