Friday, February 05, 2016

Build a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with a Scarf: Reflections II by ImageDiary

WHAT a scarf...

Reflections II silk twill scarf by ImageDiary

And what delicious colors with which to work in a capsule wardrobe...

Reflections II silk twill scarf by ImageDiary

My goal here was to look for fluidity, as much as possible... 

What I wouldn't do for this dress, by the way. This is the kind of thing that you buy and then build outfits around - which wouldn't be difficult. While you can easily wear it as I show here, you could also put on tights, boots, a black cardigan and your Reflections II scarf in cold weather...

Scarf – ImageDiary; earrings – Pichaya; cardigan – L.L.Bean; tee shirt – L.L.Bean;
 silver cuff- Achara; loafers – Everybody; pants – J. Crew; earrings – MM Druck
 dress – Issey Miyake; cuff bracelet – Yuli; pumps – Cole Haan

scarf – Elizabeth Gillett; tote – Issey Miyake; sweater – Tsumori Chisato
skirt – J. Crew; slip-on shoes – Vans; striped tee – Frame Denim; necklace – 
Elina Miro; earrings – Simon Sebbag; cropped pants – L.L.Bean;  
ballet flats – Lanvin

This scarf was described as having "water drops" as the pattern:

Earrings – Charter Club; dress – IDLF Uniqlo; backpack - AmeriBag; sandals –  
OluKai; blue top – H&M; cropped pants – L.L.Bean; cardigan - L.L.Bean
 scarf Saachi; sandals – OluKai

Pearls seems pretty obvious, when the theme is water:

cardigan – Vince; earrings Uno de 50; sleeveless top – Rick Owens; shorts – 
 L.L.Bean; sandals – OluKai; sleeveless top – 3.1 Phillip Lim; tassel earrings –  
Cole Haan; pants – Tommy Hilfiger; bracelet – Withaya Cheunjit
slides – Donald J. Pliner

Necklace – Nareerat; tweed jacket –  Stella McCartney; boots – Clarks
tee – Majestic Filatures; jeans – L.L.Bean; sweater – H&M; earrings – Khun Boom;
 skirt J. Crew; pumps – Charles by Charles David; scarf – Mila Schon

PLEASE, cut the tag gizmo off of the blue sweater... What ARE they thinking?

Cardigan – J. Crew; brooch – Chloe; blouse – Steffen Schraut; pants – J. Crew;
 boots – Clarks; sweater – Ferragamo; skirt – MICHAEL Michael Kors; necklace – 
 Swarovski; ring – Chico’s; boots – Bussola

There are plenty of possibilities in this capsule wardrobe!

And the accessories have a subtle harmony and appeal...

Yes, I've reused some black separates and black accessories, mainly to demonstrate how versatile they can be when you put them with different accent colors.

And OH YEAH, if you enter the discount code VFILES2016 when you're shopping at ImageDiary, you will get a 20% discount! Thanks Scottie!

(you'd love her - she's brilliant...)


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  1. Love that blue, any shade of blue really! I'm not a dress or skirt gal, but the other items are great. You usually show solid clothes, any chance you could add a few prints (not in scarves) to your posts?? Thanks as usual, Janice!!

  2. That dress! That scarf! Gorgeous!!!!!

  3. I agree with the previous commenter. That dress!! That scarf!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I can't begin to say how much this ensemble spoke to me. Thank you.

  4. Very creative! I am really enjoying how you are pulling things together!

  5. From Margie in Toronto - Just beautiful - I love when you show the whole year's worth of options and how you can build a coherent wardrobe. There are only 25 pieces - I think I would add about 5 more pieces (because of the extremes of temperatures here) and I'd be set for a full year - and for work, dressy and casual! So helpful!

  6. Stunning! Love the colors and combinations.

  7. I have loved your visions, and this has to be a favourite. Colour scheme so peaceful. Many thanks. You're a talented lass! Janice! X Chris from Australia

  8. I love so many of the pieces today. This color palette feels earthy and sophisticated. That scarf (her website is amazing), the dress, the September jacket. Beautiful. Thank you.

  9. Absolutely BRILLIANT!
    Xoxo Karen

  10. I was puzzled when I saw the scarf, then I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful wardrobe you pulled out of it.

  11. I love this color palette so much! I visited the artist's website, and the mum print wrapped its tendrils around my heart. Perhaps you could visit that one some day?

  12. I would love to see a collection around the War and Nature: Post War Fruit Market scarf. The color combination is so unusual and the story is inspiring.

  13. I just love all of this! I'm really being inspired to look at my wardrobe through a new lens every day when I come to this site. Thank you!

  14. I love the inspiration scarf as well as the entire collection that it comes from. Beautiful!

  15. You find the best items, the Issey Miyake dress and bag, the sweatdress from Uniglo, the September jacket, the blue. Is this the Petrol colour? You also make it all seem so easy.
    Deb from Vancouver

    1. I'm glad it seems easy, because some days I have to look a LONG time for things - that's why I quit my job and started doing this full-time! Some days I want to gouge my eyes out with a pencil, after looking at 4,000 sweaters to find just the right one...

      I found this under petrol, teal, peacock, and just plain blue. There are no rules, when it comes to naming colors!

  16. You all are lovely, and of course you are because Janice inspires you :-) Thanks for the kind comments and I hope you'll all visit my site [and purchase your own silk story scarf]! Scottie

  17. Even though I can't afford it, that scarf makes my heart sing--as do the colors and assembled wardrobe so close to my own taste. And I think I detect some olive, blush and navy in the design as well--so many possibilities!


  18. Wow, that dress is amazing! And I love how the "fold & drape" details reappeared in various pieces. A fabulous wardrobe starter. Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Adore this set! Have to tell you that I owned one of those Pleats Please dresses and ended up selling it. They are poly- a beautiful poly, but poly. The dress was too light in winter (even with thick tights and a wool cami under it); in clement weather it did not breathe... poly is really unforgiving that way. I would buy a Pleats Please jacket, that could be worn open, or the palazzo style pants, and wish I had, then!

  20. Some beautiful pieces. Looks very wearable!