Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Essential Accessories for a Pretty but Casual Wardrobe: Start with a Scarf - Vintage Rose by KathKath

Update - I did NOT go to Paris - a very last-minute fibromyalgia "interlude" suggested that the wiser course was to stay home and try to reschedule. Happily, I have a bunch of blog posts ready for you, so I can still rest for a few days! hugs - Janice

When I left this wardrobe last week, the clothing portion was pretty well-organized, with lots of possible combinations, so let's choose some accessories for this heroine!

a casual 4 by 4 Wardrobe in black and beige with pink
cardigan – Nordstrom; tee shirt – L.L.Bean; corduroy pants – L.L.Bean; jeans - Frame; cardigan – Elena Mirò; tee shirt – Peserico; cardigan – Ralph Lauren; pants - L.L.Bean; tee - Velvet; shirt – Lands' End; tee – Dorothy Perkins; tee shirt – IO Couture; cardigan – Banana Republic; cardigan – Elena Mirò; sweater – Dorothy Perkins; velvet pants - Mimi Chica

It seems that the first outfit is always a very simple one that kind of cries out for a necklace or something at the neck...

adding a pendant to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe
tee shirt – Peserico; cardigan – Nordstrom; jeans - Frame; first pendant – Majorica; second pendant - Effy; third pendant – Jantana

As far as a woman can get with a good briefcase, at some stage she's going to want a handbag instead...

adding a handbag to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe
cardigan – Elena Mirò; tee shirt – Peserico; jeans - Frame; first bag – Kooba; second bag - Frye; third bag - Hobo

I'm not even going to try to resist adding floral boots to this wardrobe - if they could be worn with a business wardrobe, they CERTAINLY can be worn here!

adding floral boots to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe
cardigan – Nordstrom; tee - Velvet; corduroy pants – L.L.Bean; first boots – Dolce Vita; second boots – Gabriella; third boots – Sam Edelman

This might seems like she's buying shoes in a flurry, but sometimes when you really feel in the mood to re-do your shoe wardrobe, you might as well act on that feeling. Energy like that exists for a reason...

adding pink loafers to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe
tee – Dorothy Perkins; jeans - Frame; first shoes – M4D3 Footwear; second shoes – Nicholas Kirkwood; third shoes – Tod’s

When you base a wardrobe on a scarf, it can be difficult to accept that you eventually are going to need ANOTHER scarf. You could wear the same one any time that you wear a scarf, and make it a signature, but for most of us, 2 or 3 scarves in a wardrobe give a better variety.

adding a scarf to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe
cardigan – Banana Republic; corduroy pants – L.L.Bean; striped scarf – Lamini; second scarf - Kate Spade; third scarf – Salvatore Ferragamo

Earrings make a lot of difference in an outfit; it's easy to forget how much impact they have. See if you notice earrings on other people, and then translate that impression into how you choose your own accessories!

adding earrings to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe
tee shirt – IO Couture; jeans - Frame; cardigan – Elena Mirò; first earrings – Oscar Figueroa Escorcia; second earrings - Joaquin & Josefina; third earrings – Lucia Perrone

I guess this heroine likes shoes... but she can really use something special to wear with these velvet pants, right?

cardigan – Banana Republic; velvet pants - Mimi Chica; top mules – Kate Spade; second mules – Sole Society; bottom mules – AGL

Here's another one of those outfits with a very unadorned neckline - a perfect backdrop for a necklace if you're in the mood!

adding a pearl necklace to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe
cardigan – Ralph Lauren; jeans - Frame; tee shirt – Peserico; black pearl infinity necklace – Black; 2 pearl necklace - Majorica; third necklace – Lucky Brand

This outfit sort seemed to call for a lighter-feeling scarf; not necessarily something in some airy fabric, but something with softer colors.... does that make sense?

adding a scarf to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe
cardigan – Ralph Lauren; tee - Velvet; pants - L.L.Bean; first scarf – Armani Jeans; second scarf – Salvatore Ferragamo; third scarf – Francesca’s (sold out - similar here)

More shoes???? Well, she doesn't have a pair of black loafers. EVERYBODY needs black loafers, right?

jeans - Frame; shirt – Lands' End; cardigan – Nordstrom; first loafers – BP.; second loafers – Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn; third loafers – Tony Bianco

Rings are a sort of unsung possibility in a wardrobe - you don't have to wear the same rings every day. In fact, if you change them up from time to time, you'll notice them more!

adding a ring to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe
cardigan – Elena Mirò; tee shirt – L.L.Bean; velvet pants - Mimi Chica; first ring – Effy; second ring – Effy; third ring – Effy

And don't forget sunglasses; NEVER forget sunglasses...

adding sunglasses to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe
cardigan – Elena Mirò; tee shirt – L.L.Bean; jeans - Frame; top sunglasses – Salt; second sunglasses – Gucci; third sunglasses – Kate Spade

Something about the inherent dressiness of this outfit made me want to find our heroine a really festive pair of earrings for her...

adding festive earrings to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe
sweater – Dorothy Perkins; velvet pants - Mimi Chica; first earrings - Jenny Packham; second earrings - Kate Spade; third earrings – Ippolita

I always like to see how different these wardrobes look when the accessories are added. They drive me CRAZY getting everything arranged on the page, but I always love them, when they're finished!

