Friday, August 26, 2016

I could wear this dress a lot...

a perfect dark grey shirtdress
Dress – Humanoid

At its most basic, you can approach this dress with simple metallic silver accessories, or you can combine silver and shades of grey:

how to accessorize a grey shirtdress: silver, or black, white and grey
Dress – Humanoid
earrings – Gianluca Anzani; bag – Ina Kent; flats – Balenciaga
earrings – Madewell; scarf – BP.; quilted flats – Munro

I love the contrast between the deep, cool color of this dress and the equally strong, but warm shades of camel or caramel. Mixing warm and cool colors isn't off-limits, if you balance the strength or intensity of the colors.
How to accessorize a grey dress with camel or caramel
Dress – Humanoid;  
earrings – Shlomit Ofir; bracelet Carlos Munoz;  
cardigan – Dorothy Perkins; loafers – UGG
second cardigan – J. Crew Factory; earrings –
amber bracelet –; boots – Sam Edelman

Truly, I don't think there's a color in the world that doesn't look good with navy. I particularly like the subtle contrast between these 2 dark colors...
How to accessorize a dark grey dress with navy
Dress – Humanoid
earrings – John Wind; field jacket – L.L.Bean; boots – Aquatalia
scarf – Marks and Spencer; cardigan – L.L.Bean; earringsNarinee
infinity scarf – Dorothy Perkins; pumps – Sőfft

Back in the '80s, there was an approach to dressing that encouraged you to find your best lipstick and blush colors, and the to find clothes that matched those colors. Not bad advice...
How to accessorize a grey dress with bright red or deeper burgundy
necklace – Dorothy Perkins; cardigan – J. Crew
pumps – Sole Society; shoulder bag – Fossil
cardigan Lands’ End; necklace – Vanessa Mooney;  
bag – Kendall + Kylie; flats Isolá

Shades of green are terribly hard to find, so when you get your hands on your "accessory family" in green, make sure to try them out with everything you own. I think this worked well:
How to accessorize a grey dress with shades of olive green
Dress – Humanoid
earrings – New York & Co.; field jacketL.L.Bean
scarf – Idea Plus; flats – Dr. Scholl’s
cardigan – Uniqlo; earrings – Majorica
scarf – Faliero Sarti; flats – Trotters

Sometimes, there's nothing easier than just wearing a simple column of one color. I'm particularly smitten with this print cardigan - it has just enough interest to it, without making the ensemble at all difficult to wear.
How to accessorize a grey dress with shades of grey accessories
Dress – Humanoid
earrings – Judith Ripka; bracelet – Nialaya
cardigan – Uniqlo; flats – Naturalizer; bag – Ina Kent
cardigan – Anrealage; earrings – Givenchy; bracelet – Givenchy
bag – Ina Kent; pumps – Hispanitas

And dark grey is an excellent base upon which to work some magic with really strong secondary colors. I love this mustard yellow... (and yes, this is the SAME cardigan, just in 2 different colors...) Oh, and I feel like BOTH scarves would look good with the mustard cardigan; what do you think?

How to accessorize a grey dress with vivid tones of mustard or teal
Dress – Humanoid
 scarf – Hermès Cavaliers du Caucase; cardigan J. Crew;  
bracelet – Dsquared2; boots – Bella Vita
 cardigan J. Crew; bracelets – Nest
scarf – Mantero; flats – Sam Edelman

I'm also daydreaming about a lighter grey dress, with muted pastel accessories...

Janice (US)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

As of 6 pm Chicago time on Wednesday, I have no news about the town that I was going to visit next week. It is about 50 miles from the epicenter of the earthquakes, so I suspect that it avoided much damage. Nonetheless, we are considering the possibility of just staying in Rome for a week, and avoiding the region entirely. No decisions have been made yet, though... Of course, let's keep the earthquake victims, (and all victims, everywhere) in our hearts.

 Let's jump right in! I've known for weeks what my travel outfit is, including shoes, so let's start building around that:

black and white travel outfit with a choice of earrings
Cardigan – Jaeger, tee – L.L.Bean
trousers – Eddie Bauer; oxfords – Munro
top earrings – Majorica; middle earrings – Pichaya
bottom earrings – Edge of Ember

Someone asked about finding pants that don't get really droopy after a long time sitting down - I can highly recommend these from Eddie Bauer. They have a side zip, and enough stretch in them to hold their shape pretty well. Almost anything will bag a bit at the knees after 8 hours or so, but these still look good the next day, and I'm pretty devoted to them!

