Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Four by Four Capsule Wardrobe in Navy, Brown, Green and Beige

While these are the same neutral colors that we saw yesterday, these accent colors are much more subdued and much more frequently seen along with the neutrals. Therefore, this capsule wardrobe came together much more quickly and with greater ease.
travel capsule wardrobe wardrobe planning minimal wardrobe
Striped scarf – Brooks Brothers, quartz earrings – Ippolita, suede pumps – Trotters
bracelet – Lauren Ralph Laurentote bag – Marni, zigzag scarf – Missoni, stud earrings – 
Lauren Ralph Lauren, riding boots – Enzo Angiolinicorduroy pants – Viyella, tee shirt –
 J. Crew, skirt – Jil Sandersweater – Dear Cashmerenavy tee – Lands’ End, navy skirt -
 Uniqlo, navy silk shirt – Lands’ End, navy twill trousers – Lands’ End,  colorblock 
sweater – The Row, asymmetric plaid blouse – Isabel Marant Etoile, blue cardigan – Uniqlo
brown turtleneck – Aniye Bygreen sweater – Uniqlo, beige tee – Uniqlo, c
abled sweater – Dash, silk blouse – Stella McCartney
This was my color scheme:

And this is our familiar brown Core of Four:

Corduroy pants – Viyella, tee shirt –J. Crew,
skirt –Jil Sander, sweater – Dear Cashmere

 I've changed up the jeans for a skirt, since I'm going to swing this wardrobe a little bit more toward a work environment.  If you don't need skirts, you could certainly keep the jeans.
Navy tee – Lands’ End, skirt - Uniqlo
silk shirt – Lands’ End, twill trousers – Lands’ End
 I found ONE more sweater in this color combination - equally blindingly expensive...  And I opted for a more tailored cardigan this round.

sweater – The Row, asymmetric plaid blouse – Isabel Marant Etoile,
cardigan – Uniqlo, turtleneck – Aniye By

These tops were easy to track down!
Green sweater – Uniqlo, beige tee – Uniqlo
cabled sweater – Dash, silk blouse – Stella McCartney
And the scarves were also not difficult to locate.  Any time you're looking for interesting color combinations in a scarf, it's worthwhile to look at Missoni scarves.  They're often available secondhand, or on sale.

And this time, I've opted for gold-toned jewelry.  I thought that the warm tones of the beige tops would be more comfortable with gold, and I wanted to show some different options to pull this kind of wardrobe together.

Striped scarf – Brooks Brothers, quartz earrings – Ippolita, suede pumps – Trotters
gold bracelet – Lauren Ralph Laurentote bag – Marni, zigzag scarf – Missoni
stud earrings – Lauren Ralph Lauren, riding boots – Enzo Angiolini


  1. You are my favorite blogger! One of the frustrating things about building a wardrobe is that you are at the mercy of what colors are fashionable at the time. That is probably why you are having a hard time finding brown and navy together. There is a certain green that I like and it was great while it was in fashion. Now, it is very difficult to find. I watch the Pantone reports and rejoice when there are colors that I like b/c I know they will be in the stores.

  2. This one is really pretty. That Jil Sander skirt stops my heart.

  3. I have loved brown for as long as I can remember, and this combo is pretty. I second the comment about the Jill Sander skirt.

  4. But, but the link says the Jil Sander skirt is burgundy!

  5. I am going to give up blogging... I'm color blind!
    Seriously, I never even looked at the description - it seemed to match perfectly with the other items and so I ran with it.
    Apologies to all of you who were rushing off to buy the skirt;)

    1. It reads brown to me too, Janice, even though the description does say "burgundy." It's so hard to be confident of clothing colors online, with the differences in screens and lighting...

    2. I still see brown, even after clicking the link!

  6. A bit of burgundy, in a gorgeous skirt, would actually look splendid with these other colors...especially if the shoes and tights were burgundy. Yes?

  7. Yes. You all are very sweet to try to bail me out in my error. No wonder I love my work!

    1. :) You work unceasingly for us, our suitcases, and our closets day and night, transforming our lives and livery. No wonder we love the fact that you love your work, Janice!

  8. Janice - you are such an inspiration. Every day I come here and learn something new. I would love to see a collection in jewel tones - sapphire blue and emerald green with a black and grey base.

  9. Lovely. Hmm, looking at the pieces I think I've seen this color mix out and about. Hermes Mythiques Phoenix, colorway is deep forest with some navy, ecru and browns. Also Nic & Zoe, a sweater with navy/brn, off white & a green (Serenity Top). This combination you've chosen must be very current! :)

  10. rant/
    Who buys a sweater for 1.506,37 €!??! The sale price of 753,18 € is still just crazy. Even if it's in nice materials, it's just a sweater!

    I really like this color combination btw. It's like a chic version of English countryside.

    1. I know - isn't that completely daft? There are definitely "haves" and "have-nots" in our world...

  11. This comment relates to yesterday's post. Boden USA has a number of knitwear items in their fall collection that are that rather unusual green. It goes by the names Dill, Sapling, and Apple. There are slight variations in them, of course, but if you visit the knitwear page and check the green colors, you might find something useful. Hope it helps! Here's an example:

  12. --and a comment from me re: unusual colors: While it's true that fabric selection (on the bolt) is driven by the same forces at play in RTW, there is a wider selection overall, particularly not that the internet has brought us some wonderful fabric shops. So, as a sewist, I don't feel as limited. My goal is to transition out of buying most of my clothes to making them. I've had it with the train wreck of crappy styles/high cost/lack of quality......