Monday, October 26, 2015

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: Music Party, East Cowes Castle by Joseph Mallord William Turner

It takes a minute or two for the images to become clear...

Music Party, East Cowes Castle,  by Joseph Mallord William Turner

But it's worth the wait. These are great colors for this time of year!

Skipping the Reunion, Again

Every year, their school has a reunion. And every year, they get together in their favorite pub, and decide that they don't want to go! (everybody in the world did NOT love their school years...) It's become a tradition...

The someone pulls out the National Rails Timetable, and they haggle around a bit about where they go for a weekend away. This year, Edinburgh!

A few weeks ago, they knew nothing. Now, they're ready for one of the great castles in the world, beautiful scenery, excellent architecture, buckets of history, buckets of whisky...

Earrings – Karen Kane; cardigan – L.L.Bean; scarf – Polo Ralph Lauren
turtleneck – Lands’ End; bracelet – Kohl’s; tote – Longchamp; corduroy jeans
 – Lands’ End; boots – Clarks

Hanging out with girlfriends, touring castles and distilleries, isn't the time to try to impress anyone. But it's always important to look nice and respectful toward those who are showing you around...

Gold circle earrings – Maya Magal London; curb chain necklace – Brahmin;
 ivory tee - Uniqlo; cardigan – Brave Soul;  brown tee – J.Crew; wristlet –  
Tory Burch; flutter hem blouse – J. Crew; plaid pants – L.L.Bean; over-sized
 scarf – Kathkath; boots – Dr. Scholl’s; suede skirt – J. Crew

Although if you were EVER going to wear your suede skirt, this is the time!

They're only going to be gone for three days, so eight different options is overkill, in the best possible way.

It can feel like the only good thing that ever came from school was the friends that you made...


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  1. From Margie in Toronto - coincidence is such a strange thing. I am originally from Edinburgh and have been thinking recently that it's been too long now since I've been back for a visit. At the same time, I just lost a dear friend this past weekend - we met inJunior High - makes me think it's time to arrange a trip like this with those of us still here. Love your fashion tips but also find your stories wonderful - thank you especially for this one.

  2. Love the clothes...but I really want the painting!!

  3. I just love it when you answer my 'what shall I wear?' question.

  4. I own an equivalent to every piece in this capsule, but often manage to look bulky or frumpy in them but I think that's because I tended to choose bulky accessories for this look. I can't wait to try putting the piece together as you have - blending in softer, fitted, or feminine touches, and lighter accessories into each look. Inspiring!
    Sue G

  5. I too grew up in Edinburgh - so another coincidence! Love the selection, I would definitely wear all of this and would suggest the elegant browns have a distinct 'whisky' feel to them.

  6. Lovely ideas but where is the raincoat! Chic at any age had a raincoat for Edinburgh question covered perfectly yesterday, which would make this a perfect capsule.

  7. Yes, a very warm and waterproof coat for Edinburgh even in June ( in my experience) is very necessary. I also concur re reunions. The best ones are just with those few people I have stayed friends with. I am also quite positive that Janice saw whiskey in the painting.

  8. As a former resident… Edinburgh is actually quite dry, with annual rainfall < 600mm. By comparison, London is over 600mm, Rome around 830, Chicago over 900, New York over 1060. It's the west coast of Scotland that's really wet, in some parts > 3000mm. But Edinburgh is very cold and windy - so a warm coat is essential!

  9. I visited Edinburgh in September and it didn't rain...but we did get the rain when we got to the West coast, nasty rain storm in Oban. Anyway, I plan on visiting again and I am going to save this post as a packing guide, adding a warm coat. The cardigan from LL Bean is called Fiery Red, but it looks more pink in the picture. I might go with a softer rust color. The Loft had a very pretty color this fall called Persimmon that would go nicely with this wardrobe. I also really like those LL Bean plaid pants, the color is Black Coffee/Navy - I don't see the Navy in the picture, but that is another color for the cardigan, adding in a pair of dark denim jeans. I always have to have a pair of jeans. The great thing about this painting is that if you look at it long enough, there are quite a few colors you can see.

  10. I do not like those colors at all (for ME) but they look great together and I love the way you arranged the pieces and ouftits so they are sufficiently different from each other that they don't look like "the same few things in the same three colors." One could wear this combination of garments for the duration the trip and NEVER, I think, have anyone say "all she ever wears is cream and muddy brown (sorry... I guess I really don't like whatever you call that color). The bright sweater adds just he right touch. I just got a suede skirt for $1.50 from the clearance rack of my nice thrift store... it's a sort of olive - bottle green (hard to describe) that normally doesn't look good on me but as a bottom piece will look great with brown, black, gray, blueish teal and burgundy so it goes with enough sweaters I own that I think I can wear it with boots, black tights and flats, or brown tights and flats. I have never owned a suede skirt before and this one is very supple with a really nice quality lining. I cant' think why anyone got rid of it, it's a classic piece. I guess if I don't like the way it feels, I'll know why the previous owner ditched it. I had to take the back band in a bit but it's so soft that it was just as easy as sewing fabric.

  11. Ok I stared at the panting for a bit... I got the piano player, the two people listening, the dog, the lovely room with panelled walls. I don't get the white cotton woolly bit. I am a late reader and do my research after I have made the comments. :( Tate says it is unfinished work. I'll pull my head in. Colours are beautiful as is the capsule. Thanks Carol S

  12. Cool painting! I don't see how in the world you could get all that plus undies, pajamas, and toiletries in that one tote bag! :) Loved the back story though!

  13. Adorable outfit ideas! I love each and every dress idea. I have to attend an event with my family at some local Chicago event space and would love to adapt the first one look. Thanks for the inspiration!