Friday, October 27, 2017

Can I Wear Warm Accent Colors with my Cool Favorites? Start with a Scarf! Berlin Graffiti 2 from ImageBerlin Grafitti 2 scarf by Image DiaryDiary

The questions around color combinations can go in all sorts of directions...

She Fell in Love with the Scarf...

Berlin Grafitti 2 scarf by ImageDiary
Berlin Graffiti 2 scarf by ImageDiary

She loved the story, the print, the colors... but her core wardrobe was grey and white! Is this going to work? She's going to honor her impulses and make it work...

Berlin Grafitti 2 scarf with style guidelines and color palette
Berlin Graffiti 2 scarf by ImageDiary

She's starting here - comfortable and very versatile, but very grey, too... Not to worry, she has an idea!

The Common Wardrobe in grey and white

The scarf will of course tie outfits together, but so will warm stones or faux stones like tortoise or amber, set in silver. And then she found another scarf that mixed some warm and cool...

(yes, "5-Piece" is an approximation, not a law!)

French 5-Piece Wardrobe in royal blue, brown and squash

The blue sweater is simple - blue and grey are both cool, and are easy to wear together...

3 ways to wear a royal blue sweater with grey pants

But she was delighted to see that everything worked well! The brown boots play a key role...

3 ways to wear a brown cardigan with grey pants

3 ways to wear a squash orange turtleneck with grey pants

3 ways to accessorize grey clothes with warm-colored accessories

She's got a lengthy trip planned around the winter holidays - this might be just the ticket!

a travel capsule wardrobe in grey with blue, brown and orange accents

With a clear plan, even "difficult" color combinations can be beautiful...

Can I Wear Warm Accent Colors with my Cool Favorites? Start with a Scarf! Berlin Graffiti 2 from ImageBerlin Grafitti 2 scarf by Image DiaryDiary
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  1. I am really loving these posts about mixing warm and cool colors. Since I have had to replace much of my wardrobe lately, I had the choice of eliminating all the black apparel items I owned (since I prefer warm colors), but I decided that there is nothing wrong with having both black and dark brown as neutrals, because both colors work for me. I reduced the number of black pieces but did not eliminate them, and I am glad I did. I recently bought a print shirt from Talbot's that has a black on white background but some red and brown accents as well, and the top works with either black or brown as a neutral. This shirt is the sort of apparel I want to add to diversify my wardrobe options, and I will be keeping my eyes open for pieces that work with both warm and cool neutrals like this one.

  2. Hmm . I have to say I thought the bright blue and gold items overwhelmed the subtle greys. I do like brown and teal with grey but to me these shades were just too bright.

  3. Yes! Because this is what Nature does wherever one looks, whether woods, prairies, or lake shore. Love the scarf.

  4. This is fabulous! I have warm colouring and brighter blue eyes. The only change I would make is in some of greys, making them darker/warmer. My silver always has to be "dirty' not shiny!

  5. This is an interesting exercise for defining your own taste. I find that I would have been happy adding only the brown cardigan and boots with that scarf. I’m noticing that I really like layered neutrals and need much less color than I used to think. The grey capsule here is lovely.

  6. Love how the small addition of colorful items adds so much zest to the capsule.

  7. My core neutral is navy/indigo, and my accents are blue white red and pink - so I never get the resistance to warm/cool color combos!

  8. I love the fairy tale. The imaginary lady, who is *really* a lady, is girlish at heart. She builds her wardrobe like other people might build a fairy castle, and then she lives in it happily ever after (until she sees another scarf! :-)

  9. I've never managed to figure out whether I'm a "warm" or "cool" color person. I think I'm somewhere in the middle. All I know is that I'm pale and am drawn to muted colors. For me it's as much about how vibrant a color is as it is about whether it is warm or cool. I'd love to see a post noting how to use muted and bright colors together as well.