Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: 2nd of the Portraits Theatraux by Natalia S. Gontcharova

I don't know how many of these Ms. Gontcharova did, but I'm going to try to find them all:

Portraits Theatraux by Natalia S. Gontcharova

Not a color scheme we see every day! I opted to use pure white, rather than try to match that "faded paper" color. My assumption is that the original might have been on white paper - can anybody confirm or deny?

She Yins, She Yangs

"Do you think she's completely... normal? I mean, sometimes she looks so aggressive, and other days she's just so calm and quiet..."

Earrings- Louise et Cie; watch- MVMT; linen pants – Boden; 
 tank top – Uniqlo; scarf – Hermès La Marche du Zambeze
shoes – Sam Edelman; cardigan – Sarah Pacini; bag – Patricia Nash; 
 tote – Sole Society

"I don't know if she's normal or not, but she must have a GIGANTIC wardrobe..."

knit shirt – Majestic Filatures; skirt – Neiman Marcus; green sandals
 – Jack Rogers; bracelet – Adriana Orsini; pastel scarf – Hinge; shorts
 – Jaeger; dress – Jaeger; wallet – Loeffler Randall; sandals –  
Steve Madden; hoop earrings- Saks Fifth Avenue; orange &
black scarf – Givenchy; striped tee – J. Crew; Tunic – Jaeger

"And EVERY Friday, she's got that tote bag with her... Who's she kidding - she goes away EVERY weekend?"

Why yes, she has friends with a summer house. And in the place of a big wardrobe, she has a clear vision, that makes it possible for her to express herself without squandering her resources. Once she had her plan in mind, thanks to a work of art, everything was simple.

If anybody bothered to pay attention, they would see how much of a genius she really is!

She likes her way of showing both a soft and a strong side, while always looking like herself. Doing things the same way as other people is so boring...


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  1. This is beautiful! I learn so much about art from you Janice!

  2. I really love this! Both the colours and the overall feeling of energy. Plus it combines so well with the previous 'Portraits Thetraux'! I'd love a wardrobe based on both of these, although I'd need to soften it a touch - e.g. replace some of the black and white tops with charcoal or grey, or maybe just add a few grey/taupe pieces…
    Thanks once again for the inspiration!

  3. Janice,
    I know that this is obvious, but I've only recently had my brain latch onto a color scheme for packing with limited accent colors. Two neutrals was easy -- brown and tan / beige with two accent colors, but then accent topper #1 didn't play well with accent top # 2, but then I learned from you that it doesn't have to ! Also, using one neutral for the bottoms and top plus topper makes struggling with a column of color and limited value contrasts for 7 - 10 days much easier ! One light neutral for fun days, and a darker one for nice dinners with dressier tops or simple tops that can be worn by day but have an added scarf or necklace for evenings. If I wore dresses, this would also be simpler, but I don't. I know that my packing skills are still a work in progress, but I am down to a stuffed carry on size piece of luggage and an under the seat size tote. The learning continues, or is it just the absorption of what is so simply obvious !

  4. You can go to There are a lot of the pictures.
    I enjoy your site very much. Rosi (from Brazil)

  5. This is really appealing to me as I have gone over or back to black. However, I would make the white a warm rich cream, keep the cognac/ brown, and shift the mint to indigo denim with touches of burnt orange. Love that long sweater from Sarah Pacini.
    Deb from Vancouver

  6. This collection is brilliant! I am going to have to study it for learning purposes for my own packing. Black, white, and cognac is so appealing to me, even if those accent colors are not "mine". I love how that orange dress is the only thing of that color in the capsule, and yet it goes with all three scarves (and I'd even put the mint sandals with it because of the scarves) The scarves you selected are perfect, not just in the way they incorporate the colors of the wardrobe but also in how they reflect the brushstrokes in the art. - nancyo

    1. Well said, Nancy, I agree completely. Thank you, Janice!

  7. Another post that's got me itching to take a trip. I love the Hermes scarf. They have it in more of a coral/turquoise that fits my wardrobe a bit better.

  8. Ecstasy alert! I've been looking for a bag like the Montoro for years! Had a similar one a long time ago and haven't seen it since. Oh happy day! I need black, but at least I know the style is out there. Maybe I can get a black one. Doing happy dance!

  9. Brilliant as usual! Love the cognac accessories! That tote bag is large and very reasonably priced! Where should we go??

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  11. You are the true genius. As someone who related to the yin and yang of the wardrobe I totally appreciate the brilliance of this set. Thank you so much!

  12. You are the true genius. As someone who related to the yin and yang of the wardrobe I totally appreciate the brilliance of this set. Thank you so much!

  13. Janice once again you have impressed me! Although there are not that many pieces, everything here will mix and match! It is a very happy and summery wardrobe. Love the linen dress.

  14. Great wardrobe. You have a fabulous eye for these things. As a warm I'd probably knock the mint more into duck egg or maybe even lime, I'd keep the cognac and orange but maybe soften the black to navy or dark brown and the white to ivory or taupe. I want to finish sewing the planned 4 by 4 wardrobe I've been working on. What an inspirational site this is. Thank you.