Friday, March 24, 2017

Part 2 of How to Gradually Build a Capsule Wardrobe: Start with a Scarf - Ted Baker Enchantment

After you've had a bit of time to process the outfits for the first 4 months of the year, which I shared here yesterday, it's time to dive back in and finish the year, and the capsule wardrobe!

First, let's refresh our memories about what our "inspiration scarf" is, and the color palette that I drew from the scarf:

Ted Baker London Entangled pansy scarf with color palette
scarf - Ted Baker London

She Loves Flowers

And she has no better explanation for it than that - she loves them. Yes, she grew up helping her parents in their flower beds - that certainly played some role in her affections...

May and June outfits in purple, white, blue and navy
cardigan – Coohem; satchel – Vera Bradley; sleeveless top – L.L.Bean; earrings – Gemma Collection; sandals – Birkenstock; shorts – L.L.Bean; scarf - Ted Baker London; bracelet – TFS; sandals – Nine West; dress - Bagutta; earrings – Melissa Joy Manning; bag – Kate Spade

So when she didn't have to go to the office any longer, she decided to remake her wardrobe in the image of her dreams and desires - flowers, and flowery colors!

July and August outfits in purple, green, navy and white
polo shirt – Lands’ End; tee – Lands’ End; sandals – Jack Rogers; necklace – QVC; shorts – Lands’ End; scarf - Ted Baker London; cardigan – Vince; brooch - The RealReal; boots – Bella Vita; shirt – Lands’ End; ring – Lord & Taylor; skirt – A.P.C.

Sometimes, when the weather turned cold, it was hard to bear in mind the floral theme that she wanted to emphasize, but she always had her color scheme to turn to - nothing's cheerier on a cold day than a gorgeous, classic violet shirt!

September and October outfits in navy, purple, green and blue
shirt – Lands’ End; vest – Lands’ End; shoes – Clarks; gloves - Mark & Graham; jeans – L.L.Bean; scarf - Ted Baker London; sweater – Boden; tee - J.Crew; tote bag - Zadig & Voltaire; shoes - Keds; cords - Uniqlo

Even in the dead of winter, when she wears her softest fleecy pants and warm boots, she's going to remember the flowers...

a cold-weather outfit in navy and purple, and some tops in white, purple and navy
jacket – Lands’ End; turtleneck – J.Crew; boots – UGG; hat - Everlane; sweatpants – L.L.Bean; scarf - Ted Baker London; sleeveless shirt – Lands’ End; lavender sweater – Lands’ End; tank top – Lands’ End

(yes, December's garment are not an outfit! When I evaluated the balance of everything in this wardrobe at the end of the November "shopping," I felt that there weren't enough warm-weather "tops," and I took this opportunity to stock up for our heroine!)

This is how her closet looks when she opens the door. Simple, timeless, with beautiful accents that make her smile:

a complete wardrobe in navy, purple, blue, green and white

If she travels in warmer weather, she's well-dressed:

a warm-weather 4 by 4 Wardrobe in navy, purple, blue and white

And if she's on the road in the winter, she can still channel her inner garden of beauty, in her wardrobe:

a cool-weather 4 by 4 wardrobe in navy, purple, green, blue and white

Accessories are where she really let her imagination, and her deepest affection, take over!

accessories for a navy-based, flower inspired wardrobe

This is the wardrobe of a gentle woman, in all senses. She knows what she likes, and she's very true to it...

wardrobe and accessories in navy, purple, green, blue and white

Someone might tell her that she has too many flowers in her jewelry, or that she should branch out in her wardrobe color scheme...

Those comments don't even make sense to her; they might as well be speaking some VERY foreign language!


How to Gradually Build a Capsule Wardrobe: Start with a Scarf - Ted Baker Enchantment
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  1. Wow, such lovely colors - so fresh yet soft! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. This just screams my mom's name. The flowers, the colors. Gorgeous.

  3. Ah this wardrobe makes me smile. As I look out our window this morning I see the tree with pretty pink blossoms and the bulb plants are sprouting. Spring and Fall are my favorite times because of the colors. These seasons are neither very cold nor really warm. So the use of cardigans over tee shirts is so perfect. Before learning this I had trouble dressing in Spring and Fall. Thank you for teaching me this and so much more.❤ Janice Collins, Washington DC

  4. I love it! But where in the world is our heroine going in August in those boots??? :)

    1. Ireland?

      Good question!


    2. getting ready for Fall?! - nancyo

    3. I kind of wondered the same thing, and then I assumed that she was treating herself to something "preseason" from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! ;)

  5. I love this. I would wear it in a heartbeat :-)


  6. The only thing I would change is all the footwear to either navy, purple, or green. I have at least a dozen pairs of navy footwear, (excessive, I know!), two pairs of green patent, and four pairs of purple (including purple suede ankle boots). My excuse was my feet are hard to fit, so when I find shoes/boots in my size, I had to buy them. Love this capsule!!!

  7. These colors are just lovely and pansies are my favorite flower, after violets. I am struggling to decide if I want the Ted Baker scarf you posted prior to this (the jeweled flowers) particularly since the pansy scarf is so pretty! Thanks once again for doing what you do all day.

  8. Beautiful wardrobe!! My Grandmother loved flowers and purple was her favorite color! Great memories!My Mom has exchanged all black for navy in her wardrobe. Makes me really consider it!

    1. I stopped purchasing black and pack it all away during warmer half of year. I even contemplate if I could bleach and overdye it.