Monday, October 17, 2016

Tote Bag Travel Capsule Wardrobe in Black, White and Red

As you might already know, I'll be in Italy when this post goes "live"! But I've got 2 weeks of lovely capsule wardrobes lined up for you, all of them starting with a pair of scarves. From there, our protagonist is going to spend one quick (but lovely!) night somewhere...

Starting NOW!

Two scarves in black and red, to serve as the color palette for an overnight trip

This is our color scheme, although careful scrutiny of the left scarf suggests that pink might have also been a possibility here:

Two scarves in black and red, and the color palette taken from them

Barely Enough Time...

Okay, she checks her watch...

Classic black dress with scarf and cardigan

As soon as she's off the train and in the cab, 
(1) change earrings, 
(2) add bracelet,
(3) change shoes, 
(4) stuff cardigan in bag and grab wrap, and 
(5) make sure she has what she needs in her gorgeous evening bag...

Worst case - the way she's dressed coming off the train is still dressier, and nicer, than a lot of the other attendees at this little shindig...

What to pack for overnight, in black and red in a travel capsule wardrobe

As soon as she's out of the cab, she's going to hand HIM the tote bag, and let him worry about it the rest of the evening! After all, he's the one who gave her TWO HOURS NOTICE to prepare for the fund-raising dinner...

2 outfits taken from an overnight packing plan in a travel capsule wardrobe

This hotel better be pretty nice...


p.s. Generally speaking, I'm pretty suspicious of.... well, most things, frankly! I'm particularly leery of anything that purports of being a charity fund-raiser; I want to see numbers and facts. But this scarf is beautiful, all on its own, and the donation is nearly 50% of the retail price, which is pretty impressive...

A weekend travel capsule wardrobe in black, white, and red
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  1. Love the dress, the cardigan, the fact that the shoes are red....I could live in this.

  2. I love the scarf and that dress !! It would flatter just about any figure.

  3. I love everything about this wardrobe! This is the shade of red that I brought on this recent trip, and it is quite versatile. - nancyo

  4. Great story, beautiful color scheme and apparel choices, and I love the fact that you included coordinating pajamas. This is going to be a fun series!

  5. My favourite colour combination of all time so what's not to love! This is the type of packing that I aspire to - don't think I've quite made it there yet but I'm getting close!

  6. It's nice to see a breast cancer awareness accessory that isn't all pink.

  7. Love the new chart format for saving to Pinterest. Makes it easy to pin to a specific board (I'm creating a new board called, you guessed it - Tote Bag Travel). Being able to see everything at a glance is awesome and simplifies the whole packing dilemma. I can imagine how useful this new board will be after two weeks of these posts!

  8. Love the colors and options! I look forward to seeing this built out.

  9. I really want a pair of red shoes!

  10. My colours! The red face on the watch is fun.

  11. This is a beautiful shade of red- just right for me

  12. This is fantastic. I'm just floored that there are three pairs of shoes involved, instead of just two.

  13. I am in awe that you had (and made!) time to set up these lovely posts while you're away. Color us Grateful!

  14. I love this!! I have always loved red shoes! I have worn my current red ballet flats out. Need to shop for some new ones! Great concept too.

  15. My colors to!! Just love these travel blogs as I'm hopeless at packing! Every time we go away for a weekend, i take my large pirt and fill it with so many maybes! Drives me crazy. Think ill do a port tote bag board to! Thanks guys!!