Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY: What's Hot, What's Not

Every season, you can find lists upon lists of "what's hot, and what's not", which basically means "what you should go out and purchase, and what you should throw away".  I refuse to let someone else tell me what I need, like, or prefer, so I decided to put together my own personal "What's Hot" list.  The results follow....

Sometime soon, when I catch up on sleep, I'll do a "What's NOT" list too.

Sweaters – DAKS, socks – House of Fraser

cardigans - J. Crew
Skirt – Prabal Gurunga, blazer – Hermès, Sneakers – Vans, handbag – Karen Millen

all clothing - Donna Karan

Sweater – D & G,  tee shirt – Miss Selfridge, socks - Marimekko

all jewelry is my own


  1. Putting together your own What's hot-list is actually a great idea! I'm currently working on refining (or should we say defining) my style, and I hope that I will someday be as certain of my style as you seem to be! The Maltese cross jewelry is excellent!

  2. I'm the same way about my mostly-black wardrobe, colorful cardis, pearls, and ballet flats.

  3. oh, this is fun! i agree re: these lists. Personally , i just check what's in style to see if any of my (decades-old) preferences might be available in the stores for once!

    Can you enlighten me as to the name of the Hermes feather scarf? i've seen it here and there but don't know how to find out more about it - as an avid birdwatcher i find it enchanting. Happy Evening! steph

  4. The feather scarf is called Plumes! It's frequently reissued, and is also available in a pocket square. There are many of these available through secondary market sellers, such as It's All Goode and
    thanks for being here,

    1. Janice, I've received some orders because of your mention and finally googled to find this! Thank you so much. Merry Christmas. xo Jan

  5. Love the upper right Hermes scarf. In fact, I love everything, though I didn't envision you in argyle. Great idea for the airport.

  6. Frugal, upper right is Petite Main, named for the "little hands" who do the actual sewing in the couture houses. Note the thimbles, needles, and pin cushions. I own this scarf red/burgundy. It's a sentimental favorite.

  7. I like the quality of your pictures. Thanks!


  8. Love this post -- the idea is absolutely marvelous! Have been informally doing this -- but, think I will do a better job of actually tracking. Good luck with your new job. You have lots of fans out here. Susan in Mpls.

  9. I like the idea of a personal "what's hot" list. Usually I pick one or two items from the "what's hot" lists I see and I let the rest of the trends pass me by. I have key elements of my personal style (bootcut trousers and jeans, boots, blazers) that I will always wear regardless of the seasons trends because they are the items that I like. And I do adore a pretty argyle print and add one to my wardrobe every fall.

  10. I'm loving your choices, especially pearls. (WIth the price of good freshwaters in the low hundreds we can all wear real.) I don't usually like copies, as in the Lane cuffs (knockoffs of Verdura's), but since the Verdura cost over $24,000 per, sigh.

    Please do a Not list! (When mags do them I always cringe because sure enough, there are my staples.)

  11. I love this list! I've been keeping my own private "what not to wear" list, but you've reminded me that it would be fun to put together a list of "what's hot" for me.

    I like those belgian loafers.

  12. Flying in argyle is totally brilliant!

  13. A thank you to Sewing Librarian for the name of the beautiful scarf. I am always attracted to things that have to do with sewing--strange, since I am the proverbial can't sew on a button type.

  14. Thank you for the scarf name! my mom and i have had a good time ogling various scarves online this am, finding ones for the fly-fishers, the pumpkin growers, etc.

    i've created a folder of my own outfits that i really loved, and it's pretty useful for picking out the recurring themes. A 'What's Hot' list will be my next project! Thank you, steph