Saturday, May 30, 2015

How to Pack Light: Uncertain Weather, and the "Whatever's Clean 13"

Something everyone struggles with is having to pack when the weather is iffy, or when you're going to be moving around through different weather conditions. So I thought I'd take our "Whatever's Clean 13" template as a guide to making this easier.

I've laid it out this way:

A simple navy, white and turquoise palette is the order of the day. (and starting with the Kathkath scarf, I've loosely adhered to a theme of waves and water...) No matter what the travel plan is, I like to make sure that I'm traveling with long trousers, closed-toe shoes, and a cardigan. Depending on your mode of travel, you want to be prepared for too much air conditioning, or a rotten heating system. And it's always easier to take off your cardigan and roll up your sleeves than it is to try to get dressed in warmer clothing that's tucked into your suitcase.

white denim shirt – Uniqlo, silver wave earrings – Lupita Betancourt, bracelet – She-Beads, navy trousers – The Row, navy cardigan – Acne Studios, scarf - Kathkath, driving mocs – Pluggz, tote – Street Level

This is everything that I packed (in my imagination, of course!). You can already see that there's sleeveless, and sandals, so a change of temperature is expected...

Striped tee – Vince, swimming pool clutch bag – Jimmy Choo, white cotton cardigan – Vince, white sleeveless linen shirt – Uniqlo, silver wave bracelet – Aoy, navy dotted cardigan – Uniqlo, silver earrings – Sarah Kosta, white cropped jeans – White Stuff, turquoise sleeveless blouse – Yumi, watercolor print top – Episode, navy pencil skirt – Austin Reed, white denim skirt – Closed, turquoise jeans – 7 for all Mankind, silver sandals – 9 West, organza scarf – Yuh Okano, turquoise ballet flats – Geox

And here's the entirety of your travel wardrobe:

Here's how things look on our template. Although I drew up the template making it look like turquoise is the second neutral, it really is the accent color.

One important note that I've learned while doing these wardrobes: if you want to include prints or patterns in your travel capsule wardrobe, you need to do it with one of the three "rows" of the template. Otherwise, you're going to have to mix patterns between tops and bottoms. That's not impossible (and I might be doing it during some wardrobes here) but it makes things more difficult.

And here are a few (well, 15) of your optional outfits. There are, in reality, dozens of ways to wear these 13 garments.

I think this would be a great wardrobe for a trip that included both city and more rural pursuits. Not exactly equipped for fly fishing or rappelling down a cliff, but a nice outdoor walk, or a picnic, would see you well prepared!


PS - For more inspiration, read about packing light and the "Whatever's Clean" article.


  1. I'm loving this new template - it really helps organize the wardrobe in a more visual way.

  2. Gorgeous! These colors are in heavy rotation in my summer wardrobe, so this is perfect inspiration!

  3. Now, you have really surpassed yourself! The template is excellent. It works for planning any wardrobe, not just for travelling. It has everything for each season as far as I am concerned. And I really like this particular selection.
    I hope you have a much fun thinking these up and putting them together as we do reading and learning and planning.

    Deb from Vancouver

  4. This is really pretty but is there anyway to do this without white? For me wearing white especially while traveling is asking for disaster. Thanks. Love this template idea. --LindaC

  5. This is the perfect vacation wardrobe! Love the colors, the options, and the template is wonderful!

  6. The template is brilliant. I hope to use this with my clients, all the while singing your praises!

    1. Send me an email, and I'll send you a PDF of the template:

  7. Beautiful and tropical! And there is a lovely whiff (might be wrong choice of word here) of Core of Four in there as well. I like how you have used the darker neutral, for the most part, for cooler days and the lighter neutral, for the most part, for warmer days. I'm a shorts person here so the long white pants would be shorts for me. This template formula also gives you the luxury of laundry washing as well, especially the tops (thinking underarms on hot days :-)). Thank you Carol S

  8. LOVE! I'm thinking Grey and blush would work into this...too cool!

  9. LOVE! I'm thinking Grey and blush would work into this...too cool!

  10. You've got such great ideas Janice and packing can be such a challenge.
    Thankfully I read your blog as well as Pinterest before planning my basic carry on wardrobe for 3 weeks in Paris and France...

  11. Love the template! And this wardrobe! So great!! Merci beaucoup! : )

  12. This is a gorgeous wardrobe (I'm jealous!) and a very inspiring post. I am looking at my travelling clothes in a new light, and can see a few gaps. Thank you Janice, it's a brilliant template.

  13. Thank you!

    The way you organize your posts and the clothing ensembles works for me in a way that nothing else has. I finally get it! I have culled my wardrobe down to something very manageable, even if it all doesn't work together right now. But your posts have enabled me to think about wardrobe building as something that really has to taken seriously (not that is isn't also fun) to get good results. Just like everything else in life.

    I am traveling to Europe later this month and will be dealing with cooler and warmer during my 3 week trip. I am working on it now and identifying the missing pieces for my 2 sets of 6.

  14. I love this. My colours to boot! Would love to replicate this.


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