Friday, January 30, 2015

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: Winter Photograph by Kris DaPra

I love winter, and sometimes a perfect photograph will convey what my feeble words never can about the beauty to be found in this austere, crisp and bracing time of year.

A winter photograph by Kris DaPra

A color scheme based upon a winter photograph by Kris DaPra

A charcoal grey Core of Four of a sweater, skirt, blouse and trousers
Sweater – Band of Outsiders, skirt – Uniqlo, blouse – Velvet, trousers – Windsmoor

A grey Core of Four of a cardigan, dress, henley tee and jeans
Draped cashmere cardigan – Iris and Ink, sleeveless dress – Uniqlo
Henley – Uniqlo, jeans – Rag and Bone

I strongly suspect that either of these button-front shirt would look quite nice under the grey dress. It's a look that a little bit gamine for some women, but for others it can be charming.

A Mileage Four in blue, grey and white: a tee shirt, white shirt, striped shirt, and blue sweater
Blue tee shirt – Cotton Citizen, white shirt – Uniqlo
grey and white striped shirt – Equipment,blue sweater – Iris and Ink

Accessories for a black, grey and blue wardrobe: shoes, jewelry and scarves
Square scarf – Hermes, coin pearl earrings – Majorica, pearl stud earrings – Lagos, pearl and 
silver bracelet – Majorica,  labradorite earrings – Henri Bendel, seven-strand necklace – Saks 
Fifth Avenue, paisley scarf – Etro, loafers – Rockport, pumps – Bella Vita

12-Piece Whatever's Clean" travel capsule wardrobe in grey, blue and white

3 outfits from a 12-Piece "Whatever's Clean" wardrobe in grey, blue and white

3 outfits from a 12-Piece "Whatever's Clean" wardrobe in grey, blue and white

                        Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)


  1. Oooohhhh, look. Yummy gray today!

  2. Lovely post. (I think you've changed your mind, Janice, about waterfall sweaters. :) )

    1. You're right! I've been seeing a few people wearing them beautifully, and so I'm reconsidering my blanket condemnation of them. I still think you have to be careful, though, not to look too droopy...
      big hug,

  3. Gasp! You've been peeking in my closet again. :) I wear these colors, plus a wee bit of that lovely blush color from December through April. Pretty close to a 33 piece wardrobe and it gets me through the winter with a shocking amount of variety.

  4. A big compliment to Janice on her ability to choose styles for all ages and body types, however the full-length mirror should still have the last word! Thinking cascade sweater and leggings. :)

  5. Janice, I adore winter, too! I live in New Hampshire and you live in Chicago...Sometimes winter gets a bit...long, but I still love to see the bright blue skies, a fair amount of grey, and lots of white. The black? For us here, it's all the bare trees (which aren't really black, of course, but read as black). I just realized that I don't have to wait for spring to wear two of my favorite tops in clear blues. Thank you again and again.

  6. I do miss the bright sunny crisp winters days of Easter Canada, especially when it is raining in Vancouver. However, we are enjoying another one of our pleasant winters this year. Up to 55 and sun all day.

    Deb from Vancouver

  7. Well, I HATE winter, but I love this! Thank you Janice!


  8. Living in the Pacific Northwest we have so many grey gloomy and rain soaked days...colour is the key to uplift the spirits.
    Those clear blue skies and snow look so refreshing and crisp...
    today we are bathed in glorious sunshine!

  9. Beautiful photograph and beautiful interpretation. I live in Australia so a dark winter wardrobe can be just that, too dark. I love the charcoal as a soft black and the lighter greys, blues and white are just lovely (and a bit icy!). Even though it is summer here I am feeling very cosy when looking at these clothes. Thanks Carol S

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