Monday, December 02, 2013

How to Pack for a Long Weekend: Olive and Grey

Difficult colors to track down, but well worth it...

Cardigan – Paul Smith,  necklace – Novica,  pants - Hallhuber, tee shirt- Normaluisa, watch – Gucci, scarf – Lieke Van Opstal,  loafers – Vaneli,  parka – Marc by Marc Jacobs,  bag – Filson

Flannel shirt – Frank and Eileen, sweater – Avant Toi,  scarf – Hermes,  dress – Suoli,  necklace – Novica, chinos – Golden Goose, peridot bracelet – Novica,   boots – Cole Haan

Tee shirt – Nili Lotan,  sweater - Anntian


  1. I often find olive looks too military, but you've done a good job putting together a capsule that is surprisingly feminine and gorgeous.


  2. I think the dash of light blue in the shirt and scarf really elevate the olive and grey, thanks Janice!

  3. Thanks for this post. I have discovered this color tobe very versatile and a wonderful background for my jewelry. But it is hard to find.

  4. hi Janice,
    came across your site a few months ago and now, just like my morning tea, you are part of my day!
    So here is my first time comment or cry for help as the case may be -

    We are relocating en famille from Dublin to Singapore for work. I have to pack 1 bag to carry me through 1st month in new role until shipment of stuff arrives.
    I am using the relocation as an opportunity to down size and streamline my wardobe but can you offer any suggestions for wardrobe/ packing for one month? Taking heat, humidity into account?
    I am fairly typical Irish - with pale skin dark hair and blue eyes in the cool spectrum of colouring but I will need to make big frst impression in new role while still dressing for new climate - Dublin winter to Singapore tropics!

    My "Irish" wardrobe consists of predominantly black (not necessarily the best colour on me but easiest) and grey base with a few colour pieces (red, pink, blue, white, green). With your voice in my brain over the last few months I have been trying to upgrade my wardobe alla your capsule and fill the gaps with pieces that work. I am looking to pick up a few summery pieces in the coming sales so any suggestons from you would be greatly appreciated to help me brainstorm and invest in a few pieces that will see me through. I have navy or blue in mind as core neutral as I feel they woudl be "lighter" in the heat than black and can try fit them in with the grey bases but am struggling with ideas how to dress to impress for a month on a limited selection (ie 1 suitcase)!

    Am also open to suggestions from everyone re how to cope ( clothes, makeup and hair) with the heat and humidity!

    1. I grew up in Miami and have to say: black in the heat will have you cooked in NO time at all.....think light colors, for sure, and light-weight fabrics (and light-weight fabrics will be easy to clean and hang up overnight). Solid colors will help you feel more professional .... with your coloring, white, pink, and mint green sound wonderful.

      Can you pin your hair up, and get it off of your neck, or pull it back? That will save you from the crazies during the first couple of months of living there. Keep makeup on the light side, and remember the joys of loose body powder (very old-fashioned, but it was my mother's trick). Good luck!

    2. I don't know if you've been to Singapore, but there's a big contrast between the air conditioned inside and hot humid outside. So a cardigan or jacket would be the thing while working, then a short sleeved blouse for outside.

      I'd also be fairly modest with necklines, bare arms, skirt length etc. It's a reasonably conservative country in some ways.

    3. yes, the air-conditioned inside/hot outside is definitely something to plan for...

      Also, something that just occurred to me: Odds are, you'll be able to easily find tailors who can quickly create dresses, skirts, etc. for you, for a reasonable fee. I've known people who traveled to Hong Kong or Thailand specifically for this; my guess is that Singapore would offer you plenty of options as well.

    4. When I worked in Singapore my 'uniform' quickly became silk jersey shift dresses which I had made by a local tailor - not especially cheaply, but good fabric and well made. In the office I would wear a light linen jacket over them, usually with a scarf pinned in the collar. Many British expats went for linen trouser suits, but I always felt like they looked rumpled and sloppy. I would also recommend going fairly modest with neck and hemlines, and most important of all - choosing a hairstyle that looks good naturally, because any styling will be gone as soon as you step outside.

  5. I love this color combo! Fantastic.

  6. love olive; it's surprisingly versatile.

  7. As a former brunette, now with lots of blond tones hiding the grey, I find that olive is one of the few colors from my old wardrobe that still looks good on me. Perhaps it is the dark brown eyes that it likes? Anyway, I usually pair it with camels but I love the idea of the grey--hadn't thought of it before! My winter-time neutrals are olive, camel and grey so I do have some great choice with this combo. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. I am so happy to see the long holiday weekend posts are continuing after Thanksgiving! They give me so many ideas for holiday travel.

  9. I don't know if it looks good on me but I am liking this color very much especially the bag. Could use it as a neutral.