Saturday, June 06, 2015

Choosing Accessory Colors; More Accessory Clusters

I was thinking a lot about yesterday's winning color scheme, and so I thought it might be productive to put all of that thinking into action! The first thing I did was start browsing around looking at scarves that might be harmonious with the color scheme in question; it's important to bear in mind that things don't always have to be dye-lot matched. If someone gets a big thrill out of noticing that something you're wearing isn't EXACTLY PRECISELY the same color as something else... well, they're easily amused, and you've done the good deed of keeping them entertained. Some people will complain that their ice cream is cold...

So I found this beautiful Hermes scarf:

Chasse en Inde silk scarf - Hermès

And I thought I'd monkey around with the black clothes that I used the other day. I really like this simple assortment of clothes - they're versatile, appropriate for all kinds of occasions, comfortable, hard to get dirty, and not mad expensive.

Dressskirtcardigan and trousers – Uniqlo, ballet flats – Dr. Scholl’s

Just as before, I went looking for happy "families" of accessories. First up, the elusive persimmon, which turned out to be more visible when I searched for rust, terra cotta, or just plain orange. I particularly like the juxtaposition of really inexpensive jewelry with the high-priced sunglasses and bag. As in many families, monetary situations can vary widely...

Sunglasses – Dior, ring – Dorothy Perkins,
Earrings – ABS by Allen Schwartz, bag – Dolce & Gabbana

This works!

Emerald as an accent is much easier to find, but there are millions of shades of green in the world, so a swatch or a chunk of embroidery floss with you is always a smart way to remember your chosen color accurately.

Sunglasses – Linda Farrow Luxe, earrings – Khun Boom,
Green onyx ring – KALAN by Suzanne Kalan, suede clutch – Miller and Jeeves

Heliotrope was a color that came up with about a hundred different suggestions, but this one seemed most common, so until I hear from the winner of the scarf, I'm going to assume that this is the color she meant. THIS is a statement color! And happily, there are a few semi-precious stones in this color, so there's quite a bit of jewelry around in this glorious pink.

Pink tourmaline ring – Max and Chloe, crossbody bag – Rebecca Minkoff,
Pink topaz earrings – Lori Kaplan, sunglasses – Matthew Williamson

I'm still definitely going to do a more extensive wardrobe in these colors, but I want to wait for the bracelet, and to hear from our winner what wardrobe neutral is her favorite.


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  1. Two things... (well three things) One. "So I found this beautiful Hermes scarf:" it is so true! and Two "This works!" and actually Three it works three gorgeous times. Wow! Carol S

  2. I love the stuff you pull together, but can you show us exactly how you would wear the scarf? I have trouble with square scarves.

    1. There are many super scarf tying tutorials online, but I really like one that is done online by a lovey lady living in France , called Mai-tai. Not sure if her name is hyphenated, but give it a try.

  3. Janice,
    This post and your prior accessory cluster tutorials have really opened my eyes as to how to extend the appearances of the same basic core clothes, while getting the variety of color that I crave ! This is especially great for light travel packing, using
    color clusters of a scarf or necklace, earrings, and a bracelet. For non-travel, I would use the earrings, scarf or necklace, and a small handbag. This gives me the ability to pack one plain top that can be worn 3 ways, with 3 accessory color changes, which travel guru, Rick Steves ,advises to wear everything you pack 3 times. Once again, thank you for your wonderful illustrations! Your 4x4 groupings are still my favorites !

    1. Actually, more possibilities occur when the scarf is alternated with the necklace for the various wearings. Yowza !

    2. In the warmer weather I even count light-weight cardigans and shrugs in my accessory families as they can go over a neutral dress or similar. Thanks again for great post. Carol S

  4. I really appreciate your humerous and philosophical attitude to people who need to be picky.

    Deb from Vancouver

  5. I have just discovered your blog. What a treat! Thank you. I agree with Shrebee about craving color but to keep it simple,
    I love the idea of a Common Wardrobe. I will transition mine into navy and mid to charcoal gray!

    Embroidery floss is a GREAT idea to get accessory colors to match. I will do that. So how do you do it when you shop online? These look like fabulous matches.

  6. I did not comment on yesterday's colour wheel as I found it difficult to see how I could make it work for me. Once again, you throw in an Hermes scarf and it all comes together beautifully. :)) Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Black is my favorite color lately, and I so enjoy your posts even more!