Tuesday, March 01, 2016

12 Months, 12 Outfits in 6 Capsule Wardrobes: March

It's that time again! This month, I have chosen outfits that are the most casual way POSSIBLE to wear a skirt. While you might never feel comfortable wearing a skirt with a pair of Keds, it's a normal outfit for me, and it at least gives you a good laugh at my expense!

Just a reminder, these are the scarves around which I'm building each capsule wardrobe. Your choice of focal point does NOT have to be an expensive scarf - it can be any beautiful object or image that resonates with you. If your favorite picture in the world is your computer wallpaper, work with it!

But I feel like I should mention that if you really DO love one of these scarves, don't hesitate to get it. Hermes does NOT carry things forever - when they sell out of a style, that's it! This is one of the reasons that their scarves hold their value forever - they don't saturate their small market... These scarves will almost all be completely sold out of the stores before we finish this series of posts on December 1st.

Navy– Hermes Voyage en Etoffes; brown – Hermes Tyger Tyger; beige – 

For what it's worth, when I chose these pieces, I did NOT look at what else was already in the "wardrobes" for each color scheme. I was curious to see if items chosen just because of their harmony with the scarf would ALSO be harmonious with each other.

Scarf – Nordstrom; skirt – IDLF Uniqlo; sweater – Dex Clothing
bag – Halogen; canvas shoes – Keds

What a cool bag, eh? Maps are a big weakness for me...

Scarf – Nordstrom; skirt – River Island; sweater – J. Crew
bag – Patricia Nash; shoes – Woolrich

Scarf – Nordstrom; skirt – IDLF Uniqlo; sweater – Joseph
bag – Treasure & Bond; shoes – Clarks

Scarf – Target; skirt – IDLF Uniqlo; cowl top – L.L.Bean
backpack – Topshop; shoes – Woolrich

Scarf – Nordstrom; skirt – L.L.Bean; shawl-collar sweatshirt – L.L.Bean
tote bag – Tory Burch; shoes – Converse

If you're going to wear Keds with a skirt, they don't really have to match, do they?

Linen scarf – Caslon; skirt – IDLF Uniqlo; sweater – IDLF Uniqlo
bag – Vince Camuto; shoes – Keds

Here how the six new items look when mixed into the pieces from the January and February outfits. If you're interested in any of the things that are included here from the earlier months, you can find the January post here, and the February post here. But please remember that retailers sell out of things, so it's probable that some of these goodies are no longer available.


It surprised me how very well these are coming together! A nice core of neutrals, some great accent pieces, and enough accessories... It makes me really eager to work on the April outfits!


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  1. I definitely think tennis shoes can work with a skirt. But you have to be careful with the skirt's cut and length. I wouldn't do the IDLF Uniqlo skirts with tennis shoes because they all have a dirndl-y look to them and could be frumpy. Pumps or cute sandals would be better. On the other hand, that second skirt (River Island) or the long, pencil-style LL Bean skirt could do it--the first because it seems short and sporty and the second because it provides that clash (serious pencil skirt vs unserious shoes) that is so fashionable now. Same with the marvelous khaki dress--it could go sporty or do the "I don't take myself too seriously" look.
    Of course, it all depends on the wearer's personality, above all. Good posture and confidence keep a person from looking frumpy no matter what they're wearing.

  2. I wear a lot of olive and taupe, usually with navy. But, I have never really seen olive put with teal. it's interesting and I think I really like it. It would probably be difficult to find other scarves or printed shirts that combine these colors, but it is something I would like to try. I wanted to follow this series, but didn't have an inspiration. With these colors, I can use a lot of what is in my closet already and I think that is such an unusual and beautiful color combination. I can't wait to see what you come up with for the rest of it.

  3. I gave up on heels a few years ago, so I always wear Keds, Vans, or other flat sporty shoes with my skirts. What I really don't like, though are tights. So, I keep my skirt wearing to the warmer months. And now I may need to get at least one of those IDLF Uniqlo skirts!

    1. This so proves how different people can be - I would sleep in tights. If I could have them permanently attached to my body, I would do it! But that's what makes the world so wonderful - how very unique all of us are.

    2. I also love tights and footless leggings. The big challenge for me is what to wear with dressier skirts/dresses in the summer if I still want to keep my legs "under wraps"? but want to wear sandals?

      Deb from Vancouver

    3. As much as I ABHOR the newer generation of cropped pants, I'm starting to really like capri tights/leggings. They cover just enough of my legs to give me the feeling that I could climb a tree if I wanted to, but are bare enough to be cool. Maybe an idea?

  4. Not sure I could do the skirt and tennis shoe look without feeling frumpy. But it sure looks comfortable. Love all the looks you've put together here Janice. I'm especially loving those pale blues!

  5. I bought a lovely pair of slip-on trainers last year but only wore them with jeans and capris. I do wear skirts, dresses and shorts when on holiday abroad, but only with pretty sandals and sufficient coverage of fake tan to camouflage my ever increasing crop of spider veins! Also, with my well defined calves and flat feet I doubt very much that a skirt and trainer ensemble would be a good look for me.
    Sharon, UK.

  6. I'm amazed at how well everything is coming together without referencing the previous posts! I have no problem with skirts and sneakers. Probably more in the summer than in March. Warmer for bare legs and no socks. :) I think the idea of an outfit a month is growing on me!

  7. are there plus versions of the uniglo black knit skirt and stripe linen sweater?

  8. It's a testament to your skill Janice that you can put together outfits without reference to the previous months and yet when everything is put together we see coherent, versatile wardrobes building up.

    As the months progress it's getting harder to decide which "scarf" I am - there are already several contenders. And I'm chuckling over the consistency of the red shoes.

    Robyn in Tasmania

  9. Back when I first found your blog, I was impressed by your good taste and practical footwear.

  10. A bit late to this party but may I suggest an oxford or brogue with a skirt (or dress)!

  11. The blue wardrobe is beautiful. Could you please tell me where the light blue waterfall sweater is from? Thank you

    1. It's from Diane von Furstenberg - available at this link:


    2. belated thanks!!