And for what it's worth, I'd buy the same Munro oxfords again when these wear out; they're comfortable, they straddle the sporty/dressy gap pretty well, and they're light to pack, if that's necessary. 

Okay - EARRINGS. I only wear small earrings, so it's easy to bring a stack of them... but there's no way I'm going to be without my pearl earrings for any length of time - they're unquestionably my favorites, and they go with everything I wear!

Now to choose a scarf - it's always so handy to have a scarf on an airplane. Such weird, annoying (germ-filled) drafts! I've had this scarf for a couple of years, and it's as gorgeous as ever...

(note that the two alternatives that I show, for all of these accessories, are items that I would cheerfully own and wear, if my "real" item were to unhappily vanish!)

a choice of black and white scarves to wear with a travel outfit
Cardigan – Jaeger, shirt- J.Jill; trousers – Eddie Bauer
first scarf – Julie Egli; second scarf – Sole Society
third scarf - Eileen Fisher

I've got a kind of serious bracelet... fondness, let's call it, okay? It's a tad excessive, but on any given day, I might wear a simple black dress and black sandals with an outrageously ornate bracelet. Why not? But when I picture this cool, simple outfit, I see a bit sparkly cuff bracelet with it!

three bracelets to wear with a simple black and white warm-weather outfit
Shirt – J.Jill; capris – L.L.Bean
top bracelet – Kenneth Jay Lane; middle bracelets – Bourbon and Boweties;
 third bracelet – Yuniati

(yes, you've seen that 2nd bracelet recently, but I REALLY like it...)

In reality, when it comes time to pack, I will almost certainly take EVERY pair of earrings that I own with me. Seriously. They're all attached to an oversized postcard, and it's easier to just put the entire card into the pouch with my headbands and other pieces of jewelry. 

But for purposes of this exercise, let's assume that I'm not quite that nutty, and that I have to make a choice. Stars are almost as necessary to my life as pearls! (those 2 things, plus my Maltese Cross bracelet, and I'm a happy accessorized lady...)

(still, those bows are terribly cute, aren't they?)

three pairs of small silver earrings to wear with a simple summer outfit
Tank – L.L.Bean; capris – L.L.Bean
top earrings – Links of London; middle earrings – Priscila Canales
bottom earrings – Mminimal

Yes, for me, more bracelets are critical! I've owned this first one - the braided cord and pearls - for a few months, and I really like it. It's sturdier than a lot of cord bracelets, which I really like; many of the string bracelets look like they'll snap the first time you catch them on something. This one is MUCH tougher than that, and very pretty, too!

three pearl and black bracelets to wear with a class black and white outfit
Cardigan – Line; tank – L.L.Bean; pants – Eddie Bauer
top bracelet – Panapha; middle bracelet – Ettika
third bracelet - Ora Pearls

As much as I love my Munro oxfords, I'm going to need something a bit more lightweight. I have really good luck walking moderate distances (anything less than 7 or 8 miles!) in ballet flats, and I love the way they look with an outfit like this, so they're DEFINITELY going with me...

three choices of ballet flats to wear with a simple summer outfit
Shirt – Lands’ End; capris – L.L.Bean
top shoes – Josef Seibel; middle shoes – Vionic
 bottom shoes – Josef Seibel

Even though I may not have a ton of opportunities to wear them, I'm going to take my sandals. They don't take up much space, and if we have a chance to enjoy one of those late summer days... sigh...

