Friday, June 06, 2014

Who Won "French Chic"? And a great quote...

I've spent a lot of my life hanging around statistics; I used to teach people from around the world how to use Excel, and to use statistical data in market research.  So I was dumbfounded when I used my random number generator...

and the answer was THIS:

Proof that it was truly random - unexpected by anybody!

Yep, everybody's favorite lovely Pam, from Over 50 Feeling 40.  

Who wouldn't love this face?

And I've held onto my copy of "The Lost Art of Dress" by Linda Przybyszewski, for a while, and in re-browsing it I found this gem:

"Like home economics, dressmaking is a traditionally womanly endeavor that can explode gender stereotypes.  Scientists say that the average man has a better capacity to imagine a three-dimensional object than the average woman, but how can this be true of the dressmaker starting from scratch?  She not only imagines the dress, she also makes a blueprint of the pieces to achieve the shape she wants and figures out the steps to put the whole thing together.  Dressmaking is a form of engineering.  And in order to make the final product look good from the outside, a dress is put together inside out. Show me a bridge builder who's been asked to do that."

Let us acknowledge what a really well-made garment involves...

Looking back:

2011: I share an observation that I've made in Paris - Things Parisians Own: Paris Par Arrondissement.

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  1. Congrats, Pam! I own this book, and after all these years it's still a fun read. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you!! For the book and the sweet comment, Janice! Can't wait to get it! Thank you for all you do to assist us in looking our very chic, stylish best!!

  3. Janice - love that quote! As someone who (occasionally) sews, it is definitely engineering - especially considering how badly some patterns are drafted! And then there's all the re-engineering that needs to be done to make a pattern designed to fit someone who does not look like me, fit me...

  4. Congratulations, Pam. And thank you Janice, for the lovely quote! As someone who sews, and who also happens to make my living as a mechanical engineer, I really do love it! So true that sewing is a form of engineering...

  5. Yay Pam! love your blog, too.
    Thanks for the giveaway Janice -- you rock!

  6. I always said I got through high school geometry because I already knew how to sew.

  7. When I was in high school we had to take an aptitude test. I scored high in mechanical. I guess to try to make me feel better (which wasn't a problem, I was rather pleased with that score) my guidance counselor, who knew that I was involved in Home Ec, especially sewing, said that a dressmaker needed to have good mechanical skills.

  8. Best wishes from a math major who was also Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow, and who took tailoring.