Monday, September 28, 2015

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art - Festival in Montmartre - Version 2

So when we last visited our heroine, former family caregiver become corporate Public Relations executive, she was thriving in her new position. And it didn't go unnoticed by her employer's competition!

Headhunters began to emerge from the shrubbery...

And one day, she was called into the Director's office.

10 minutes later, she's holding a VERY large retention bonus in her hand, in exchange for her signature on a two-year contract.

VERY LARGE retention bonus.

She went back to her office. She closed the door, burst out laughing. With a bit of silly, breathless squeaking mixed in.

And she cried, just for a second.

Then she called her husband. And then the travel agent...

A shift of color scheme, which emphasizes the potential for softer colors

She dried her eyes, checked her makeup, and walked back down to the Director's office. The Director agreed to let her take a super-long weekend - a kind of "Thursday to Wednesday" affair.

They hadn't been back to their favorite city since their honeymoon.

Then, she walked out the door and did some shopping. Actually, she did a LOT of shopping. And the only word in her mind, for everything she chose, was romance... 

Cardigan (sold out), sweater and chinos– Lands’ End; earrings – Alexis Bittar;
 boots – SoftWalk; scarf – Brooks Brothers; coat – J. Crew; tote – Hayden-Harbett

knit blazer – Woolrich; square silk scarf – Gucci; floral cuff bracelet – Le Vin
cherry blossom earrings – Shaun Leane; bow blouse – Karl Lagerfeld; sweater – 
Mango; button earrings – Saks Fifth Avenue; dress – Red Valentino; long sleeve tee
 – T by Alexander Wang; print blouse - Sportmax; color block scarf – Faliero Sarti;
 clutch bag – Nina; skirt Astraet; pants – Paule Ka; pumpsCalvin Klein

Yes, six days for a vacation isn't a long time, and one might experience some epic jet lag. But flying First Class, and staying in a 5 star hotel, takes away a bit of the sting.

And is it wrong to sleep half the day, and stay up half the night, when you're in your favorite place, with your best friend in all the world?


Annoushka Dusty Diamonds - square


  1. This is a wonderful and educational series! Keeping her individual essence as she moves through life.
    I am enjoying this so much!
    Thank you for your gifts!
    PS the mens series was so appreciated.

  2. Janice, I have been an avid follower for the past couple of years. I love what you do here, so the last thing I want to do is whine, but please tell me the "stories" are a temporary thing. I want to read about your thought processes in putting together the wardrobes. I don't even know if you still do that because I can't stand to read the narrative anymore. TVF has become a picture book for me (albeit a pretty one), but I'd really prefer an illustrated instruction manual. I may well be in the minority on this. If so, I'm sure others will chime in. Sorry!

  3. I love everything about this set.

    And I especially love the stories you've been putting together.

    To the anon commenting who doesn't care for the stories: Janice has thoroughly explained her thought process in picking items in many past posts. The stories are fresh and fun and help put the lovely wardrobes into a wearable context.

    But to each her (or his?) own.

    I vote to keep the stories coming.

  4. I agree 100% with Beckie. I love going through the archives and re-reading Janice's thought process. These little stories are a nice switch, and I, too, vote to keep them coming. Thank you, Janice, for all you do for us!

  5. In the 70's there was a teacher at my school who wore only white, pink and pale grey. Her style and colours were not mine but I appreciated how well her wardrobe worked for her. I remember the short pleated skirts (probably just above the knee) and white V-necked jumpers with pink edging. A preppy style. She exuded confidence as well. She became vice-principal I think. Actually as I reminisce hers is really the only style I remember the other teacher's wardrobes are just a blur. And she had wonderful curly hair. Carol S

  6. Thank you so much for sending our heroine and her beloved on a well-deserved vacation! What a lovely story to see the progression of the wardrobes.

  7. While I can appreciate anon's comments looking for process over narrative, I think that the posts strike a balance between the two. The recent posts taking the color exercises from the French book, for example, were all about process. Keep up the good work, Janice

  8. Hi Janice,

    I love this wardrobe and appreciate all the work you put into this blog. Our heroine had a pale blue / aqua in her color wheel whice did not show up in her wardrobe. And the white showed up only as part of a print.

    I lke the stories -- they give some context to how / why a wardrobe can change. I also like your thought process, too. I see a little bit of both here. When our heroine had "romance" on her mind, we knew the wardrobe was going to be soft and personal, not "corporate" although some of these pieces are versatile enough to go to work.

    Happy Monday,

    Louise P

  9. Fabulous! I think you have just right combination of objective and subjective content in your blog. The stories are unique and fun. I vote to keep them as they are becoming your blog's signature which is a very good thing. So many previously good blogs are becoming "Sears catalogues" There are only a few that are magic and yours is THE BEST.
    Deb from Vancouver

  10. Your blog is appealing to both the analytical and whimsical parts of my brain!

  11. LOVE these colors -- these are my favorite, so cozy and soft looking. I love the stories, too.

  12. Keep the stories!! It's a fresh way to illustrate the concepts you've explained so well in other posts...thanks again.

  13. The stories are a very clever way of giving context... Plus they are fun! Agree this blog is The Best!

  14. This post builds well on an ongoing theme regarding how we sometimes - often? stereotype colours. e.g. I would never have thought of grey as a "romantic" colour but this combination looks beautiful and really quite romantic. Janice, I have observed that you often use softer colours to convey this sense of romance. Would you also be able to illustrate how people who suit deeper, darker colours would achieve this look? Thanks Jazz

  15. Love the stories and believe that they are really just different facets of your ongoing message, simply from a different perspective. We all learn in diverse ways and can see these versions speaking to someone that may not find an analytical approach as helpful.

    I check first thing every morning to see what new insight you have chosen to share, and my wardrobe is in much better shape because of your posts! Thank you for all you do!

  16. Thank you, Janice, for your endlessly creative and useful blog. Although I think you could quote the phone book around these wardrobes and capsules and one-bag carry-ons and I'd still find them fascinating, your fanciful mini-fictions always make me smile.

  17. LOVE! This palette :-)...what I've been moving toward now that I'm maturing (like fine wine) :-)

  18. The stories ! The wardrobes wouldn't be quite the same without the wonderful women who animate them. I too would love to see some ideas of romance with deeper darker tones as Jazz suggests. :) Karen

  19. I like the combination of process and story! Keep them coming! I'm glad she got a vacation! Finally! :)