Friday, March 13, 2015

How to build a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting With a Bag: Longchamps Tote


The happy owner of this lovely bag wanted me to style it with bright colors. Believe me, I've been working toward that goal for a few days, and it just never looked good...

But this bag is ideally suited as a way to integrate earth tones and black into a lovely warm-weather travel ensemble.

And of course... the bag's no longer available. But you really should check out the Longchamp site from time to time, because they always do special editions that are wonderful. Some day, they might have something perfect for you!

Tee shirt – American Vintage, gold bamboo earrings – John Hardy, watch – Peugeot, wide 
trousers and long linen blazer – MM6, black safari print scarf – Faliero Sarti, shoes – Cole Haan
bag - Longchamp

Yes, the earrings are bamboo styled. You don't want to overdo that kind of thing, but I thought a bit of matching would be sort of fun!

dress - Osklen, link necklace – Nest, black linen skirt – Dagmar, bamboo and pearl earrings – 
Edaya, leopard top – Michael Kors, stacked bracelets – Spring Street, scarf – Yuh Okano,  ivory
 linen tee – Closed, clutch bag – Yardenia Silvaflat sandals – Franco Sarto

The leopard tops are available in a few different colors... Limited


  1. Hmmm, I can't see brights working with that bag either, but some sympathetic cool/pastel colours could work - I could see a soft green and blue anchored by the taupe and black.

  2. I LOVE your cognac and black combos. Delish. Have you done a Navy/Black set? I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I'd love to see your thoughts.

  3. I wanted that bag last year, but resisted. Seeing your work here, the desire has returned. Oh well!

  4. Wow, earthy but chic.

  5. I love the sets you've done! However, I could imagine using many of shades of green or turquoise substituted for any one of the four colours you used in the graphic to make new combos.

  6. i was also going to suggest a strong bright green mixed with the earthier neutrals. I mean, if Mother Nature can mix the browns of bamboo with green, can't we?

  7. Hi,
    Earthy is chic, always. Just look at Donna Karan. Now, I have another website to watch, Longchamps. Sigh, I could love each and every item you have selected.

    Deb from Vancouver

  8. I just checked Ebay and the same exact tote bag is available right now. The auction is over tomorrow evening, if anyone is interested.

  9. I've lived this one as I placed a painting of huge sentimental value, a rich deep red tulip on a green background, in a room with leaf curtains similar in colouring to this bag and the rest of the room in earthy colours. It works but it is a bit forced compared to the visual harmony in the palette shown above which really "sings".

  10. This is a lovely neutral capsule, Janice! Although I love colour, I don't see a need for accents with this one because it looks so sophisticated. Perhaps the darkest and lightest colours are giving it the 'pop' factor - that and the animal print. Well done!