Thursday, March 08, 2018

Strawberry Red! A French 5-Piece Wardrobe with stone and white...

It's not quite red, and it's certainly not pink. It's STRAWBERRY! (Yes, I adore strawberries...)

French 5-Piece Wardrobe in Strawberry
earrings - Aqua; sweater - Eileen Fisher; scarf - Kate Spade New York; tee shirt - Eileen Fisher; sandals - Prada

It's a bit soft, and a bit warm, and just not quite like any other color. I think it would be flattering on a great many people, too...

So if you're starting with a simple, timeless core wardrobe in stone and white, you're already in a pretty good spot for spring. (Yes, you've seen this wardrobe before!)

A Common Wardrobe in stone and white for Spring
crewneck sweater - Banana Republic; cardigan - Banana Republic; sweatshirt - Monroe; tank top - Lands' End; short-sleeved tee - Lands' End; Henley - Lands' End; long-sleeved tee - Lands' End; pants - Lands' End; shorts - Lands' End; capris - Lands' End

Plenty of subdued, elegant outfits are possible...

12 outfits from a 10-piece stone and white Common Wardrobe

But the addition of that beautiful strawberry gives you cheery possibilities that are idea for a cloudy day...

8 outfits in stone and white using strawberry as an accent

Realistically, I think almost any color would look great with this stone and white core...

Strawberry Red! A French 5-Piece Wardrobe with stone and white...
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  1. You are so clever. That color would be nearly impossible to match, but you chose just two pieces from the same brand, and the other strawberry items are in forms that are forgiving if they aren't exactly the same hue.
    Just this handful of pieces makes a basic wardrobe look completely different--this one is daring, energetic, vivacious.

  2. Gorgeous colour combination!

  3. Oh my gosh, Janice, the addition of that strawberry makes this color combination spectacular! Just wonderful! Makes me happy just to look at it. :-)

  4. That strawberry color is just lovely, and the scarf is perfect. What a great choice for spring! (And now I have a craving for strawberries.)

  5. Great combination! Is the Banana Republic colour Pacific Taupe or Heather Gray? Thanks

    1. Heather Gray, which among my people looks not too much like grey, and a heck of a lot like stone or beige!