Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The "Triple Top" Secret also works at home...

So the idea of carefully choosing a "cluster" of shirts and sweaters, to give yourself some layering options, also works well if you have to dress warmly but a bit nicely...

all clothes - L.L.Bean 

When you have to have a few options for holiday or party attire, this is also an approach to consider.

teal beaded cardigan - Eastex, black velvet jacket - Yohji Yamamoto, teal beaded sweater - Eastex, teal tee shirt - New Look,  black velvet top - Dorothy Perkins



  1. Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this series. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. This series really fits my style of life. I didn't need to buy anything to make it work!

  3. Such great combinations. Living in a temperate climate during a transitional season requires inventive combinations to be warm enough in crisp morning and flexible enough to remove the outer blazer at lunchtime. I sometimes lunch with friends at sidewalk cafe's and depending on the slant of the sun layers are essential as is a large wrapable scarf. Always appreciate your work.

  4. I really like the simple approach to layering you are showing, it's functional AND attractive. Living in a drafty old house I really depend on layers in the cold months and I do something very similar. A long sleeve tee as a base layer, then pullover sweater, 3rd layer is usually a quilted vest for me (in lieu of a button front), but my fourth layer (if needed) would be a button front shirt, cardigan or jacket. And as you show, depending on the items assembled together, there are a huge variety of looks.

  5. I think this concept is genius! Very exciting! I often have trouble finding the right cardigan in my wardrobe for whatever top I'm wearing, so I'm going to start thinking about assembling clusters of tops.