Monday, January 25, 2016

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe Starting with Art - The Second Buddhist Kesa

Such lovely colors:

Perfect for spring travel!

A "Miles" 2nd Honeymoon

They agreed that it was the most cost-effective thing to do, so they immediately started using their airline credit cards for EVERYTHING possible...

After a few months, they totaled up their miles, and called the airline.

Long-sleeved tee – Uniqlo; tank – Uniqlo; jersey jacketUniqlo;  
henley – Uniqlo; dress – Uniqlo; capris – Uniqlo; jeans – L.L.Bean
wide-leg pants – Uniqlo

The woman on the other end of the phone was lovely. She didn't mind being on a speaker phone, and she just laughed when they talked over each other. Finally, they decided to see what the longest trip possible was available, on their chosen date, for the miles that they had accumulated...

Blush leaf print top – Austin Reed; pink oxford – Lands’ End; silk wrap top – 
 Dosa; nude silk tee – Max Mara; striped cardigan – L.L.Bean
denim tunic – H&M

They heard the service representative busily typing on the other end of the phone line. Then, there was a pause.

"I've got great news for you!" 



28” square scarf – Hermes Les Ailes Pleines de Joie; oval opal earrings –  
Kendra Scott; love knot earrings – Nordstrom Rack; gold ball earrings –  
Nordstrom Rack; wrapped hoop earrings – Aurelie Bidermann; 36”square scarf
 – Hermes Dans Un Jardin Anglais; paisley scarf – Etro; crossbody bag –  
Elizabeth and James; rose quartz pendant – Cole Haan; 3-stone bracelet –  
Bourbon and Boweties; perforated ballet flats – Gabor; tote bag - Ted Baker;
 sandals – Munro; loafers – Trotters

They looked at each other, hesitating for just a second.

Then, they both took a deep breath...


Navy travel capsule wardrobe

She's been using that Japanese Buddhist fabric as an inspiration for a couple of months; now, she's traveling to the source...




  1. Wow- stunning- nobody is even going to notice that her basics are all blue with all those gorgeous scarves and pink and cream tops.

  2. From Margie in Toronto - perfect! I could live in these pieces for a long, long time - just love the colour combinations!

  3. Yes, yes, yes. What a perfect combination of soft and structured. What a dream wardrobe for Tokyo or home. You've managed to make a stereotypically girly-girl colour combo of navy, cream, and pink understated and lower contrast than norm -- like Japanese art. Love it.
    Sue G

  4. I can't belive, H&M! A vote for one all high street brands wardrobe.

  5. Love it. So happy to see an extra-large navy base, not trying to compete with another "neutral." This is very close to what I'm building, only I have more intense accents (red/hot pink). Beautiful!

  6. Janice
    I love how the levels of the template are transitional from template to template and what gets included at each level. Your patterned topper on the uppermost level and a dress at the pants level are my example. I see 4 "bottoms" , 7 tops, and, 2 toppers. As I am bottom heavy and don't wear dresses, for a week I would use 3 bottoms, 7 tops and 3 toppers. It is so great to use your basic format and then personalize it ! I am using this plan as I start to think about what to pack for Barbados next month, although with non- sweaty, nicer clothes for dinner than hot daytime wear, I'll probably make it a 4x4. I agree with the reader above in the use of one neutral to make the plan easily cohesive ! How did you come up with a template of 13 originally ?

    1. The 13 originally came from "wearing 3, packing 10" which seemed to work out really well. Sometimes, I would put together travel wardrobes without a target number, and if the travel was for a week or 10 days, it would almost ALWAYS come out at 13 or 14 pieces. So I decided to deconstruct and decode what was working well with that number...
      50% method, 50% madness, and 50% my own inexplicable brain!

  7. The wardrobe is lovely and of course, but I totally LOVE this story!!

  8. Oh how fabulous!! Have a wonderful time. How many days will you be there?

    1. Oh goodness - it isn't us, it's you! B and I are going to Paris in April (of course), and then probably to Ireland in the autumn. We get homesick if we don't go back to Dublin every few years. Even though we only lived there for a year, it left a mark on our hearts!
      big hug,

  9. This leaves our heroine plenty of opportunities to find a heartstopping souvenir that she can wear.

  10. Beautiful Janice! As others have said, it's a delightful story and well suited to the lovely mix of soft colours and textures that you have created. And those three scarves! I always enjoy your accessory selections but I can't remember when I've wanted so many scarves from one post. These aren't even particularly my accent colours (though superbly adaptable if I just swap the pinks for sage or dusty greens) but I'm still "needing" them. I too hope that our heroine finds a wonderful souvenir ... perhaps a lovely silk something - so light for the suitcase.

  11. What a great story! How romantic! :) I think this is one of your most wearable wardrobes ever! Not my colors but such a great model to follow. I don't wear dresses very often so I would swap that out but other than that really awesome! I too hope she finds something fabulous to bring home.

  12. I know it's the wrong season, but home run!