Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wearing Unflattering Colors: Khaki

Khaki turns out to be another one of those colors that means absolutely NOTHING, in absolute terms. I saw things all over the spectrum that answered to my call for khaki jewelry, bags and shoes!

This, in my mind, was what I expected when I started searching for khaki; I really quite like this with black; it's unexpected, a bit earthy, but rather sophisticated, too.

Bag – DKNY; loafers – Eileen Fisher; tee shirt – Uniqlo; crop knit pants –  
Helmut Lang; Khaki nail polish – Burberry; leather bracelet – Veronica Bettini;
 pearl spinner ring – Topshop

And then I saw this more brown-ish color, which I think looks glorious with the brown outfit. Again, it's not an expected choice of accessories, but it has a richness that is quite nice.
Bag – Diane von Furstenberg; clogs – Dansko; brown tee – The Great;
 capris – Dosa; Foglifter nail polish – Londontown; bracelet – David Yurman;
 ring – Elizabeth Cole

The very lightest shades that answered the "khaki call" were my choice with grey. I wouldn't have normally put these together, but I think one could wear this happily.
Bag – Christopher Kon; sandals – Tuscany by Easy Street; tee shirt –
 Uniqlo; trousers – Carven; Dark Trench nail polish – Burberry
bracelet – Pandora; ring – Pamela Love

Frankly, I feel like half of the color names that I search for end up generating a bunch of beautiful goodies in blush shades, like this. This is really pretty... 

Backpack - Botkier; desert boots – Clarks Originals; taupe tee – Uniqlo;
 trousers –  Austin Reed; Faded nail polish – RGB; bracelet – CC Skye;
 ring – Michael Kors

And this, I'm sorry, is NOT khaki. But it came up in my search, and I thought it was so attractive and wearable that I couldn't resist it. There's virtually no person who couldn't wear this, and very few colors with which it couldn't be worn... 

Satchel - Kipling; flats – Frye; tee shirt – Uniqlo; trousers – Mango
Shop Girl nail polish – Butter London; bracelet – Arme de l’Amour;
 quartz ring - Pomellato

This felt MUCH more camel-like to me, so I thought that I'd try out a really monochromatic ensemble, with some texture. I like how the pattern in the agate stones is slightly echoed by the perforations in the shoes; those sorts of things always appeal to me!
bag – Tommy Hilfiger; shoes – The Flexx; tee shirt – Etro; cropped pants – 
 Chloe; Shifting Sands nail polish – Deborah Lippmann; agate bracelet
 Bourbon and Boweties; moonstone ring – Melanie Auld

Tomorrow, I'm looking into the joys of pastel blue and green, and then I'm going to dance with shades of rust. By then, I have a hunch that we'll all have exhausted this subject!


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  1. From Margie in Toronto - This is the toughest colour for me out of them all so far. I tend to think of khaki as more greenish and to me this colour falls more within the beige/taupe range - colours that I avoid like the plague as they completely wash me out - not sure I could even wear them as accessories and away from my face.
    I do like the richness of the combo with brown but I see it on a blonde with the hair adding some much needed brightness.

  2. Nice blog i like it.

  3. I'm with Margie regarding the name of this colour but I really like some of these combos, very sophisticated on the right people,

    Deb from Vancouver

  4. I have never been sure what color "khaki" really is, and this has not clarified :-) I can't wear this color near my face, but it looks like a very useful & versatile color for an accessory family. Mary

  5. I like the black and khaki combination.

  6. None of these look how I envision khaki -- just not green enough. The top group is the closest, but it's taupe to me. I like taupe, though, and agree it looks posh with black.

  7. Wow! I just love this series! Thank you so much, Janice. I was just gifted with a beautiful khaki-like bag and this is so helpful. The bag is similar to the beautiful color of the bag in your tan combo.. How beautiful they are together! I have tan clothing and just need some coordinating jewelry and just ordered the nail polish in the blush- tan color.. Thank so much for all the inspiration. The yellow series was also so helpful .. I will get some yellow things as well .. Such a sense of beauty you have! Janice Collins, Washington, DC

  8. I would love to see a series on eyeglasses. I usually wear plain silver-toned frames to go with my silver hair, but that's gotten kind of boring.

  9. I have to agreed with most others......this is not khaki to me but, taupe, blush and stone/light beige.......however all lovely. The olive is what I think of as khaki......a much more murky green. Looking forward to the rust.

  10. Love the all khaki/tan combo! I think more of the tan range for khaki but it does come in all shades, think man's pants for example. Thanks for this series!