Wednesday, May 22, 2013

One dress - Six ways, in Black, White and Pink

Okay, let's do some imagining...

Imagine a person who has truly made the choice that their wardrobe core colors are going to be black, white, and pretty pink.  Over the years, she accumulates the necessary basics - cardigans in her colors,  a black suit, shoes and sandals in black, with a fun pair of pink dress shoes, just for kicks.  She has a beautiful pink scarf that has been around forever, and she has been carefully, gradually accumulating pink and silver jewelry...

white cardigan - Rag & Bone, black blazer - Mango, pink cardigan - J. Crew, black cardigan - J. Crew,  sunglasses - Ray-Bans, ring - Baccarat, black flat sandals - John Lewis,  earrings - Baccarat, scarf - Guess, black pumps - Brooks Brothers, bracelet - Baccarat, black & white slingbacks - Miu Miu, pink pumps - Michele Grimaldi, black kitten-heel sandals - Ralph Lauren, black slingbacks - Stuart Weitzman

Now, one day this person is shopping, and they see a dress.  A classically cut, simple, (no beads, nor sequins) dress.  In black, white and pink! 

dress - MaxMara

It's easy to immediately fear that a dress in a print or pattern won't be versatile, but once a core of accessories and a few "top layers" have been accumulated, this print dress can be worn to almost any event or occasion, throughout most of the year.

Ah, the benefits of having a plan...

 This dress could go to work in any but the most rigorously conservative environments.

 And could easily be worn out to dinner, to religious services, concerts or other social functions.

 It could even go to a wedding, or just running around on Saturday afternoon browsing through antique stores...

Versatile does not have to be synonymous with "boring, solid-colored, stodgy"...


  1. This is a vote for picking signature colors and sticking with them. Fabulous idea!

  2. Thanks for adding links to the pieces! As usual, beautiful.

  3. This is a gorgeous capsule of clothes. Adore the dress and agree that's it pretty darn versatile with the accessories you've added.

  4. This is fantastic. I don't wear dresses but you've made me want this one!

  5. This may be my favorite post - beautiful and succinct!

  6. So pretty. I' more of a yellow girl but I would love this on someone else :)
    Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

  7. I can almost begin to like pink looking at this capsule. But then again this is easily replicated with any beautiful print in one's colors.

  8. Wonderfully useful blog-post and a great dress, too (as long as the wearer has the best of all possible waist, hips, and thighs and can wear horizontal stripes; I count myself out!).

  9. I love this! And I'd also like to thank you for the links!

  10. That is so clever! And you've given me a great idea - I could start with the dress and work from there. I've got a lovely dress in pretty colours that I've only worn once to a wedding and would love to start wearing for less formal occasions. If I take the soft pinky, lavendar colours of the dress as my accent colours and start buying some accessories in those colours, maybe that would do the trick, and of course those accessories would go with the neutral navies and whites I already have. Your blog is a huge inspiration. Elizabeth.

  11. It's the wardrobe I am aiming for, but my hip size would argue against that large plaid. Might at least try it, tho....

  12. What a beautiful colour combination, this post is lovely.