Friday, September 04, 2015

Orange and Red! A last look at Nature Morte by Georgette Agutte

This color scheme had to be revisited one last time, because there's an eccentric aunt lurking in the background who wants a bit of attention. (just for the record, I'm the eccentric aunt in my family's tree...)

She persists in believing that orange and red are meant to go together! They're side by side in the color wheel, they're both in flowers, and fruits, and lots of beautiful prints. Why not pair them - it's a singular style statement that you don't see every day!

You would see this woman... on a plane, train, you name it, she's going to be visible. Happily, her sunny personality is equal to the level of high-intensity color.

Orange jacket – Lauren Ralph Lauren; sweater – Uniqlo; boots – Munro
 earrings Kendra Scott; cuff bracelet – Alexis Bittar; scarf – Echo
tote – Le Sport Sac

For reference purposes, and to give credit where artistic credit is due, let's take a last look at our beautiful painting, and one of the color scheme that I took from it.

The eccentric aunt must be onto something, because it's not really difficult to find beautiful garments that use both orange and red in them, to beautiful effect.

dress – J. Crew; flower earrings – Ying; bracelet Khun Boom; evening bag
 – Natasha Couture; sandals – Pelle Moda; red wrap – Nordstrom;  sleeveless 
top – Kenzo; red earrings – Kate Spade; garnet bracelet – Astley Clarke; faux 
wrap skirt – Eileen Fisher; sweater Yakshi Malhotra; black 
pumps – Sam Edelman

For such a small assortment of clothing, there are quite a few options here. The turtleneck with the skirt would be lovely with opaque tights and flats, and you could easily pull the red sweater over the sleeveless blouse, and then wear either pants or a skirt... If you tossed a black cardigan into here, and maybe a pair of orange jeans (!!!!) you could go for a long time and be well-dressed.

Since she's a member of the family, EA (eccentric aunt) gets to come to the rehearsal dinner...

She's pretty funny, when she starts telling stories about the various mishaps that occurred at her weddings...


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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Start with Art: Egypt Drawing 9 by Susan Osgood

So beautiful... the depths of the black throughout the blue, the radiance of the red shining in the distance, and are those footsteps moving up off the top of the image?

Egypt Drawing 9 - Susan Osgood

A color scheme of clarity, but with dimensions of color:

Can You Play the Game?

The rules are few, simple, but rigorously enforced:
  • Either participant can initiate the game.
  • You must be ready to leave within the hour!
  • You must be able to carry (not roll) your bag...

Blue cardigan – Eastex; tunic dress – Topshop; bracelet – Aoy; cross body bag
 – Cambridge Satchel Company; red onyx earrings – Bhavesh; scarf – 
We are Owls We Are Warriors; black tightsTopshop; boots – Jack Rogers
rolling bag - Longchamp

  • The destination is not known by either participant until after arriving at the airport and talking to an airline representative to find the least-expensive flight (within certain parameters).
  • No sand, no snow.
  • Trips last at least 4 days, and no more than 7.
  • Flights are under 8 hours, unless a really irresistible offer appears and both parties agree. 
  • no "special clothing" activities - 5-star dinners, hiking etc.
  • You CAN shop, if your level of distress exceeds 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. (nobody has ever, yet, confessed to this...)

Grey tee – Uniqlo; “twilly” scarf – Hermes Mors et Gourmettes Remix; 
earrings – Wadarat Supasirisuk; necklace – Oscar Figueroa Escorcia; ring – 
 Nyoman Rena; pants – Eileen Fisher; scarf – Nordstrom; charcoal long 
sleeve tee – Uniqlo; grey shirt – Maison Margiela; striped skirt – Proenza 
 Schouler; ballet flats – Easy Spirit

This doesn't look terribly sparse, when you lay it out like this. Although if she had had a little bit more time to prepare, she would have WORN the black trousers, and packed the tunic dress. But it all still works out well...

And she will have lots of options when she gets to.... Dublin? Dubrovnik? Dusseldorf?

Could you live up to the challenge?

Would you WANT to?

This is the stuff of which MY dreams are made...


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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Start with Art: Version 2 of Nature Morte by Georgette Agutte

We took a look at this painting a few days ago, and my result was a very dark and subdued mix of burgundy and black.  THIS version is quite a bit brighter!

This is the same general scenario: a lovely woman who has to make a quick overnight trip for a (possibly) dressy event - wedding, dinner party, etc.

I've kept the jewelry and scarf from the previous iteration of this project, and black pants are still on the menu. But a change of coat, sweater, boots and tote change everything completely.

coat – MSGM; boots – Munro; cashmere sweater – RED Valentino
trousers – Oasis; scarf Sam Edelman; earrings Kendra Scott
cuff bracelet – Alexis Bittar; tote bag – Lodis

Just to refresh our eyes, here's the painting with which everything starts:

Nature Morte by Georgette Agutte

But this time, I'm going back to an earlier version of the color scheme, that doesn't include the very pivotal maroon/wine/burgundy/whatever color. This is all about the bright colors, and a strong thread of black holding it all together.

Same necklace, handbag, sweater and shoes; only 3 pieces have changed from the previous suitcase. But WHAT a difference!

Necklace – Oscar de la Renta; black cashmere sweater – J. Crew; bag –  
Dolce & Gabbana; dotted shirt – Hugo; sandals – Pelle Moda; red wrap – 
Nordstrom; lace skirt – Carven

This is a different woman from the maroon and black-wearer:

But she's going to carry herself very much the same way at her dressy event - if she feels over-dressed, the necklace is tucked into the bag, and she is wearing simple black while at the table. And the return trip is a comfortable shirt and sweater...

To me, this demonstrates the range of possibilities available to each of us to customize our wardrobes to suit our every preference. Here we can see the power of color, and the essential role that core neutrals play. You can also clearly see that beautiful accessories can be at home in a wide variety of wardrobes! 

Shall I take one more pass through this painting and scenario?


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