Monday, April 02, 2018

Build a Capsule Wardrobe in 12 Months, 12 Outfits - April 2018

It SHOULD be Spring, but it's iffy, at least here in Chicago...

So we'll go with an outfit for warmish weather - capris that are primed for warmer weather, but (with 1 notable exception!) tops that still cover us up a bit...

For those who are new to this adventure, it works like this: I start the year by choosing six Hermes scarves (for no good reason except that they're beautiful, and have amazing color combinations!) and then each month I add another outfit to six wardrobes - each based upon the colors and overall "feeling" in one of the scarves.

First, the simplest of colors and styles, with classic jewelry and snazzy shoes!

Spring outfit in beige and black, with accessories
scarf - Hermes Fourets et Badines; earrings - Bony Levy; tunic - Eileen Fisher; necklace - Bony Levy; flats - AGL; linen pants - Eileen Fisher

This is what this heroine now has in her wardrobe - a few options available, I'd say!

capsule wardrobe in black and ivory with green, yellow and blue accents

Using the new garments, she can pull together at least a couple of additional outfits:

2 spring outfis based on black linen pants and an ivory tunic

I just love this dusty rose shade...

a spring outfit in beige and dusty rose
scarf - Hermes The Horsawards; earrings - Gorjana; tunic - Zulily; necklace - Kendra Scott; cropped pants - Eileen Fisher; espadrilles - Steve Madden

capsule wardrobe in beige and brown with green and rose accents

Getting the tunic over the skirt "fit" to work is tricky, but I think this tunic with just a bit of lace peeking out would be lovely...

2 new outfits from a capsule wardrobe in beige and brown with green and rose accents

This wardrobe has been SO dressy so far - this outfit is for this heroine's leisure time... (walking along the beach in a cold breeze?)

a spring outfit in navy and grey
scarf - Hermes les Tresors d'un Artiste; leaf earrings - Kadek Wijanegara; sweater - L.L.Bean; infinity necklace - Nashelle; flats - Ecco; pants - Eileen Fisher

This wardrobe now has a little bit better balance of dressy and casual clothes, to my way of thinking...

a capsule wardrobe in navy and grey with red and teal accents

Her new garments give our heroine for this wardrobe some more casual ways to wear her existing pieces:
2 outfits from a capsule wardrobe in navy and grey with red and teal accents

 Don't ask me why I felt like these were the perfect earrings, but I did! I'm smitten with them...

an outfit for Spring in sage green and olive green
scarf - Hermes Meiveilleuses Lanterns; earrings - Armenta; tunic - Lands' End; necklace - Kendra Scott; espadrilles - Tory Burch; pants - L.L.Bean

She's getting a nice assortment of shades of green... does she have green eyes? (or red hair, or both?)

a capsule wardrobe in shades of green with pink and beige accents

2 outfits from a capsule wardrobe in shades of green with pink and beige accents

This looks so comfortable...

a Spring outfit in grey and chambray blue
scarf - Hermes Jardin a Sintra; earrings - Jantana; tunic - Eileen Fisher; necklace - Adriana de Gadea; flats - Softwalkpants - L.L.Bean

If I had to start from scratch, this would tempt me... This looks so much like colors that my mother would wear!

a capsule wardrobe in shades of grey with blue accents

Well-chosen wardrobe additions = more new outfits than you expect!

2 outfits from a capsule wardrobe in shades of grey with blue accents

I really love this tunic, so I've chosen to include it even though it's suited for much warmer weather than the other outfits... Some of us must be experiencing spring by now, aren't we? (sure as heck isn't here in Chicago!)

warm weather outfit in olive green and white
scarf - Hermes Ndop; earrings - Carmen Anocibar; tunic - Prana; pendant - Bony Levy; mules - Nine West; pants - Lands' End

These are really unusual colors to find in a wardrobe together, but so far, everything feels coherent. That's the genius of starting with a scarf - let someone else do the hard color combination work!

capsule wardrobe in brown and green with grey and white accents

2 outfits from a capsule wardrobe in brown and green with grey and white accents
Right now, I'm still pretty much in love with the grey and blue, but I don't know that I would turn down any of these wardrobes, if someone offered them to me!

Are your preferences shifting, or are you true to your original choice?

Build a Capsule Wardrobe in 12 Months, 12 Outfits - April 2018
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  2. It's snowing here in New Jersey as a write this. I'm still in turtle necks, down vests, and cords. sigh

  3. When the series started, I wasn't really drawn to any of them (although I love the posts!). But as the months go on, I'm drawn to the last one. And it's snowing again here in New England. I'm wearing duck shoes and cashmere sweaters. :(

  4. & snowing here in the Hudson River Valley--I so want to put away my winter clothes & snow boots, but instead I will settle for wearing a warm weather /sleeveless EF asymmetrical tunic with a scarf under my EF jacket...
    so one could wear that cool green tunic NOW...

  5. Ok, I'll just say it - I don't like the full top with wide cropped bottoms at all.

    My favorite is the grey w/blue capsule. The brown based capsule is my second favorite. My favorite accent color is the dusty rose. I could never be happy in a limited palette I'm afraid!

    1. Go ahead and say it - shout it from the house tops! I'm just happy that you know what you like - that's really the main thing I want everyone to learn.

      And a wider palette is also your prerogative - there are no rules except to make yourself happy, and try to damage your wallet and the planet as little as possible.

      big hugs,

  6. At the beginning of the series the first one was my favorite, and I still like it but I think the one with the navy and polka dot skirt is now my very favorite! And the soft blue and gray one is SO lovely!!! I just look better with brighter colors... but one of my daughters wears those soft colors. I LOVE this series! Thanks!

  7. I'm drawn to the navy wardrobe the most; it really would be the one that works best for me. And Janice, the gray and soft blue would combine really well with a black and white wardrobe, just sayin'!! In fact, that would be a fun post: to create two separate capsule wardrobes, white + black and gray + denim blue, then merge them. - nancyo

  8. It is hard for me to imagine that someone can choose color preferences AND stick to them whole year around.
    I am learning here and cultivating my taste. Before TVF I was lacking basics. Over the time learned to reduce colors within the capsule, by postponing other color cravings for other capsules down the line. I create another capsule for each season in advance, but I rotate colors (pods), I don't switch all of them at once. I can only postpone other colors, I can't give them up. This way I obviously own more volume of clothes than I need, since majority of pods is packed away. I also notice creating even more pods and branching to even more accent pods. I also learned to do more with less, so my pods are not big.
    So my answer is yes - I stick to my color preferences, since it is so much easier it is incredible, but only within the season. My curent preference is the one with dusty pink, I only have blue instead of green but it is the similar lightness. Also my heart goes to the last one, that I will incorporate in my autumn capsule. Navy and burghundy might be the winter one, I guess... I find hard to find wintery stuff with navy in it instead of black.
    Sania from Zagreb

  9. Its interesting that my favorites are the grey/light blue and beige/dusty pink wardrobes. The grey and beige wardrobes were also my favorites last year I've learned that beige/khaki are not flattering near my face but are so lovely with dusty pink accents. Thank you for this series. I look forward to the additions each month. Janice Collins, Washington, DC

  10. I still love the navy and burgundy wardrobe. Every piece in it is great. Thanks for this series!

  11. I ordered the Zulily dusty rose tunic - I was disappointed when it arrived a few days ago. The seams were crooked and bunched up; a good example of getting the quality you pay for!

    1. Oh that's SO annoying - it looks so lovely in the photograph (no surprise) and is such a difficult color to find! Thanks for letting us know...