Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wardrobe: Warm Colors, Casual Styles

Lots of people really liked my post about a "Chanel-inspired" wardrobe based on 2 suits, but expressed concern because they found it too dressy.  So I've tried here to work from the same general idea - four garment groupings in 2 neutral shades, and then build around them for a 24-piece wardrobe.  This is primarily a very casual wardrobe, with only one skirt, and one dressy blouse.  There are some flowers, and some lace, and the obligatory Spring 2012 pair of "fashion color" pants...  Enjoy!

Sweater – Topshop, pants – Rabens Saloner, tee shirt – Shakuhachi, denim pants – A.L.C., olive sweater – Cacharel, olive pants – Closed,  blouse – Bruuns Bazaar, shorts – Denim & Supply

Beige Cardigan – Fatface, tee – Zucca, peach sweater – Carven, yellow sweater – Burberry Brit,  olive cardigan & tee – Patagonia, yellow tee – Acne, peach silk blouse – Vanessa Bruno

Tee – Very Eickhoff.com, floral tee – Topshop, tan top – Topshop, baseball top – Mulberry, zip hem jeans – Moto, skirt – Marni, shorts – Alberta Ferretti, cropped chinos – Junya Watenabe


  1. Thank you for this particular post as I can apply the elements. Your blog is such a joy to visit, nearly like a visit to the art gallery. I really like this particular interpretation of Chanel's quote with this wardrobe.

    A fan


  2. Dear blogger, I´m a brazilian doctor, I work everiday at a hospital and my clothes are casual. Remenber, our summer is very hot and our winter is soft. I do like blue clothes. My "uniofrm" is jeans with some blue blouse or male shirt. I always wear oxfords because I walk a lot all day long. I can´t wear rings and bracellets. Please, can you help me???? I love your combinations. I really do. Your blog is my favourite. And, most of all, excuse my poor english. Best wishes, Rosimar.

  3. Oh why do we love the things that are bad for us! I'm a "spring" and should be all over this! I should just go out and buy these items and be done with my wardrobe for the next five years. You've presented me with my "perfect wardrobe" . . . BUT nooooo. I am a "spring" who loves winter - I wear black and white and blues. The only pattern I wear is a stripe (and even that makes me nervous and feel daring!) Luckily I am not draw to bad men, just bad colours.

    This is a fabulous wardrobe. Great job!!

  4. I am a spring too, and love these colors. I definitely need to incorporate more into colors like these. Currently I am all over the map with way too many clothes!

    Your blog is excellent. I enjoy & look forward to it so much.

  5. Great wardrobe here. And I really appreciate the casual elements, that is right up my style alley. I'd love to see a casual version with blue jeans and purple (maybe some fuschia too) as the accent colors (all cool shades). That would be my ideal wardrobe and one that I have been slowly working on aquiring. I really like the addition of shorts to this wardrobe, as I often wear Bermuda length in the hotter months. You really help me see how I can have plenty of stylish outfits with less, thanks for your hard work!

  6. Beautiful selection, love the colors.
    I miss cold, winter looks are so more classy and cozy.

  7. Please Janice could you add the tag "24-Piece Wardrobe" to this article?
    Thank you
    Sania from Zagreb

    1. Done! Thanks for asking - any time I can make it easier for you to find things here, just let me know!