Wednesday, November 04, 2015

A Couple of Small Upgrades...

I'm not feeling super-strong these days, so I'm resting up, but I do NOT forget about you all!

Today, I'm sharing a couple of quick and easy little things that I've done that amuse me. Do bear in mind that I am easily amused...

First up, there's a very distant chance that you remember that I own a pair of excellent wing-tip oxfords, from Clif in Paris. Very similar ones still available HERE; bless them for not changing all of their styles every year. Their philosophy is similar to mine - timeless, elegant, classic...

But I realized a few weeks ago that I hadn't had these beauties out of the closet in almost 2 years!

When we were in London, we saw these beautiful critters in the window at Church's shoes. 

The Burwood Met by Church's

You can see where this is headed, can't you?

The Church's shoes had studs on them, but I thought that pearls might suit me better. Teeny little undrilled 2mm pearls that I FINALLY found available at One of a Kind Artist Emporium. Highly recommended!

A tube of glue, and an hour later:

I am very pleased!

The other thing that I do is something that I've done for years, but never realized was uncommon. You know those foamy gizmos that come on your dry-cleaner hangers?

Remove them, and put them on your wood hangers. Voila, non-slip wood hangers, in pretty colors...

I told you I was easily amused!


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  1. I like your blinged out shoes!

  2. How very creative.... rest well...... I've been mulling over recent posts as I look to replace some curtains. It's been a challenge to blend neutral beige colours with some very dynamic bright artwork. It's been tempting to choose some really deep chocolate curtains to provide some contrast but think they will make the room too dark overall. Instead, I've opted for some neutral curtains that share the green undertone of the walls. But your posts have helped me understand the way that a few accessories will help my artwork look it really belongs. Hmmmm......

  3. I'm sorry you are feeling under par, do rest and take care of yourself! I love the shoes, that's such a good idea. In fact brogues are my favourite type of shoe, in the UK Grensons make good ones (e.g. Katie). I'm trying to train myself into buying fewer, better quality shoes - looks like you are way ahead of me!

  4. From Margie in Toronto - love the shoes - great idea! Rest up - we are all headed into the crazy busy time of year and need to look after ourselves.

  5. Those shoes reminded me of these earrings that I thought would be right up your alley!

  6. What great ideas! Take care and rest lots. What a great idea for the oxfords.

  7. Love the shoes. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Easily amused, and with an abundance of patience and a steady hand too, it seems! Very nice. I have a pair of Tod's brogues that are very similar which I'm eager to break out as soon as the weather cools down a bit in DC. Hope you feel better soon.

  9. What fun to swap out the studs for tiny pearls! I love those Oxford wing tips. When I was a teenager (3 decades ago) I had a pair of lovely pale pink Oxford wing tips. I really loved them. I'd love another pair.

  10. Please rest and take care of yourself. Perhaps some jet lag??
    The shoes are even better than they were before. I also have a pair of brogues and they are the most comfortable shoes . I don't wear them often enough though. Perhaps when you are feeling more energetic, you could do a post on styling this type of shoe.
    Deb from Vancouver

  11. Wow I'm impressed indeed! Not many people know and appreciates Clif as they should, including parisians. There are 2 shops and they exist since ... yes that many years. And they still have quality shoes and bags. Your tip on the oxfords is very well done: I should go back to Clif to have a look, it's been too long. Thank you.

  12. Brilliant idea on the hangers!!!!!

  13. I've done the clothes hanger / foam dry cleaner thingy dealio for years. Instant stickie for big-scoop-neck blouses, sweaters with big shoulders, etc.

  14. The shoes are really cute.
    --Photographer Friend

  15. Feel better soon! Great idea for the shoes!

  16. The shoes are whimsical and I am wondering how the glue will hold as your foot flexes the uppers, repeatedly. So please give us an update, and... feel better soon.

  17. If you are looking for the most comfy dress shoes, try @maratown :)