Friday, February 03, 2012

Maximize Your ROI: Statement footwear

Boots - Maison Martin Margiela

Navy sweater – Acne, navy bag – Debenhams, Striped tunic - Jaeger, sunglasses – Cutler and Gross, Melange sweater – Black Fleece, Jeans – Alexander McQueen

Silk blouse – Stella McCartney, earrings – Tiffany, silk sweater – Private B, gold necklace – Ben-Amun, tee shirt – Burberry Brit, 6-button cardigan – John Smedley, drop-collar cardiganEastex, Navy pants – Joseph,

Silk blouse – The Row, hat – Topshop, turtleneck – Woolrich, tee shirt – Isabel Marant, floral scarf – Erdem, boucle coat – Jil Sander, Navy skirt – Debenhams, navy tights – Falke 

Ruby earrings – Lord & Taylor, Paisley drop earrings – Max and Chloe, ¾ sleeve dress – Crumpet England, bracelet – Dorothy Perkins, pleated dress – Diane von Furstenberg, clutch bag – Lulu Townsend, sweater dress – Miu Miu,


  1. OOOooo!!! I love this. How to maintain the principles of the not so crazy eights baseline and classic/capsule style, but that includes such outlandish, but utterly useable, footwear! It's almost like having a bold scarf on the feet -- same logic for wardrobe building around a statement piece. Thank you for showing how it's done!

  2. Vivienne ... very entertaining. It is a wonderful idea to use shoes as inspiration. I have to say that your blog has caused me to re-think the direction I am going in my wardrobe. Oddly enough, I have always assumed a black and gray capsule with white and various shades of red and blues as an accent. However, I just realized that I want to look at my wardrobe a little differently. Watching you analyze wardrobes has opened my mind to re-analyzing what I need in my life at this time. My wardrobe plan will still have focus and limits, but I believe that it will be a lot more fun as well as more useful. Really, you are a blessing as well as entertaining.

    Thank you,
    Susan in WA

  3. I will say, unreservedly that I think these boots "wear you", and would tire of them in a few weeks. But also know that if I saw them on a young woman like, say, Lucia MIcarelli, I would find them enchanting. This is my problem, and it keeps me from buying exciting, risky things.

    While I have never reinforced the sole of my own boots, I assiduously waterproof them with products like Nikwax and Sno Seal. It's easy, so why not do it yourself?

  4. Vivienne, this is nothing short of genius! I am new to your blog but am already hopelessly devoted. I love your philosophies, illustrations and inspirations. I am already thinking about going on a "no-shop" for a few months. When your wardrobe works and you don't need to constantly "be on the lookout" there is so much freedom for other things!

  5. Hi Vivienne,

    Thanks for following up on my request so promptly. I adore these boots and disagree with Duchesse about them wearing the wearer. I think it all depends upon attitude. My challenge would be actually wearing them. I would want to save them for best.

    Deb from Vancouver

  6. Hi Vivienne. I love these boots. I'm a young 77 year old who would actually wear them and they would never wear me. Where can I buy them? I'm new to your blog and enjoy reading it. Donna from Tehachapi CA.