Monday, December 16, 2013

The Winner of the Novica $25 Gift Certificate

This morning, last Monday's post had exactly 100 comments!  I love the tidiness of that...

And the winner is comment #40:

Sue - from the most excellent blog "Over 60 and Over Here"!

Sue, send me an email and I'll send the code for your gift certificate.  And you MUST blog about your purchase - I'm dying to know what you get.

Thank you, everyone, for entering.  Novica is a really worthy place to buy something beautiful...


  1. Janice, thank you soooo much!!! Thank you also for mentioning my blog.

    As you can guess, I'm very excited and my only problem is: what to choose from their beautiful website?! It will probably take me to Christmas to make my mind up.....! I'll definitely blog about it once I decide though.

  2. I never get to be a winner in anything. This is not fair! Why am I that much outta luck? I hope someday I will prove my fate wrong and I will totally win something incredible in one of your contests!