(anybody have any good ideas for breaking in a pair of sandals in a hurry? I love these Birkenstocks, but my feet are made of marshmallow fluff, kitten fur, and unicorn tears...)

three choices of sandals to wear with a simple summer outfit
Shirt – Lands’ End; shorts – J. Crew
top sandals – Birkenstock; middle sandals – Mephisto
bottom sandals – Munro

Yes, you MUST have sunglasses. No exceptions, and no excuses...

three choices of sunglasses to wear with a simple summer outfit
Tee – Agnes B.; shorts – J. Crew
top sunglasses – Maui Jim; middle sunglasses – Ray-Ban
bottom sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Somewhere in with all of my black clothes, a pair of small black earrings are a nice touch... I like earrings that have an interesting touch of "design" without being outrageous. Timeless, elegant, classic...

three choices of black earrings to wear with a simple summer outfit
Dress – Eileen Fisher; leggings – Hue
top earrings – Treasure&Bond; middle earrings – Alon Diller
bottom earrings - Astrid & Miyu

Although we're going to be driving to most of our sightseeing, (and thus will be able to stash things we need in the boot/trunk of the car) I will definitely want my wristlet for those occasional forays into the retail world... (how cool is that first bag? it has a turn-key latch!)

three choices of black wristlets to carry with a classic summer outfit
Jeans – L.L.Bean; shirt – Lands’ End; 
top bag – Hobo; middle bag – Patricia Nash
bottom bag - Perlina

I'm going to pack at least 1 necklace, and see how it goes keeping it from tangling in my hair... sometimes, a necklace is just the right touch. (yes, I found a necklace with a moon and star; of COURSE I did...)

three choices of black necklaces to wear with a summer outfit
Cashmere hoodie – L.L.Bean; tee – Agnes B.; shorts – J. Crew
top necklace – Freida Rothman; middle necklace – Eight by GJENMi
bottom necklace – Elise M.

Looking at this - assembled from my wardrobe - makes me want to run into the bedroom and pack NOW!

a 16-piece warm-weather travel capsule wardrobe in black and white, with accessories

What's your accessory obsession? Do you even have one? Should I seek professional help for my bracelet... issue....?


Wolf & Badger US

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I hope these ladies don't have to sprint too far to escape the storm; they're not dressed for the 100 yard dash...

Approaching Storm by Eugene-Louis Boudin
Approaching Storm by Eugene-Louis Boudin

But it's a beautiful painting, and it so vividly evokes that feeling when the weather is about to turn. I was particularly drawn to the simple, neutral color scheme:

Approaching Storm by Eugene-Louis Boudin and a neutral color scheme taken from the painting

Other Things on Her Mind

She travels with a lot of gear... 

a black and white travel outfit
shirt – Lands’ End; watch – Marc Jacobs; socks – Topshop
loafers – Munro; earrings – Kate Spade; scarf – Bindya;  
jeans – L.L.Bean; cardigan – Closed; tote – Bohemia
suitcase – Tumi

Actually, she's ALWAYS carrying bags and bags of photography equipment, even if she's not traveling. Photography is what she does, and she does it well.  

adding black and white pieces to a travel capsule wardrobe
Shirt – Lands’ End; boots – Munro; scarf Emily Carter
tee – Lands’ End; sweater – Lands’ End; bracelets – 

So she decided ages ago that she was going to be very disciplined in her wardrobe. Not drab. Not boring. Just in control. For example, she wears jeans. Only jeans. If someone thinks she needs something else to wear, they're welcome to buy it for her!

adding beige and denim pieces to a travel capsule wardrobe
Cardigan – Uniqlo; blue socks – Hue; dot socks – Polo Ralph Lauren
beige & white socks – Hue; necklace – Alexis Bittar; blue jeans – L.L.Bean
tan jeans – L.L.Bean; scarf – Bindya; earrings – Gemma Collection
chambray shirt – J. Crew

And she buys clothes in 4 colors. They're plenty for her - she can always find what she needs, and she never has any trouble finding things that are interesting to wear. Interesting, and often very beautiful...

adding printed tops, and accessories, to a travel capsule wardrobe
Floral tee – Olsen; bag – Kate Spade; ring – Oona Collections;
 striped top – Hobbs; sunglasses – Ray-Ban; blouse - Equipment

When she gets to her hotel and unpacks, she's always delighted with what she sees arrayed in the armoire:

a travel capsule wardrobe in black, white, beige and denim blue

Plenty of options, and a range of different moods, based on the colors she chooses for the day:

two travel outfits based on black jeans

two travel outfits based on blue jeans

two travel outfits based on tan jeans

Do you remember how Ansel Adams dressed? Galen Rowell? Eliot Porter? Nope, she didn't think so...


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