Saturday, November 24, 2012

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: Impression, Sunrise by Claude Monet

Ah, the painting from which the Impressionists, and Impressionism, took their name!  Soft blues, punctuated with a dash of black, and the surprisingly perfect juxtaposition of orange...

Impression, Sunrise – Claude Monet, lace tee & pants – Preen, earrings – Flying Lizard, blue flats – Kelsi Dagger, blue onyx hoop earrings –, jacket & dress – Valentino, clutch – JJ Winters, pumps – Mint Velvet

Impression, Sunrise – Claude Monet, top – See by Chloe, velvet pants – Isabel Marant, earrings – Artisan, slingbacks – Emma Hope, silk floral top – Dolce & Gabbana, denim skirt – Topshop, ring – Wendy Mink, orange sandals – Loeffler Randall

Impression, Sunrise – Claude Monet, scarf – futabaya, pearl earrings – Lord & Taylor, dress – Freda, cashmere cardigan – Joseph, pumps – Shop Ruche, earrings – Les Nereides, clutch – Barneys New York, shirt – Paul Smith, skirt – Michael van der Ham, blue pumps – Elizabeth & James

Impression, Sunrise – Claude Monet, earrings – Blue Nile, blue sweater – Miu Miu, capris – Giambattista Valli, wedges – Attilio Giusti, cardigan – Isabel Marant, dress – Oscar de la Renta, moonstone bracelet – Nak Armstrong, slingbacks – Jean-Michel Cazabat


  1. So beautiful ! I think the outfit with the Isabel Marant pants really captures the textures and mood of the painting best.

  2. I love this picture but I'm not sure that the first two outfits evoke the feelings of the painting. Denim just seems too rough. It's a tough painting to capture in clothing and you did a great job.

  3. I love this! I want a scarf with that painting on it - I'd hoped at first that it WAS a scarf and told myself it could be my Christmas present! Failing that I'd like the fifth outfit, please Santa!

  4. Love the new look.

    Orange, pale orange, various shades of blue...very chic. Our Family Rm/Kitchen is a deep pumpkin and the accents are in the cobalt area. I love it.

  5. that is a lovely inspiration for your gorgeous clothes!
    i especially love the light blue isabel marant dres.

    i scrolled down through a few of your older posts and
    spied the "what is your clothes budget?" i actually do
    not have any budget restrictions but am afraid of
    making the wrong choices.

    your blog is helping me form an opinion and i am
    filing away the things i love!

    thank you!

  6. This is a color combination I hadn't tried. Gorgeous pictures.

    This is a fabulous blog though there are 2 things that would make it infinitely more useful and user friendly to your readers - provide links to the gorgeous clothes you post, and drop this awful new blog format. It's difficult to read, I've tried it in 3 different browsers and 3 separate computers, it loads slowly and is choppy and the huge borders on either side mean all the images are smaller. Heck, it's your blog and you can do what you like with it but I find myself coming less and less since it's just not fun to read anymore.

  7. Although I'm not a friend of Orange (simply because it doesn't flatter me at all) I enjoy these combinations very much. (Maybe I could take Peach instead?) :-)
    Some of the clothes, like the See by Chloé top in the 3rd outfit, seem to be 'drawn out' right of the painting... how I love to get inspired by your incredible talent, dear Janice. Thank you! -Birgit

  8. Oooo... this was my request months ago! How pretty! I am in LOVE with the shoes in this post. I think my favorites are the 5th and 6th outfits!

  9. Janice, you inspire me! When you use a beautiful piece of art as your springboard you keep in mind not only the colors but the mood? Is the piece restful and soft or dramatic?

    You inspire me too with the limited number of quality pieces of clothing combined in numerous ways. You are a voice of wisdom and beauty in a fashion world that is always calling more, more,, new, new!


  10. Your interpretation is an artform!