Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Celebrating Women's Day with some beautiful jewelry, made by women!

I promise, the 2nd approach to decluttering is ready for tomorrow! (and the results are VERY similar...)

But since today's International Women's Day, and we're supposed to be on strike, or not shopping, or at LEAST shopping from women-owned businesses, I thought that I'd indulge in some eye-candy jewelry (all made by women!), arranged in my very favorite "accessory family" themes:

seven pieces of pearl and sterling silver jewelry

a family of amethyst jewelry

seven pieces of green agate jewelry

a family of seven pieces of onyx jewelry

a family of seven pieces of garnet jewelry

a family of seven pieces of peridot jewelry

a family of seven pieces of lapis jewelry

Actually, some of this is dyed sodalite... which is still pretty doggone nice!

a family of seven pieces of turquoise jewelry

a family of seven pieces of carnelian jewelry

a family of seven pieces of rose quartz jewelry

a family of seven pieces of blue topaz jewelry

a family of seven pieces of sterling silver jewelry

If you're a stickler for real metals and genuine stones, most of these items will meet your criteria. And it's always nice to know that you're doing business with a real person, who actually needs your business!


Celebrating Women's Day with some beautiful jewelry, made by women!
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  1. Happy Women's Day, Janice & everyone. First to comment - this post just appeared as I was reading yesterdays... I'm looking forward to round 2 as I need all the help I can get!

  2. Lovely eye candy and Happy Women's Day! :)

  3. Janice,
    The first thing that came to mind when I saw these beauties was a line from "The Wizard of Oz" , I think. First a cackle and then " come to me my pretty " for all of them !

  4. What a lovely idea for Women's Day - supporting international women artisans. Thanks.

  5. So many pretty things, it's hard to decide.
    Another wonderful jewelry designer is Wendy Brandes, who has a site under her name.

  6. Well done. Thank you for choosing to support women business owners around the world.

  7. I really like the variety of jewelry offered by Novica. I'm in Oaxaca right now and I am very tempted to buy a piece of silver jewelry as I have done previous years but I'm still on the shopping moratorium. It was a great idea to feature woman artisans. In poor regions, this is one way to bring more money into the family.

  8. Excellent idea Janice, thank you! These are beautiful pieces, something for every taste I'm sure. I've made some notes in case anyone asks for birthday ideas.
    Last night the presenter of a national TV current affairs program set aside politics and other disasters to interview six young women in their last year of school about their hopes and fears for the future. They all paid graceful tribute to their mothers, and they were all absolutely awesome. If the future can be in hands like theirs we have much to be hopeful about. If . . .
    Robyn in Tasmania

  9. Janice -- this was a great great idea. (maybe uge, but I won't go there) Not only can we support women, we can have distinctive jewelry at a reasonable price. I've downloaded about 15 items to consider buying. Could end up with more stretch bracelets than I have arm. Thank you for doing this and I hope you do it again.