Friday, April 01, 2016

12 Months, 12 Outfits in 6 Capsule Wardrobes: April

What fun! I was really eager to get to these outfits, and see how the assembled capsule wardrobes continue to grow. For April, I was thinking of an outfit that provides a transition between seasons, and gives us a couple of solid basic garments (and some fun jewelry!).

Capri or cropped pants are the kind of garment that can be worn twice a week for the next six months, so it's important to get these into your wardrobe early. I chose really basic neutrals for all six wardrobes, so there's lots of different ways for them to work for you.

A sweater might seem sort of counter-intuitive going into warm weather, but these sweaters are all either linen or cotton, so they can be tossed over your shoulders as necessary, without looking bushy or fluffy or otherwise inappropriate. At least in Chicago, April gives us no guarantee of warm weather!

Ballet flats might not work for everyone, but you can certainly substitute with any comfortable shoe that's got a feeling of openness, and the potential to be wearable with both skirts and pants.

The early months of outfits are available here - January, February, and March. And these are the scarves that I'm using as the leitmotif of each capsule wardrobe:

sweater – Eleventy;  earrings – Pichaya
necklace – BaubleBar; ballet flats – Summit
cropped pants – Uniqlo

Adding this simple outfit (and cool jewelry) the the previous months' outfits gives us a wardrobe like this:

And so on...

Sweater – H&M; earrings – Alexis Bittar
 brown mother-of-pearl pendant – Kendra Scott
 ballet flats – Sam Edelman; cropped pants - Uniqlo

Sweater – Michael Kors; earrings – Jennifer Fisher
necklace – Majorica; ballet flats – Vince Camuto
cropped pants - Uniqlo

Sweater – Stefanel; earrings – Melissa Joy Manning
necklace – Alexis Bittar; ballet flats – Summit
cropped pants – L.L.Bean

Both the earrings and the necklace were chosen because of their feeling of fluidity; I thought with a scarf that looks like splashed paint, a bit of the liquid would be perfect!

And notice how the trim on the shoes feels like it's the same color as the watery greyish blue sweater? I love these kinds of details...

Sweater – Scaglione; earrings – Karen Kane
necklace – Chan Luu; ballet flats – Patricia Green
pants - Uniqlo

Sweater – Ma’Ry’Ya; earrings – Sukartini
necklaceNarayani; ballet flats – Summit
pants – L.L.Bean

I feel like these more neutral outfits bring a bit of balance to each wardrobe; the earlier outfits often included strong "statement" garments. These more "core" pieces are a versatile addition that gives each wardrobe more flexibility. Adding a necklace was a deliberate choice to provide a new way to wear the dresses in each capsule, and earrings are added just because I like earrings....


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  1. You've hit a great point on cropped pants. Long pants might give a longer, leaner silhouette, but cropped pants can look cooler or more casual, or both, than long pants. If you go for pants cropped just above the ankle, you almost get the long pant line without looking wintery. And cropped pants are so much classier than shorts. I've seen exactly one woman wear shorts in my village, and she is in her 30s and looks like a supermodel. Even other supermodel-gorgeous women don't wear them.

  2. I'm so impressed with some of the jewelery you have managed to find, that combines the colours of the wardrobes perfectly, and look really gorgeous.

  3. I love the 7/8 pants. But they can look a bit as though not the right fit. Having said that I have been wearing cropped pants all week in Australia. Weather is unseasonably warm, so I think one just wears as is suited.
    Jazz the jewellery is always perfect, isn't it? Lovely taste. I don't wear much, personally. But Janice you have a beautiful eye for detail.
    Take care. X Chris Australia.

  4. At first I was kind of puzzled by this series but now I am really looking forward to them. It's fun to see what variation of things you choose for each group.

  5. Cropped and 7/8 pants are my favorite - I appear much longer legged with my calves showing than I do in skirts or full length pants, and that is a look I like. Thank you for showing several varieties of crop shapes and top silhouettes that you think work well together. That kind of lesson-within-a-lesson is so helpful.

    The jewelry here is fabulous. These collections just keep getting better and better as you explore them further. Thanks!
    cheers, Sue G

  6. Cropped pants, like midi skirts, are tricky - they have to hit at the right point on the leg (NOT the thickest part of the calf). That said, a nice pair of "ankle pants," a pullover, and ballet flats is a FAVORITE outfit of mine! Feels very Audrey Hepburn!

  7. In the Great Southland where I live, you pretty much need {warm} sweaters and jackets all summer long because of the freezing cold air conditioning in most public places. It's nuts! That being said, we would be looking forward to the May outfit, with the possibility of a short sleeve top. - nancyo

  8. Love all the additions! I just bought new ballet flats last night! LOL! They are by Vionic and actually have structure and support but still look like normal flats. Highly recommend the Vionic brand.

    I'm in love with that Alexis Bittar necklace in the wardrobe with the olive/loden green. It mimics the scarf detail so beautifully! All the jewelry is wonderful! Your have exquisite taste!

  9. These are all taking shape wonderfully. I agree with others about your jewellery selections. Now, I am uncertain about which grouping I like best.

  10. Love this grouping. I want everything!

  11. It's getting to the point here i can imagine heroines and stories for each collection. At the start of this series I enjoyed the selections for all the groups and had a clear idea of which would suit me best. Now I'd be happy with any of them. The addition of the plainer pants and jumpers rounds the wardrobes out nicely, and the jewellery selections are sublime. Fantastic series!
    Bon voyage, Janice, que vous serez tous les deux heureuses et saufs.

    Robyn in Tasmania

  12. I like this series because it shows so many possibilities each month. And we're only 1/3 of the way through! Thank you for all of your hard work, Janice.