Friday, December 30, 2011

A Travel Capsule Wardrobe - Packing more navy, with two other "warm" colors

As soon as I posted yesterday's illustrations, I received some questions about using other colors with navy.  So here are two additional ways to work with the core of navy garments and brown accessories...  

My next plan is to show THE SAME navy garments, only with accent clothing and accessories in cool colors.  A core (a "Not so Crazy Eights") of a neutral color has a lot of potential for serving as a base for any favorite color you might want to wear!

Scarf – Hermès, gold earrings – Links of London, necklace – Van der Straeten
Turtleneck – Aviujacket – John Lewis, gloves – Portolano, Handbag and suitcase– Mulberry, 

skirt – Stella Mc Cartney, navy tights – Dorothy Perkins, brown loafers – Ralph Lauren

Navy blouse and trousers – Stella McCartney, navy cardigan – Maison Martin 
 Margiela, belt – Burberry, ankle boots – ALF, print blouse – Tucker, 
 champagne pearl stud earrings- Majorica, long cardigan – Chloe, 
bracelet and drop earrings – Chan Luu, striped turtleneck - Kolor,jeans – J. Brand
print scarf – Dorothy Perkins, riding boots – Frye


Scarf – Hermès, gold earrings – Links of London, necklace – David Aubrey,  Lane,  
Turtleneck – Chloe, jacket – John Lewis, gloves – John Lewis
Handbag and suitcase– Mulberry, skirt – Stella McCartney, navy tights – 
Dorothy Perkins, brown loafers – Ralph Lauren

Navy blouse and trousers – Stella McCartney, navy cardigan – Maison Martin Margiela, 
belt – Burberry, ankle boots – ALF, blouse – Moschino, drop earrings – Nak Armstrong, 
olive cardigan – Old Navy, bracelets - 1928, plaid front 
sweater - Daks,  jeans – J. Brand, print scarf – Yigal Azrouel
riding boots – Frye

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  1. Gorgeous! I love how you bring in the rich greens. And the purse and boots are so fabulous.

  2. Thank you! As always, these posts are totally inspirational and imaginative as well as being practical. I love navy, so this was really helpful--the navy skirt I have is a dark denim pencil skirt, so this works well with many of the looks you show. I've redone quite a few items in my wardrobe in accordance with your advice with great success. Thank you and happy New Year! Can't wait for more TVF 2012.

  3. aesthetic intelligenceDecember 30, 2011 at 8:09 PM

    Thank you again.
    I especially had doubts about navy and green (couldn't envision the correct shade of green and didn't want to look like a golf clown), but you've demonstrated the shade of green that looks so classy.

  4. Beautiful combinations! I am pleased that I found your blog this passing year.
    Happy New Year! May it bring you joy, happiness, inspiration and prosperity!

  5. Your capsule wardrobes are wonderful inspirations. I am so glad I recently found your blog! What is your background that enables you to do this so beautifully (and artfully)?

  6. I am struggling to keep to only 2-3 colors in my wardrobe. I was wondering if you have "overlapping" capsule ideas. Say I start with navy blue. I have cotton and knit pants in navy blue, shorts in navy blue, a tee, and a cardigan. I have white knit pants, white shorts, several white tees. I have one pair of khaki pants, and a khaki summer cardigan. I also have a burgundy broomstick skirt, a chocolate skirt, and a denim skirt and denim jacket. So could I do navy and burgundy and white, and then navy and khaki and white, and then khaki and white and chocolate? I'm confusing myself already, and that doesn't take into account the pink and lavender and black and red tees. I live in Maryland, where winter goes straight to summer heat and humidity, then to a long extended rainy but mild fall, with snow usually beginning in Jan-Feb. I don't understand the profile options, I got here from pinterest, my name is Terry