Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Scarf Winner, and an idea for tying scarves in hot weather

So, for the giveaway for the Yuh Okano blue scarf, there were 161 comments! (A new Vivienne Files record, by the way. Thanks!)

I generated a random number between 0 and 162:

I love functions in Excel... It's not a normal kind of love, but it's one I can't deny...

Then I counted counted counted, and found that the winner is!!! Beffyann!

Dear Beffyann, send me your mailing address to, and I will pronto get this beauty out to you...

Yesterday, in a fit of youthful folly, I went rock climbing. There are climbing walls in the park very near my home - I literally can see them from our windows. Among many interesting discoveries (like climbing walls in direct sunlight can be literally blisteringly hot!), I learned to tie some new knots. And knots ALWAYS make me think of scarves. 

Lots of things make me think of scarves...

I'm a firm believer in the idea of the "silk necklace" way of wearing a scarf. Basically, this is the idea of finding a way to tie a scarf so that it doesn't dangle, flap, blow in the wind, or droop down onto your desk or dinner table - a scarf that you can put on and not worry about, rather as you would wear a necklace.

The essential thing to do is to get a lot of the fabric into some sort of decorative knot, and then tie the tiny loose ends around your neck. Your scarf is then out of your line of vision most of the time, and won't really migrate around your neck.

To make this knot, I basically just "crocheted" about three stitches (you know, make a loop, and then pull the fabric through the loop to create a new loop, etc. etc. When you have enough knot, you just pull the end of the scarf through the loop. Magically enough, I was able to create the perfectly symmetric example above first try!

AND... this is a great way to wear scarves that have large spots. The scarf shown here has a couple of very noticeable spots in one corner, but that corner is folded into the middle of the bias fold, and then knotted into oblivious! (I'll sell this scarf to the first person to offer me $125 for it, by the way. I never wear pastels, which makes keeping this scarf sort of silly!)

the terrible terrible spots...

I feel that it's a real pity not to wear scarves because you fear that they will get in your way, or because the weather is too warm...


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  1. I've tried the scarf necklace idea (which you mentioned a while back) and I just love it. Easy enough for someone with my poor fine motor skills.

  2. Congratulations to the winner! Oh to be number 104.
    Looks like a lovely scarf.

  3. By "large spots" do you mean stains?

  4. Sadly, I am quite challenged when it comes to things like crocheting, knitting and sewing! I'd love more of a tutorial, as this knot looks quite interesting. I am proficient in many knotting techniques.
    Really enjoy your blog!

  5. Gee, I wish I could figure this out better. I'm at a loss without pictures, LOL.

    1. Did anybody ever try to teach you to crochet? If you know how to do the first "chain" in crocheting, that's really all this is. I'll try to get some better pictures to explain it more fully, now that I live somewhere that has pretty much constant good light!