Saturday, June 14, 2014

Looking Back: June 15th

2011 - It's an adventure that many of us have experienced: The Voyages of Vivienne - sleeping in airports.

2012 - Most of us would prefer to forget this part of preparing for travel, but I personally feel that the key to travel is to be in good shape, physically fit with some endurance.  Yet another good way to coax yourself into the gym!

2013 - Belovedest and I were headed to Toronto for a long weekend, so I showed you my Packing from the 333, with a few essential deviations from the system.



  1. I completely agree with your post about travel being more pleasant if you're in good shape. I used to dread flying when I was overweight and suffered from back pain. I'm in my 60's now and my usual travel route is between my home in Hawaii and my relatives in Texas. I spend about 18 hours driving, flying, waiting and trying to sleep - not an easy trip by any standards. I lost a lot of weight and have been swimming regularly for the few years, both of which have made the traveling much easier. Getting into a pool after arrival also seems to make a big difference with jet lag.

  2. Janice and Anonymous: I agree with both of you. The only thing worse than struggling with a bag on a trip is not being able to do so. Hence, my No. 1 travel rule: Don't pack what you can't lift.

  3. Good reminders, Janice. I appreciate your digging up some of these pearls of wisdom for us. And I consider myself very lucky in that I had horrendous delays but I never got to spend the night. :)