Monday, August 14, 2017

An Early, But Timeless Travel Capsule Wardrobe in Camel and Coral

This wardrobe was constructed over 5 years ago, but you could still pack every piece of this and wear it today... that's my primary goal. Timeless. Elegant. Classic.

travel outfit in camel and white with coral and gold accents
camel cardigan – Organic by John Patrick (similar here); gold heart earrings – Alex and Chloe (similar here); white tee – Michael Stars; Scarf – Hermes Rocaille; coral jacket – H and M (similar here); camel pants – L.K. Bennett (similar here); penny loafers – J. Crew (similar here); camel bag – Vince Camuto (similar here)

When you know that you can wear something for years, you can feel quite a bit better about buying the very best items you can... It's only logical to make sure that your beautiful things will last, right?


An Early, But Timeless Travel Capsule Wardrobe in Camel and Coral
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  1. So true, Janice. I recently put together a post with outfits I wore 40-50 years ago and I would happily wear them today ... but maybe not the short skirt!

  2. This such a fun capsule, I would enjoy planning a holiday for it (if that's not too back-to-front). I really like the colour combination and the choice of garments.
    Robyn in Tasmania

  3. Janice,
    That's my kind of clothing !

  4. I love the idea of classic clothes that mix and match, go from season to season and year to year effortlessly.

    I have a challenge for you (and perhaps you've already answered it and it's in your files but I haven't found it.): I was just hired at a new middle school to teach 6th graders. The school colors are royal blue and silver, and I'd like a core wardrobe in school colors: nothing too dressy, but professional and yet casual. If I needed a second color, it would be kelly green, since that's the color of the high school that my school feeds into.

    Do you have suggestions for me?

  5. In my opinion, this set is really perfect! Feeling it is a great choice for all occasions during the day. It is stylish but stylishly stylish for the office.

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