4 by 4 Wardrobe in black, beige and pink with accessories

Just to make sure that things are working properly, I like to build a few outfits using all of the pieces... It would be a great thing to do if this was your wardrobe - you'd have a plan for all kinds of occasions!

3 ways to wear khaki pants from a 4 by 4 Wardrobe

3 ways to wear velvet pants from a 4 by 4 Wardrobe

3 ways to wear black corduroy pants from a 4 by 4 Wardrobe

4 ways to wear black jeans from a 4 by 4 Wardrobe

Just for reference purposes, this is where we started...

Vintage Rose Scarf from KathKath with style guidelines and color palette
scarf - KathKath

Imagine if you owned BOTH of the wardrobes based on this scarf - the dressy wardrobe and this one. There'd be little in life that you wouldn't be dressed to handle!


Essential Accessories for a Pretty but Casual Wardrobe: Start with a Scarf - Vintage Rose by KathKath
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  1. Sorry to hear you did not go to Paris. I hope that your flare subsides quickly. Happy Holidays to you.

    1. Thanks! I'll go in February - Valentine's Day?

  2. I am never sure what to say to someone with a chronic illness - is "feel better" appropriate? "Feel more like yourself"? I am "thinking of you" so I hope that is ok to say :)

    1. "Feel better" works fine! I'm really fortunate in that I only have severe symptoms for about 72 hours or so every 6 to 8 weeks; most of the time my medication controls my pain almost completely...

    2. Hello Janice,
      I couldn't figure out how to post a separate comment, so am adding on here.
      As a person living with chronic illness, I know what it feels like when the body gets in the way of what the heart and mind want to do, and I salute your positive attitude and look forward to see what you choose to pack when you do go to Paris!
      I came to TVF today to look for guidance in accessory choice, and voilá, your latest post's jewellery answered all of my questions. Are you a mind reader?
      Thank you for your wisdom and inspiration, and wishing you well over the Festive Season.
      Cary from South Africa

  3. All my best wishes for rest and health!

  4. I'm sorry you didn't get to go to Paris, but I'm glad you are wise enough to put your health first, and have good ways to cope. Enjoy the holiday season.

    Thanks for accessories for the Black and Pink wardrobe! I love the third scarf, Francesca's, but the link takes me back to Armani Jeans. I searched Francesca's website for pink scarfes and couldn't find it. Could you update the link? Thanks!

    1. Oh dear - it's sold out! But I found one in very similar colors, for which I've provided the link...

    2. Thanks so much. It's lovely. You're always SO helpful. <3

  5. Two things: (1) the templates you have throughout your blog posts would be more helpful as pdfs for the purposes of printing them out to be useable. If you add them as freebies to your planning docs you wouldn't need to add another tab. and (2) as to your fibromylagia, I have several friends who have given up sugar and starch (bread, potatoes, etc.) and cleared up their fibromyalgia and it changed their lives. Low carb high (healthy) fats = Ketogenic way of eating.

  6. So sorry to hear of your flare up - but you are a wise woman not to try and fight through it but to rest. I have been fairly successful at managing my symptoms by listening to my body and accepting that sometimes I just need to reschedule and rest - but it can be frustrating.
    Thank you so much for this accessory "wardrobe" - I finally finished switching over my summer and winter wardrobe this week, and while I have enough clothes for my more casual lifestyle I did feel that something was missing. I need to go through the accessories that I do have and see where I need to add a few things - scarves never go wrong but I think that a few new pairs of shoes would really help as well. So useful to see it all in black & white.
    Rest up and look after yourself.

  7. Sorry you missed the run, but thank you for the beautiful post--they do look nice when they're all laid out.

  8. This wardrobe really resonates with me! I especially love it for a transition into Spring when weather is still cold but you want a fresh accent color like pink.

    I love what you have put together and appreciate the numerous outfits you illustrated for us. That is so helpful and fun to analyze to see if I have similar pieces from which I could get a similar effect. You make going into our closets endlessly delightful.

    I have followed you for several years now, and worked on weeding out unneeded clothing and filling in basic black pieces, until now it all works together. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  9. This is probably my favourite wardrobe of all time! I have been following you for several years; this is only the second time I’ve commented. I love so many of your ideas but this wardrobe really screams “me”, perhaps because it’s so feminine and just plain pretty. It’s so hard to be pretty today without looking like you’re trying too hard but this wardrobe escapes that trap, too. Great work! Thank you for all your hard work. Yours is the one blog I keep from day to day as you have so many good ideas put together so well. Sorry you missed your trip. I, too, endure FM. Not fun but at least it doesn’t kill you, lol. Hope it’s gone in time for the holidays.