Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Packing Light: A "Six-Pack" Travel Capsule Wardrobe in Beige, Bright Blue and Orange

Let's start today with two scarves:

two scarves, in orange, bright blue and white
Square scarf – Eloise Bricka; wrap – Goyo


Everybody wanted to know answers - why do we have to bill the Prosidion Group on the 8th of every month? Why do we have to call the head of the Alblomilon Corporation exactly 10 minutes before we send the invoice? Why does the entire invoice for the Habestrate Manufacturing Consortium have to be sorted alphabetically by street address??? 

two scarves, in orange, bright blue and white, with a color scheme including beige
Square scarf – Eloise Bricka; wrap – Goyo

Well, everybody had always archived the emails that explained these things...

Packing Light: A "Six-Pack" Travel Capsule Wardrobe in Beige, Bright Blue and Orange
scarf – Eloise Bricka; tee – L.L.Bean; earrings – Kendra Scott
 cardigan – Joseph; pants – L.L.Bean; watch – Skagen
tote – James Perse; loafers – Aerosoles; suitcase – Delsey

But until she got there, NOBODY organized the archives!

travel capsule wardrobe in tan, bright blue and orange
wrap – Goyo; hoop earrings – Madewell; blue earrings – Kate Spade
necklaceBleu; ring – Savvy Cie; floral shirt – Barbour
orange tunic – Jaeger; cardigan – Betty Barclay; skirt – L.L.Bean
blue tee – Uniqlo; jeans – L.L.Bean; bracelet – Danielle Nicole
bag – Ted Baker London; ballet flats – SoftWalk

So she worked. Carefully, methodically, attentively, for months...

travel capsule wardrobe in tan, bright blue and orange

two outfits using beige pants and bright blue and orange tops

two outfits using a beige skirt and bright blue and orange tops

two outfits using beige jeans and bright blue and orange tops

In her first two weeks, she discovered that Habestrate was being underbilled $10,000 per month...

When they were giving her her bonus, they asked how she came about having such a long attention span.

She just smiled - she'd cultivated it for decades, while waiting to find the perfect orange items for her wardrobe. Who knew that shopping patience could translate into corporate success?

Packing Light: A "Six-Pack" Travel Capsule Wardrobe in Beige, Bright Blue and Orange
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  1. Thank you for one of my favorite color combos. I will look at my closet with fresh eyes to see if I can recreate some of these looks with items already there. Timing is perfect since I just bought some LL Bean khaki slacks. Beautiful!

  2. One of my best friends was wearing a bright orange top with white jeans the other day. She looked fabulous and fresh. It reminded me of how much I love orange. And it looks so good with that blue. I was hesitant--blue and orange were the colors of the rival school to mine, and I immediately envisioned sports uniforms. But these are just the perfect of bright and deep color.

    1. Blue and orange were/are the colors of MY school, and I am hesitant to wear them together, too! But I have a Liberty Ianthe scarf from several years ago with oranges and blues and even though orange really isn't my color, I wear it at times with that scarf. Usually, though, I focus on the blues, which are definitely my friends. - nancyo

  3. Love this combo! (And the story!) And that tassel necklace? How on earth do you find such perfect accessories?

  4. Shopping patience - perfect ending to another delightful story. Just one of the reasons I begin my day with The Vivienne Files. And, the accessories collection is amazing!

  5. Gosh, Janice, such poetry! Both the outfits and the narrative--just dynamite!!! What a great start to my day. Thanks, my friend. xoxo :-)

  6. Thank you soooo much Janice for this combination - you're a star! I'm going on holiday at the end of this month, plus it's my birthday at the beginning of next month, so I may very well add a few items to my wardrobe based on this. I already have many similar items in my wardrobe, so this will be great for showing me how I can combine them and what extra pieces would work well. Looking forward to the following posts showing these colours.

  7. Very fresh and bright! Girl, you are killing the accessories! : ) Love her story too!

  8. I love orange but mine needs to be a bit dirty in tone, rather than this lovely bright tone, rather challenging to find. Orange and white is great in the summer.

    Deb from Vancouver

  9. Janice,
    What a happy post ! So fresh and clean feeling ! Somehow nautical ! This morning I found a polo top in an aqua color that goes perfectly with a tee material aqua printed open front Summer cardigan that I never paired together before, and it suddenly occurred to me that I don't as MANY accent colors, but rather varied ways to wear my favorite ones ! I've been wondering how to reduce the total number of pieces for each season, without feeling a sense of loss, and now that's my answer, although I shall probably have to be patient to find just the right go togethers within the accent colors that I shall retain.

  10. Shopping patience is a hard one for me, but something I am determined to cultivate.

  11. Such clear colours in your post. I love them - and I never wear orange, but this - this could tempt me into trying it!