Saturday, September 14, 2013

Capsule Wardrobe Fall Accent Color: Deep Lichen Green

This is another Pantone seasonal color that feels a lot like a neutral to me - and a beautiful neutral!  There are lots of items available in this color; if you aren't comfortable wearing this near your face, there are still a lot of options for shoes and pants...
Scarf – YuhOkano,  cardigan – Bark , earrings – Nikki Baker, Buddha bracelet – Eastern Mystic, loafers - Munro

black tee shirt - Uniqlo, beige silk blouse - Uniqlo, white tee shirt - Uniqlo, black cashmere cardigan - Uniqlo, beige cashmere sweater - Uniqlo, black sweater - Uniqlo, jeans - Uniqlo, black skirt - Uniqlo, beige pants - Uniqlo, black pants - Uniqlo


  1. I think I heard angels singing with this combo....obviously I need to add this color. :)

  2. I'm mad for this whole grouping! That sweater is fabulous and the scarf is dreamy. ❤


  3. I love lichen. This is definitely the Pantone shade that will be a temptation for me this fall. What a stunning color it is-- and why don't I own a single thing in it? It would be gorgeous with grey, my favorite neutral.

  4. For years, I had this color in a silky, swingy open jacket lurking in the back of my closet, knowing it was MY color...but unable to find a stitch to wear with it. In my mind, it was an autumn color, and I don't wear those colors. Gray, cream, charcoal (instead of black) - of course. Thank you for the gray idea, Gail. And for this post, Janice.

  5. I like these greens too :-) and just dug out some "old" green clothes and a lovely handbag.
    With these things in my closet I no longer mind that fall is coming ;-)
    HAPPY weekend! :-)

  6. I love this color...I also need to find a lighter weight option than the sweater...but the scarf and the shoes work for now!

  7. A very "me" colour. Will look fantastic with deep chocolate brown and amber.

  8. Don't think the link is working for the Bark sweater.

    1. I believe the Bark sweater is sold out, and thus the link seems to have been disabled - sorry!