Thursday, May 14, 2015

Build a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with a Scarf: Joss Sticks, a Silk Story Scarf

A local scarf maker - she travels, takes the photographs, makes the scarf, writes the story behind the scarf, and shares it with all of us! You must visit her site...

A Daughter Returns: Joss Sticks Silk Story Scarf by Scottie Kersta-Wilson

I've used shades of brown, a warm beige, and that divine red:

A Daughter Returns: Joss Sticks Silk Story Scarf by Scottie Kersta-Wilson

This is a Four by Four wardrobe meant to break rules - starting with a printed skirt! This isn't always something I'd recommend, but in this case, the skirt was irresistible, and it didn't interfere with the versatility and the options inherent in this capsule wardrobe.

Silk trousers – Yves Saint Laurent Vintage, cardigan – No-Na,
paisley skirt – Etro, embellished blouse – Brunello Cucinelli

And I'm working with two shades of the 2nd neutral. This is also a variance from my usual pretty strict adherence to one color, but as with the printed skirt, these two shades work together with sufficient seamlessness that you don't lose any versatility.

At this point, I committed firmly to the idea of quite a dressy capsule. A metallic tee shirt? Leather skirt? Heck yes! Pretend that you're packing this for a few days in a very beautiful big city, for a very romantic and delightful holiday...

Or wouldn't this be an incredible business travel wardrobe for someone like an advertising executive? She could CRUSH everyone around her, just by looking so gorgeous. 

"You don't wear gold pumps to business meetings? I'm not surprised..."

silk blouse – Aspesi, leather skirt – Theory,
Metallic tee – J. Crew, jeans – 7 for all Mankind

I could easily have found four red tops to pull into this wardrobe, but I felt like that was going to be too much "red top with neutral outfit", so I chose instead to grab this gorgeous cardigan (always useful for cool evenings), and a simple but luxurious sweater.

¾ sleeve top – Wolford, draped sleeveless top – Isabel Marant,
ribbed cardigan – Michael Michael Kors, brown sweater - Woolrich

Shoes were where I went a bit nutty - red boots! and TWO pair of gold shoes! Maybe you'll be known as the exotic, glamorous woman in your hotel. There are worse things!

Red clutch – Lacambra, bronze bracelet – Mikinora, red agate bead bracelet – 
Caipora Jewellery, filigree flower earrings with smoky topaz  - Alicia Marilyn 
Designs, red woven earrings – Vlum, red suede boots – Munro, gold pumps – 
Louise et Cie, gold loafers – Clarks

I really love these items together:

draped sleeveless top – Isabel Marant,bronze bracelet – Mikinora, filigree flower 
earrings with smoky topaz  - Alicia Marilyn Designs¾ sleeve top – Wolford 
red woven earrings – Vlum, ribbed cardigan – Michael Michael Kors, brown
 cardigan –No-Nared agate bead bracelet – Caipora Jewellery, silk blouse
 – Aspesi, brown sweater - Woolrich, jeans – 7 for all Mankind, embellished 
blouse – Brunello Cucinelli, paisley skirt – Etro, metallic tee – J. Crew,  
leather skirt – Theorysilk trousers – Yves Saint Laurent Vintage

And you REALLY have lots of options - from simple, monochromatic outfits with a touch of jewelry, to a bare red top and dazzling skirt, with gold pumps...

I want to be that advertising woman, sometimes...


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  1. I am a sucker for a beautiful, patterned skirt! Double that if it swishes, which it looks like this one does. LOVE this!!

  2. Had my mother's life taken a different path, she would have been this woman. This capsule makes me smile.

  3. These are gorgeous Janice, and how how much variety is possible with what could seem, at first, a limited palette. It's a beautiful capsule.
    Traveller's note: We're on the last day of a 12-day trip to NY from Australia, travelling with carry-on luggage only, thanks to your excellent advice! I'm always grateful for the ways you've helped me to think properly about clothes, refine my wardrobe and travel (relatively) light. I must admit the case is now over 7kg with even the lightest of presents to take home but my husband's is still under 6kg. How do men do this?!
    Your admiring fan, Robyn xxx

  4. Absolutely fabulous. This would also work for the Cannes Film festival. The Etro skirt is the star for me.

    Deb from Vancouver

  5. Beautiful and right up my color alley. You find the most interesting things!

  6. Glamorous and elegant capsule with one of the biggest wow-factors ever. I covet that Etro skirt and the life to wear it in!

  7. I am inspired! These clothes are a lot more glamorous than the ones I own, but I do think I have new possibilities in my wardrobe. This is an exceptionally beautiful capsule.

  8. One of my favorite color ways you have ever done!

  9. Two things: the colour schemes remind me of the colours of the Nazi insignia (brown/greenish brown, red, white and black) , and as for the outfits, the fact that the colours go on harmoniously, does not mean that the outfits might look good once we wear them, sometimes I find our selections too matchy-matchy.