Thursday, February 05, 2015

The Whole Heart Thing...

It's that time of year - we're inundated with heart-shaped goodies of all kinds. Now, a frilly box of GOOD chocolates never goes amiss, but many of the things being presented to us right now would be much better suited to a teenager, and NOT to a woman of defined, exquisite taste and preferences.

So my answer to all of this is to buy my own heart-shaped goody or two, and wear them when I'm in the mood, time of year notwithstanding!

You can always start with the traditional red heart (please note that the heart and arrow earrings from Jennifer Loiselle come in a handful of colors):

Ornamented heart pendant – Metropolitan Museum of Art, padded leather heart – Rosita Bonita
hook my heart earrings – Shaun Leane, scarf – Faliero Sarti, heart and arrow earrings – Jennifer 
Loiselle, silk rectangle scarf – Diane von Furstenberg

Or you can opt for the equally expected, but somewhat less intense pink heart. Sometimes the heart is just a subtle part of the design of a piece of jewelry:

Rose quartz bracelet – Astley Clarke, opal ring – Allurez, pink quartz earrings – Judith Ripka
rhodonite pendant – Sandra and Lily, sterling bracelet – Judith Ripka, rhodonite ring – Fabiana Quispe

If you've ever looked really closely at Judith Ripka jewelry, you might have noticed that most of her setting use teeny tiny little hearts to hold the stones in place! So if anybody accuses you of not being in the appropriately romantic mood, you can set them straight...

How about black hearts? That inverted heart from The Metropolitan Museum of Art Gift Shop is an unexpected way to participate in the season on your own terms!

Vitreous pendant – Metropolitan Museum of Art, black pearl ring – Lee Reneedruzy pendant
 – Sarah Kosta, embossed leather pendant – Rosita Bonita, obsidian bracelet – Gilda Vega
onyx earrings – Carmen Anocibar

And if you have a favorite color, there's every chance that someone somewhere has made something absolutely gorgeous just for you...

Green jade pendant – Zandra Lorena Sajbin, blue topaz earrings – Judith Ripka, purple quartz 
bracelet - Withaya Cheunjit, green heart earrings – Metropolitan Museum of Art, yellow sapphire 
earrings – Nanis, blue corundum pendant – Judith Ripka

If you don't like hearts, you should never feel compelled to wear them. But if you find them appealing and charming, you should never feel self-conscious about that preference. Wear them with a smile and an open heart, and enjoy the things that make you happy!




  1. I am firmly in the no hearts-ever camp, but I would happily wear the DF scarf.

  2. Great choices, Janice! I love the rhodonite ring.

  3. In a long cold winter...Valentine's day, to me, is a harbinger of a celebration with hearts of any type is welcome. All the jewelry shown today is absolutely beautiful, particularly the heart and arrow earrings!

  4. Valentine's Day for me is the time to celebrate all the special people who enrich my life. It also takes me right back to elementary school, 60 years ago and the anxiety about the number of cards I received compared to all the other girls. So happy those days are long gone.

    Deb from Vancouver

  5. As a romance author I'm biased on the subject of course, but I love romance. Valentine's Day is just one of many days to celebrate life and love with those who are closest to your heart.

    Thank you for showing us so many gorgeous heart-themed accessories Janice!

  6. This is so charming, Janice! I love your inclusion of colors in addition to the traditional red and pink hearts. Although I love the Judith Ripka bracelet (pink heart charm), I also love the green heart earrings. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your "Belovedest"! It's a happy day for my husband and me because it's the day we met for the first time (blind date). --Susan S.