Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Daisies! The Birth Flower for April

If there was ever going to be a birth flower that we could all steal, it would be daisies! A few designers seem to have really embraced the entire daisy motif: Olivia Burton made all kinds of jewelry and watches with daisies, and Marc Jacobs went a bit nuts for them, too...

I think that daisies are popular for lots of reasons - in real life, they're a great cut flower to buy because they're generally very inexpensive, last a REALLY long time, and the buds will actually open after you buy them...

For ornamental purposes, they're simple in design, familiar to almost all of us, and for many people have associations that make us smile...

So if you want to add a daisy or five to your wardrobe, you have options:

clothing and accessories with daisies and a daisy motif
watch - Olivia Burton; enamel earrings - Olivia Burton; sterling earrings - Suar Dwipavana; bracelet - Alex and Ani; tee shirt - Marc Jacobs - this tee shirt also comes in with red dots in place of the yellow; bag - Betsey Johnson; sneakers - Marc Jacobs; there are also daisy espadrilles...

If you don't want the actual daisy - but the "feel" of the daisy, you could wear white with any color in the world (I don't think I need to show you how to do that!), or you could choose to add a dash of yellow to your wardrobe... (yes, this is indeed the 2nd month in a row that we've looked at yellow, but it makes sense; there are LOTS of yellow flowers in the world!)

I'm starting to like the look of yellow with black - break up the bumblebee feeling with a scarf or something else that introduces some other colors if you're afraid of looking like an insect!

a yellow and black spring outfit with accessories
tee - Eileen Fisher; scarf - Dolce & Gabbana; bracelet - Olivia Burton; pants - J.Crew; bag - Dolce & Gabbana; loafers - Born

Yellow and navy is SO classic... Every time I work on an outfit like this, I consider (for about 10 seconds!) changing my neutral from black to navy. It will never happen, but I can see the appeal...

tee - Eileen Fisher; earrings - Arthur Marder; scarf - Echo; mules - Dansko; pants - J.Crew; clutch - Street Level

I wasn't sure if the beige pants would work or not, but I'm pretty happy with this outfit - I particularly like that I was able to find faceted earrings that echo the feeling of the scarf...

tee - Eileen Fisher;earrings - Sorrelli; scarf - Halogen; backpack - Fjallraven; pants - Eileen Fisher; slides - Caslon

One often sees yellow accents with grey in menswear - especially in the spring. I think it looks fresh and very unexpected; I love unexpected! (and yes, the wee balls on the earrings are a reflection of the wee dots on the scarf - I always enjoy those sorts of synchronicities...)

tee - Eileen Fisher; scarf - Clara Degand; ring - John Hardy; loafers - Naturalizer; pants - J.Crew; tote - Nancy Gonzalez

Yes, the SAME white pants as last month! They're not inexpensive, but they're very versatile, and I love them... This outfit looks like a "first really warm day" kind of thing to wear.

tee - Eileen Fisher; earrings - Asha; scarf - Caslon; mules - Botkier; white pants - Eileen Fisher; bag - Frances Valentine

And if there was ever a color combination made in nature, it would be yellow and green! For this outfit I thought I'd tone down the yellow a little bit - partly because I was able to find really nice accessories in a soft moss green!

tee - Eileen Fisher; earrings - Kate Spade New York; scarf - Emilio Pucci; sandals - Etienne Aigner; pants - J.Crew; crossbody bag - Urban Originals

May's birth flowers are lilies and lily of the valley. I'd better start looking now!

Daisies! The Birth Flower for April
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  1. Beautiful and so much fun! Thank you!

  2. Yellow is certainly a striking accent colour. Thanks for sharing these ideas for us to enjoy. Daisies have real appeal- maybe it's all those daisy chains we used to make as children. :)

  3. Yellow and grey really is a great, unexpected combo. I sometimes also think of changing my basic to Navy from black. I have no navy in my wardrobe except jeans and I am starting to think it really is flattering with so many colors, and less harsh. Love your blog btw! Lise

  4. Very nice Janice. I'm an April baby myself and always thought sweet peas were the only birth flower for April. But I like daisies too! I like the white ensemble the best out of all these.

  5. I have a dressy tiered navy t-shirt with daisies that I love and a couple of years ago I bought a yellow cardigan and a pair of earrings & a bracelet in yellow and I can't believe how even that little pop of colour makes such a difference.
    My name is actually Margaret and a daisy in French is a "Marguerite" so I have a special affinity for that lovely little flower. Great post.

  6. Janice,
    It’s cool and cloudy here in southeastern PA today, so a twin set in a soft golden yellow with moss green pants and earrings , plus a coordinating scarf are exactly what I shall wear today for an appointment! Thanks for the reminder !

  7. I have a tear-jerker of a love story for all of you (daisies are featured prominently)! If you do a Google search for "Bud Caldwell daisies" you can read about him in our local paper. Sorry I don't know how to add links! I'm a tech dinosaur!

  8. Hi Janice, I love this post! Casual and colorful clothes that are a bit dressier. I would happily wear any and all of the outfits you have put together today. Thank you!

  9. I have a black silk chiffon scarf with white polka dots and daisies, and I love it! Just the right amount of yellow (almost none!) for someone who really really can't wear yellow. - nancyo

    1. Ooooh - that scarf sounds wonderful! Do you think it's still available for purchase?

    2. It is! Click on this:


      and it will take you right to the scarf!

    3. Well okay, copy it into your address bar on your computer and hit ENTER... sigh...

    4. I was actually hoping to find the scarf nancy/n.o.e. described - black with white polka dots and daisies. I don't wear yellow but do adore daisies and black and white is my main color combo for spring. Seems like the perfect scarf to add this season!

  10. Danish jewelry designer George Jensen also has many daisy designs. Inspired by Queen Margrethe II who is also known as Daisy.