Friday, October 24, 2014

Build a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting With Nature: Chrysanthemums - a Four Pack

Okay, some of these colors aren't easy to find, and they might be a little bit much for your entire wardrobe.  But if you have a core in taupe (or brown, or navy, or black), these colors as an accent could be a lot of fun!  

Just as a reminder, these are the Starburst Chrysanthemums I photographed a few weeks ago - they are now frozen and quite dead, but I will love this photograph for quite a long time.

Stumbling onto the scarf was really key!  It has the accent colors of the deep coral, the softer rose, and the yellow - everything after that was relatively simple!  Here you can see where having the core items of a coat, trousers, boots and a tote bag in your neutral makes the rest of this much less complicated.

Down coatUniqlo, earrings – Finn, scarf – Hermes, yellow sweater – Isola Marras
trousers – Uniqlo, boots – Sam Edelman, tote – Violet Ray

A four pack is really for a weekend - maybe a third day, if necessary.  You can get rather dressy with a silk blouse and your good trousers, or you could be put to work in the holiday home kitchen with a short-sleeved top and jeans.  

The cardigan could, in theory, be worn over either of these tops, but I was thinking that it would stand alone here.  Of course, if taupe is one of your neutrals, you own a blouse or tee shirt in taupe, which would be great with the yellow cardigan and Hermes scarf!

The Missoni scarf is handy if you go out somewhere in your silk blouse and there's a draft... (there's ALWAYS another reason to have a scarf handy!)

blouse – Iris and Ink, short-sleeved blouse – East, scarf – Missoni, yellow cardigan – 
L.K.Bennett, taupe jeans – Armani Jeans, driving loafers - Tod's

A few options for your weekend, in colors that you don't see just EVERYWHERE, eh?

Beara Beara


  1. I love the more mustardy sweater in the second grouping, but that floaty bright yellow top looks like the kind of color that is foisted on plus sized women (I know whereof I speak!) in department stores. I don't know anyone who looks good in that color. I love the rest of the combos though, and the variety.

    1. CK, Usually the floaty bright yellow top is also covered in a garish flower print :-) Why designers think plus sized women want huge floral prints is beyond me. That bright yellow does often look good on many black/African-American & Asian women I've seen. Not on my fair skin though!

  2. Your photography skills paired with the skills of Hermes artists provide beautiful inspiration. Certainly different pairings, but lovely nonetheless. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I love this!
    Is it my imagination, but it seems that the most charming clothing on this site as well as things found on line are in British stores.

  4. I love this too! Brown and taupe are the core of my wardrobe, I love mixing them with bright colours and will try just about anything!

  5. Gorgeous! And yes that scarf makes everything work.

  6. I've been exploring your archives and really enjoy how you visualize the common wardrobe and the French five. I was wondering how you would arrange a common wardrobe for a much warmer climate. I would only wear sweaters 2, maybe 3 months of the year. Usually a cardigan with a short sleeve shirt underneath so I can take off layers as it warms up. I would love to see your ideas for a common wardrobe for a warmer climate!

  7. Such a beautiful post Janice. The colors are so happy yet soft and muted. Thank you from a Soft Summer colour palette!

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  9. Janice - thank you for collecting all the relevant posts under the tabs at the top. I used to get frustrated searching back for the "starting from scratch" posts, and now you've made it easy-peasey! I know how much extra work this must have been for you and truly appreciate your efforts on our behalves. You are amazing!

    Thank you XL and enjoy your weekend.

  10. I love these colors! I wish I could wear bright yellow. It is one of my favorite colors. I can and do wear coral. Love it!

  11. I like this quite a bit. Yellow is not usually my colour but it really does pop against all the others!