Monday, November 20, 2017

Can You Expand a Successful Travel Wardrobe? Revisiting Start with Art - Vernal Yellow by Lee Krasner

It might be the time of year, but I'm feeling very nostalgic about looking back through old posts here on The Vivienne Files! So when I was asked to revisit my little tale about an eloping couple, I couldn't resist the chance...

Here's where we left our heroine - wandering around Paris with her new spouse, smiling like a crazy lady, and making everyone around her smile...

elopement wardrobe in black, white, hot pink and orange
orange blouse - Jil Sander; sunglasses – BP.; triangle earrings - Bloomingdale's; blouse - Dorothee Schumacher; drop earrings - Meira T.; gold bag - Thacker New York (similar here); orange flower earrings – Dsquared2; gold flower earrings - Marianela Vargas; orange scarf- La Fiorentina; black crossbody bag – Halogen (similar here); orange clutch - Deux Cuirs; opal bracelet - Irene Neuwirth; cardigan - Marni (similar here); rose gold bracelet – Links of London; watch - Kapten and Son; pink lace dress - Dolce & Gabbana; tee – L.L.Bean; pants - See by Chloé (similar here); coral lace dress – Lela Rose (similar here); scarf –Nordstrom (similar here); open shoulder dress – Missoni; flats - MICHAEL Michael Kors; loafers – Tod’s; sandals- Sam Edelman; pumps - Calvin Klein; flats – Paul Green ; bag – Thacker New York; sandals - Sőfft

I'm not telling you that the snakeskin clutch comes in 13 colors...

They've decided that they want to go back to Paris for a long-ish weekend - maybe 5 days? But they want to be MUCH more casual this time! So she goes back to her original inspiration:

Vernal Yellow by Lee Krasner with style guidelines and color palette

First, she looks at what she already has. PLENTY of bags, I'd say, and quite a few pairs of shoes. I have a feeling that this particular heroine rather likes shoes...

wardrobe holdovers from the elopement
white tee – L.L.Bean; orange flower earrings – Dsquared2; watch - Kapten and Son; gold flower earrings - Marianela Vargas; triangle earrings - Bloomingdale's; opal bracelet - Irene Neuwirth; rose gold bracelet – Links of London; gold bag - Thacker New York; black bag – Furla; orange clutch - Deux Cuirs; gold sandals - Sőfft; orange loafers – Tod’s; sweatpants – Madewell; black flats – Paul Green

Although this particular heroine is absolutely famous for being extravagant (her elopement wardrobe was a thing of credit-card-crushing wonder!), she's going to be more practical this time, and start with some essential neutrals:

5-piece neutral wardrobe in black and white with 2 pairs of black shoes
tee shirts – L.L.Bean; cardigan – Uniqlo; jeans – L.L.Bean; fleece skirt – Uniqlo; boots – Naturalizer; ballet flats – Michael Kors

After she has this assembled, she gets to balance her practicality with some out-and-out fun!

turtleneck – Lands’ End; polo shirt – Lands’ End; dotted scarf – Halogen; button-front shirt – Lands’ End; necklace – Kenneth Jay Lane; paisley scarf – Charming Charlie; cardigan – Free People; fuchsia flats – Me Too

This what she's packing for the long weekend... They're not dressing up, not going out for fancy dinners - basically it's going to be a very relaxed flaneuse kind of break! Flaneur (feminine is flaneuse) is a wonderfully French word meaning "one who wanders...". Of COURSE the French has a word like this!

travel capsule wardrobe in black and white with orange and hot pink accents

Sweatpants aren't terrible to wear on a vacation, so long as they're not that horrid skin-tight lycra, and they're worn with something that's not a sweatshirt... They're particularly nice for flying or train-riding...

3 ways to wear sweatpants from a black, white, orange and hot pink travel capsule wardrobe

It's a skirt, so it's sort of dressy. But it's made of fleece, so it's cozy - the best of both worlds!

3 ways to wear a sweat skirt from a black, white, orange and hot pink travel capsule wardrobe

And you can't go wrong - virtually anywhere in the world - with black jeans...

3 ways to wear black jeans from a black, white, orange and hot pink travel capsule wardrobe

I love revisiting earlier wardrobes from The Vivienne Files - if you have any others that you'd like to see expanded or updated, you have only to ask...


Can You Expand a Successful Travel Wardrobe? Revisiting Start with Art - Vernal Yellow by Lee Krasner
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  1. Janice,
    This entire joyous post reminded me of the movie “ Sabrina” , starring a young Audrey Hepburn as the heroine , when the world was her plum and full of rich possibilities !
    Often I return to your older posts and glean details that I missed the first time !
    As I packed for today’s holiday trip to be with extended family, I was choosing between collared tops to go with collarless toppers, or the reverse, collared toppers to go with jewel neck tops. I prefer a collar somewhere. Of course a scarf would solve the problem if both top and topper were jewel necks. However, this is a very casual trip , so only outerwear scarves will be included for the low temps . Have you ever done a post like that ?
    How about a warm common wardrobe with two accent colors , one warm and one cool, or even 3 accent colors, perhaps two analagous and one complementary to them ?
    Several of the posts I keep referring back to are from early 2011 where you show the wardrobe of Vivienne, and how there were two options for each day of the week, and many scarves ! Thank you for all you do , inspire, and instruct, you make my days !

    1. May 31, June 9 ,June 30, and July 5, 2011. Back to my collar issue — would you ever pack two of the same neutral colored cardigans in different styles, but one collared and one not ?

  2. Would you please show an update for Tom Thompson's Jackpine and the Van Gogh Seascape?


  3. I loving seeing updates to older posts & how a wardrobe can progress.
    PS - I am currently reading "Flaneuse" by Laurin Elkin - have your read it?

  4. Thank you. It is very damp and foggy here in Vancouver this morning and this post was just what I needed for waking up!!

  5. Today's entry is incredibly bright and cheerful. I wish I were one who could wear bold colors like those; it'd be a great way to start a day.
    Would you re-visit this one, "How to Pack for Paris, again!" from Friday, August 29, 2014? I've used that as a basis for several trips both domestic and abroad. I know when you returned from that trip to Paris and Amsterdam, you said that you could have done with a 5 pack (Tuesday, September 30, 2014). I'd love to see what you think about updating either of them.

  6. So bright and cheery! Love it. :)

  7. It's is a bit of an ask, but could you please revisit the theme of comparing artist styles and translating them into accessory families.
    Thanks, Sharon. U.K

  8. Thank you so very much!!! This is perfect! Your capsules are such an inspiration to me, and I think I'm becoming a better/wiser shopper from reading your blog. Much love, Karen

  9. I would like to see Monet's Waterlilies. I found that scarf online. It is out of stock for the vendor I bought it from. I would like to see a "Clean 13" for Waterlilies.

  10. This is so fun! And when I thought about it for a minute, I realized that these (plus gray) were the colors I used for my last travel capsule - only mine was based around some new sneakers that are black and white with hot pink and orange. I actually have some orange and white luggage from the Orla Kiely/Target collaboration. - nancyo