Friday, July 25, 2014

Common Capsule Wardrobe Colors: Coral

Coral comes in a range of tints - there are more "pinkish", less "orangish" versions out there too if those would be more flattering.  But any of them will look completely appropriate and attractive with all of our neutral color usual suspects.  And as we move into August, and what is for many of us the end of summer (my great-nephew goes back to school IN 10 DAYS!!!), this might be a good wardrobe refresher, as well as a low-commitment way to test drive a new accent color for your wardrobe.

Please note - this tunic-length top is going to be "iffy" with some cardigans; I personally can wear a top hanging out below my cardigan without worry, but you might want to bear this conundrum in mind when you choose your coral top.

Coral earrings tee shirt bracelet Common Colors
Earrings – Rebecca Minkoff, tunic – Dorothy Perkins, bracelet - Chuleekorn

Here's coral added to the brown and beige Starting From Scratch Wardrobe.

wear coral and brown together, wear coral and beige together, wear coral and khaki together
Earrings – Rebecca Minkoff, tunic – Dorothy Perkins, bracelet - Chuleekorn,
 brown jeans – Viyellabrown twill trousers - Lands’ Endkhaki skirt – Merona,
  beige pants – The Row

Coral with our black and grey Starting From Scratch Wardrobe.

wear coral and black together, wear coral and grey together, wear coral and white together
Earrings – Rebecca Minkoff, tunic – Dorothy Perkins, bracelet - Chuleekorn 
black cotton and cashmere cardigan – 10 Crosby Derek Lamblack linen 
trousers – Viyellagrey pleated trousers – Alberto Biani, grey cardigan - Mango,
 black jeans – Current/Elliottshorts – T by Alexander Wang

Items from the caramel and black Starting From Scratch Wardrobe takes on an entirely different look with coral additions.

wear coral and black together, wear coral and tobacco together, wear coral and caramel together
Earrings – Rebecca Minkoff, tunic – Dorothy Perkins, bracelet - Chuleekorn 
black shorts – Hallhubercopper twill trousers – Lands’ Endblack  
cardigan – Michael Michael Korsblack skirt - French Connection
black jeans – R13 

Coral looks wonderful with with selections from the khaki and olive Starting From Scratch Wardrobe.

wear coral and khaki together, wear coral and beige together, wear coral and olive together
Earrings – Rebecca Minkoff, tunic – Dorothy Perkins, bracelet - Chuleekorn 
beige hoodie – Uniqloivory shorts – Erika Cavallinikhaki cashmere
 cardigan – La Garconnebeige skirt - Vicky Tiel, beige jeans – Morgan
 olive cardigan – Meronaolive trousers – Isabel Marant Etoile

The navy and beige Starting From Scratch Wardrobe had yellow and green accents; coral brings a very different look to these neutrals.

wear coral and black together, wear coral and camel together, wear coral and tan together
Earrings – Rebecca Minkoff, tunic – Dorothy Perkins, bracelet - Chuleekorn,
 tan shorts – jeans – Uniqlonavy wool cardigan – Miu Miu, navy 
trousers – Viyellatan pants – Uniqlobeige cardigan – Marella

The Starting From Scratch Wardrobe in navy and grey emphasized pastel accent colors; the brightness of color is a real departure for these neutral clothes.

wear coral and navy together, wear coral and grey together
Earrings – Rebecca Minkoff, tunic – Dorothy Perkins, bracelet - Chuleekorn
navy trousers – Jacques Vert navy skirt – Nina Riccisilver grey trousers – 
 Viyellagrey cashmere cardigan – Jaegergrey jeans – Rebecca Taylor

I'm furiously at work on our color combinations file (which explains why I'm reusing clothes from yesterday - not just fundamental laziness!), and I'm on schedule to release it Saturday August 2nd, if all goes well! 

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  1. Thank you featuring coral. I use it as one of my basics.

  2. Thank you for turning on the light bulb in my head! This is how I'm going to incorporate other colors into my wardrobe next year. Well, long sleeves, more of a sweater, but you know what I mean. One garment, two accessories.

    1. Sweaters will show up soon... This idea has a wide variety of possible applications!

  3. Thank you. It is reassuring that I don't have to totally eliminate all my existing wardrobe right away.

  4. Last summer I wore a lot of corals with navy. However, early this year I decided to move my wardrobe more toward beige and olive with aqua/turquoise as the accent. It was a wonderful treat to then have that color scheme show up in your Starting from Scratch Series. Since I don't have any rusts in my wardrobe I had decided to use the corals already there with the beige and olives. Oddly, I've been enjoying aqua/turquoise so much I have rather ignored my coral clothing this summer. This motivates me to incorporate it more often. Janice, as you go through your thought processes in writing this blog, I find it stimulates so much thought in my own mind, too. Thanks for that!!

  5. Coral is my color. It makes me happy and is the one color that make people comment, "You look great! I have numerous coral/light rust tops in my closet. So every combination above thrills me. I even painted the inside of my closet coral so when I turn on the light to look for my outfit of the day, I am greeted with the color I love the most.

  6. Ummm I love the light coral with the turquoise below. I have absolutely enjoyed strolling through your blog as it serves as wonderful inspiration. Thank you for sharing. I do hope you will stop by and visit my blog to see some of my oil paintings, as I wish to try to return the favor. Kindest regards, Carolina Elizabeth

  7. Love coral to bits but it doesn't love me back!!

  8. I do like coral and with all the various tones of it from pinky to orangey and from muted to bright, I think there's a shade to suit everyone. Lovely accessories about in this colour too!