Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Power of Accessories in a Travel Capsule Wardrobe; Start with a Scarf - Flower Burst by Kathkath

I've known the power of a good accessory for DECADES...

Janice Riggs, dressed for Easter
me - Easter Sunday... 1964? My mother will know...

The "foolproof travel wardrobe" that came from the colors and the themes of the Flower Burst scarf by Kathkath was very coherent, but cried out for a few more pieces...

Here's where we started:

Flower Burst scarf by Kathkath, with style guidelines and color palette
scarf - Kathkath

Please note that the very lovely Kath and Kath are offering us all a 30% discount on any full-priced items on their site - use the code viv30! They're really nice women, making their dreams come true in their own business...

This was the wardrobe that we had for our flower lover, when we finished off her "Whatever's Clean 13":

13-piece travel capsule wardrobe in black, white, hot pink and blue

Just for reference, this was the template upon which I was building:

blank Whatever's Clean 13 template

And this is how the clothing fit into the template:

a black, white, hot pink and blue travel capsule wardrobe in the Whatever's Clean 13 template

I wanted to find a really methodical, organized way of accessorizing this wardrobe, so I thought that I might work my way through five outfits (one for each of the "bottoms") and make certain that these outfits covered all weather conditions from pretty doggone chilly through to absolutely full-on summer. First up is our cool weather outfit - long pants, a cardigan with a hood, and a tee shirt under it. The only real accessories that needed to be added here were a pair of socks (yes, they could be black, but why not pink?) and a pair of earrings to pick up the accent pink color. One could also choose to find blue socks and jewelry, or the green that's so prominent in this top...

how to style a black and floral tee outfit

sweatshirt – L.L.Bean; earrings – Vera Bradley; tee shirt – Ojai; pants – L.L.Bean; socks - Y's by Yohji Yamamoto; loafers - Ukies; watch – Ted Baker

The next outfit is still for relatively cool weather than might warm up - cardigan are meant to shed when necessary! This is the perfect outfit for our core scarf, and I thought a fun handbag (though quite the indulgence...) and a nice pair of flats would finish off this ensemble perfectly.

how to accessorize a black and hot pink outfit

scarf - Kathkath; tee shirt – L.L.Bean; cardigan - Lands’ End; skirt - Madewell; handbag – Dolce & Gabbana; ballet flats – Taryn Rose

The weather is getting warmer! This is an outfit that could be accessorized with any kind of jewelry, but I thought that a choice of bracelets (or wear them both - why not?) was a fun option. And espadrilles are classic for summer...

how to accessorize a floral shirt and white skirt

pink bracelet – Kate Spade; shirt – L.L.Bean; eyelet skirt - Gap; blue bracelet – Shashi; espadrilles - espadrilles - Castaner

(if you like this floral shirt, but you're not nuts about the short sleeves, it also comes in a 3/4 sleeve and a long-sleeved version...)

I see the sleeves on the blue sweater pushed up a bit... a small pair of floral earrings are the only thing needed - we have new ballet flats are perfect here. This is a great chance to wear that delicious Paris scarf, and our floral tote is just right...

how to style a blue sweater and black cropped pants

earrings - Joomi Lim; cabled sweater – Lands’ End; scarf - Echo; tote – Elliott Lucca; pants – Oasis; ballet flats – Taryn Rose

Hot weather! You've got to have sunglasses - no options! A bracelet that's just like your pink bracelet, only different (I love that phrase "just the same, only different...") and a pair of comfy sandals are all you need to look complete, but not over the top.

how to accessorize a black and white tee shirt and white shorts

sunglasses – Ray-Ban; tee shirt – L.L.Bean; shorts – Dorothy Perkins; bracelet – Kate Spade; sandals – Sanuk

Now when you get dressed in your imagination from this travel wardrobe, you've got truly everything you need. Another pair of socks in blue? Heck yes... Toss in some pajamas, and a few swimsuits, and you'd be good to almost anywhere...

13-piece travel capsule wardrobe in black, white, hot pink and blue with full accessories

Accessories are the most fun, aren't they?

The Power of Accessories in a Travel Capsule Wardrobe; Start with a Scarf - Flower Burst by Kathkath
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  1. Those gloves, socks and purses were so much a part of Sunday and Easter life in the 1950's and 1960's. I am so tempted by scarves but shopping moratorium sticks. Are you familiar with Pineda Covalin accessories from Mexico? They have some lovely scarves in their shops. I was tempted at the Mexico City airport but the shop was closed when I was flying home. I'm off to NYC in September so I need to be strong and to keep the four pair of shoes post in mind.

  2. I remember the Easter dress up too! Sometimes we added little white hats. My Mom also made matching dresses for my sister, me and herself a few times!

    This travel wardrobe just works so well! Love the bracelets you added!

  3. The picture of you as a child - Priceless!

  4. Janice,
    Awww, what a cutie, all dressed up for Easter ! When I was a kid, there was an event outside our local museum where people would just stroll the grounds, parading their new finery !
    Until you came along in my life, I never valued accessories as the way to make an outfit pop ! Now I feel incomplete without some added necklace , scarf or bracelet ! And earrings -- I feel absolutely nude without them ! Accessory clusters or families make getting dressed a whole lot easier ! Thank you for that !
    I love the details of construction on your little dress !

    1. Likewise, I have learned so much from this blog about the value of accessories.

  5. Accessories make all the difference for me..just looking at the photo of you reminds me again what an impact they make. take away the socks and shoes, the purse and gloves and you have a sweet little girl in a pretty dress. With them, you have a whole concept of this girls' inner life, just look at how she holds the purse!!

    Deb from Vancouver

    1. That might well have been my very first handbag - I was pretty smitten with the whole ensemble!

  6. That photo of you is beyond adorable I love everything about it and I love everything about this wardrobe too the colors are gorgeous

  7. Love everything about this posting from the photo of adorable you to the color scheme and clothing choices. Thanks a bunch.