Thursday, November 12, 2015

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: The Golden Stairs by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones Version 2

She loved her travel wardrobe so much, she decided to gradually, carefully, and thoughtfully augment it in the same colors and mood!

Remember, this is the painting and the color scheme with which she was working. Beautiful, graceful, and evocative...

And this was the entirety of her wardrobe for her recent family trip. While the dress might be a little bit "over the top" for work, the rest of the pieces will be appropriate, if only for casual Friday.

Sweater – OAK; triangle earrings – EF Collection; round earrings – Alexis Bittar; pearl bracelet – Effy; moonstone earrings – Temple St. Clair; scarf – Le Jardin de Leila by Hermes; clutch bag – Judith Leiber; tassel necklace – Avindy; cardigan – J. Crew; sweater – Betty Barclay; velvet jeans – Closed; skirt – Suno; dress – Chi Chi; yellow shirt – Alexander Wang; ballet flats – Calvin Klein; sandals – Stuart Weitzman; boots – Seychelles; tote – Furla

And so, gradually, she made some purchases. She carried a wee laminated print of her painting with her, to keep her focused, and to keep her colors on point.

Cardigan – Austin Reed; watch – Anne Klein; taupe blouse – Carven; square shawl – Gucci; tie blouse – L’Autre Chose; cream cardigan – Ann Taylor; necklace – Alisha D.; blue sweater – P.A.R.O.S.H., corduroy skirt – CC; sweater dress – Valentino; multi-print scarf – Loewe; boots – Qupid; trousers – Austin Reed

Eventually, she could open her closet and see this!

I pulled together 20 outfits from her wardrobe - there are dozens more possibilities!

I like to imagine how her soft but distinctive palette is viewed by the people around her...



  1. I really enjoy this story. The clothes are beautiful, I admire her discipline! What a good idea

  2. I like the different feel the two bottoms, both the skirts and pants, bring to the wardrobe. Everyday you show me how less is so much more. Thank you for all you do.

  3. As always, the most beautiful part of my day.

  4. The clothes are beautiful..I love gray!

  5. I still really like the long skirt from the initial post with this painting and now the Valentino blue sweater dress!! Thank you for more loveliness. I see this woman is a social worker, psychologist, speech language pathologist; quietly calmly supporting people.

  6. In the final foursome--with the sweater dress--what do you envision covering the leg? Opaque tights with the knee high boots; the same with the short ones? And, what color--black? What about with the flats? I've found myself struggling with this kind of thing lately, but maybe I just haven't found a good hosiery source.

  7. Ooh! So appealing. Beautifully done; am particularly drawn to the shawl, sweater dress & both boots. Inspirational! In my closet there are 2 different long cardigans that might afford the same snuggly sophistication. Pulling out my boots (& shoe polish) for tomorrow. :)

  8. Oh,so gorgeous. Restrained and luxurious at the same time -- just like the painting. As Reetay says, exudes "snuggly sophistication".
    Sue G.

  9. Project 333......4 x 4........whatevers clean 13.............where do I start? With what is already in my wardrobe?

    1. Start with what you have - always. Look at the core of your very favorite clothes, and then decide if you have enough things to go full-on Project 333, or do you need to back up and rebuild? 4x4 and Whatever's Clean 13 are just 2 approaches to doing exactly the same thing - building a capsule that will see you through at least a week without problems, or through a vacation. A lot of the decision has to be based on whatever idea appeals to you, and which theme or template best fits what you already own.

      If you're truly at a loss, try to 4x4. Just start with the first 4 pieces, take a break for a day, then look (in your closet), for the 2nd four item, and so on. Don't apologize for wearing the same clothes frequently, and NEVER apologize for always looking consistently similar - that's your personal style!

      I try to offer a range of options, but I can easily see how they can confuse you!
      big hug,