Saturday, October 24, 2015

Scarf Selling Saturday: Venice Scarf by Frey Wille

As promised, here's the first of the scarves that I want to sell, and it's a really amazing one!

This is part of Frey Wille's "Homage to Venice" collection, which still has jewelry available here. I used to be quite mad about Venice, and when I saw this scarf, it was irresistible. That said, I don't remember ever wearing it, so it's in great condition.

Quality is very comparable to an Hermes scarf in terms of silk weight, size, and finish. It's difficult to see on photographs, but this scarf has a bright red contrast hemmed edge against the more deep maroon red right next to it. Imagine the skill it takes to (a) dye the edge of the scarf at just the right width to form the edge, and then (b) roll it and stitch it in place to form the contrast edge. This, to me, is the mark of a crafted item, rather than something just banged out by machine.

If you like red, this is an easy scarf to wear, because it includes multiple shades of red. It's perfect for anyone who has red shoes which need to be worn more often! And I love the juxtaposition of something as ornate and dressy as the scarf with the intrinsically rugged plaid jacket and rubber boots.

Earrings – Satya Jewelry; denim dress – Tomas Maier; short boots – BP.
plaid coat – Etoile Isabel Marant; black tee – Lands’ End; black jeans – L.L.Bean;
 rubber boots – Hunter

A scarf like this is easy to wear either simply, with classic pieces, or with beautiful silk separates for dressier occasions. I wouldn't even both to tie the scarf in the 2nd outfit - I'd fold it in a triangle and wear it with the point in the back, the way we're always told we should NEVER wear scarves!

Jewelry with an ornate feeling to it - Gothic architectural details would be great - suit these outfits well...

Black turtleneck – J. Crew; red jeans – L.L.Bean; earrings – Lagos
short boots – Aquatalia; silk blouse – Glanshirt; gold cuff bracelet – Sonal 
 Bhaskarian; black silk pants – Equipment; gold sandals – Isola

You don't have to wear red all the time in order to wear this scarf, though; it's a great accent with neutrals. (that velvet bracelet? there are a dozen designs of velvet bracelets by Priya Kakkar at that link - I think they're really cool...)

And if you have to attend those kinds of events where you're never sure if it's dressy or not, a cashmere sweater, velvet trousers, and pretty accessories will help you span a wide range of appropriateness without panic.

Cabled sweater – J. Crew; earrings – Vera Bradley; beaded velvet bracelet
 – Chamak by Priya Kakkar; black pants – L.L.Bean; suede loafers – Munro;
 cashmere sweater – Uniqlo; earrings – Judith Jack; velvet pants – Emilio Pucci;
 black smoking loafer – Rockport

If you're interested in this gorgeous scarf, leave a comment starting with "I'm interested!". Otherwise, just leave a normal comment! Next Saturday, I'll see how many of you are interested, I'll generate my usual random number, and contact the winner, as well as let you all know here.

The price for this scarf is $200 US, and I will pay shipping to anybody, anywhere in the world.

have a glorious weekend!

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  1. I am interested, VERY INTERESTED, in your beautiful scarf!! I love the combination of red and black, and it is such a great color combination for a trip!! I love your blog!! It is the first thing that I look at in the morning! Thank you for your blog!!

  2. I am interested, also. Fell in love with that one the moment I laid eyes on it. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Very beautiful. I don't know why you didn't wear it! Chris from Australia.

  4. I'm interested! It is a beautiful scarf and I have the red shoes :-) Moreover it's my birthday very soon, perfect gift!

  5. I don't wear red, but you sure do make it look appealing. Having just returned from Venice, I find the detail intriguing; what a lovely remembrance this would be.... Mary

  6. You have style this scarf so beautifully. Those are great velvet pants. I keep looking for a pair of velvet pants that tick off all my boxes because, as you say, they can be dressed up or down. The denim dress would also be a similar type item.

    Deb from Vancouver

  7. It's gorgeous!!! Have a spectacular weekend.

  8. I am interested. I have a gorgeous red purse that would go well with the scarf

  9. It is indeed beautiful but I'm waiting for one particular scarf that you included in your initial post about winnowing down your scarf collection. And I fear that if by chance I won this raffle I'd diminish my chances of winning the one I have my heart set on. I just hope you happen to select that one next!

  10. is the scarf still available. I am ready to buy it. I love Frey Willie. This would be perfect for all my favorite and red!

  11. I am interested! Sorry I missed the instructions saying to begin with that sentence. Love it.

  12. Just letting the Polyvore ladies/friends know - I am checking their creations nearly every day and I love them. I can't comment directly cause I don't have logins etc. Carol S

  13. it's lovely .... but not my colorway. Someone will adore it, I'm sure

    Frey Wille jewelry is astonishing; I remember seeing it in Vienna, before they opened shops here.

  14. Janice, you are right on,on the hand-rolled hem. I have repaired some scarves, and Hand-rollng is
    HARD. And I can do some french hand-sewing.
    I have some bordeaux velvet trousers (gucci men's, from a thrift store and then tailored) that I have pulled out at most 2x year. You have inspired me to try to work them in a little more often. Thinking of a black T-shirt, black converses, and a leather jacket. Thanks for always giving us that gentle push to "lift it."

    1. "lift it"! Yes, that's the exact phrase - your idea sounds amazing, Jennifer. Makes me want to pull out my little-worn 10yr+ velvet skirt and see what I can do to blend it into more frequent rotation. Thanks for the inspiration.

      Sue G

  15. Beautiful scarf! Love that velvet bracelet!

  16. I love these casual, wearable outfits styled with such an elegant scarf. I used to save my best scarves and jewelry only for special occasions, but your posts have certainly loosened me up on that. I am getting a much higher ROI on my expensive things now that I am learning to incorporate them into daily outfits!

    Luxury is for everyday, and a single great piece can be well worth the investment - if you choose carefully and style it right. Thanks!
    Sue G

  17. I liked your insight on using expensive things, especially scarves. I have changed my "save it for a special time" outlook to "use it often and pair it with everyday things if possible to use it more frequently."

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  19. I'm interested. Love this scarf! It's difficult to buy a scarf to match all the different reds that are out there (and in my wardrobe). This one is perfect. Would love to add it to my collection.

  20. I'm interested! Just short of 50 yo, and I'm freaking out about turning 50! Thanks for all you do to help alleviate the stress!

  21. I am interested. I wish you could send me the entire set of outfits in one huge box ... a great fantasy! Susan in WA

  22. I'm interested! Was in Venice just a week ago - and this scarf reminds me of that beautiful place perfectly.