Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: Still Life by Cornelia van der Mijn

These aren't just flowers, they are a tour de force of power and beauty!

Still Life by Cornelia van der Mijn

And while the composition is certainly classic, those accent colors are just a little bit unusual...not quite a red red, and the blues are just a wee bit teal-ish...

Organically Sourced

They'd seen it for months; they would run out of Queen Anne's Lace, but still have long-stemmed roses... The arrangements with Black-Eyed Susans would outsell the ones with gardenias...

yes, the watch is PERFECT!

Top – Uniqlo; floral necklace – 2028; earrings – Mikimoto
pants – Uniqlo; cardigan – L.L.Bean; watch – Ted Baker London
flats – Louise et Cie; tote bag - Imoshion

So the 3 co-owners decided that she should take off for a full work-week of visits to regional greenhouses, and those eccentrics who keep land completely undeveloped, to see what kinds of windflowers and local color she could source!

lace cuff – Saks Fifth Avenue; scarf – J.Crew; black dress – IDLF Uniqlo
blue sweater – Boden; pants – Uniqlo; metallic tee – J. Crew; shirt – IDLF Uniqlo
earringsRJ Graziano;  floral pendant – Lord & Taylor; d’Orsay flats – Louise et Cie;
 sandals – Söfft; bag – Rebecca Minkoff; blue tee – Kristensen du Nord

Driving, walking among flowers in greenhouses, chatting with those who grow them - what a great week of work!

Maybe flowers don't always have to have more frequent flyer miles than the person purchasing them...


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  1. Such a pretty grouping of clothes!! Love that floral bag, and the strap is long enough to make it a shoulder bag to keep your hands free. And a floral watch to match - perfect. Thanks Janice!

  2. Gorgeous painting, and that tote really works with it. The black background keeps it from being sweet or twee.

  3. From Margie in Toronto - Love the painting! And I WANT that tote bag! Such an interesting colour combination and such a simple but very classy set of clothing.

  4. I am a sucker who can't go past flowers! Beautiful picture. The tote is amazingly reversible to black. Two bags in one depending on your outfit! The watch is cool too. Love the flowery jewellery. Black is not my best look but take out the deepness of the black and add a whiff of green and I am happy. Ok of course I am happy with every post. Thanks Carol S

  5. Beautiful-without-sacchirin set...I'm particularly enjoy seeing the shoes and handbags you use in almost every outfit. IRL I always have both of those on my person, so this helps me visualize the balance created when assembling different looks with the same core garments. Your attention to detail highlights the difference between looking polished and looking overly casual.
    Thanks, as always!

  6. Love all the floral accessories and the pairing of the lighter tees with the darker sweaters. But I'm not sure I would wear any of those shoes in a greenhouse. Or maybe I just visit more rustic greenhouses! :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I wondered the same thing myself, Virginia... and thought about it while in my actual greenhouses this morning...

      ...probably, if you were visiting a greenhouse as a supply-chain/wholesale purchaser, you would be mainly in the 'ready-for-company' portions of the facility, and not poking around in the actual dirt beds (as I am wont to do). Dress more like an upscale client than like an actual gardener might need to do. ha ha : )

  7. Janice,

    The heroine in this vignette feels both feminine and self confident in her clothing choices. She is gracious and quietly elegant, yet quite approachable. I would love to meet her !

  8. THANK YOU, Janice, for posting even though you are on vacation this week. (Are you enjoying Paris?) I start my days out with a cup of tea and your latest post. That way, no matter what craziness comes my way during the day, I had a calm and beautiful beginning. ~~Heidi in Seattle

  9. I love the painting! So pretty!! The wardrobe is very appropriate for the floral motif! Thanks Janice!

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