Saturday, February 02, 2013

Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2013 Accent: Poppy Red, for everyone

To make up for my paltry blogging efforts this week as my household battles the Norovirus, I now present for your study the very lovely Poppy Red, with the Common Capsule Wardrobe, the Common Work Capsule Wardrobe, and the Common Warm Capsule Wardrobe.  This is indeed a color that works with everything!

Sunglasses – Kate Spade, tee shirt – John Lewis, scarf – Temps des Reves, cardigan – L.K. Bennett, bracelets – Nangara, ballet flats – Repetto, silk blouse – Equipment

all clothes - J. Crew

Bracelet – Maria Rudman, cardigan – L.K. Bennett, Tee shirt – John Lewis, scaf – Hermès, silk blouse – Equipment, shoes – Miz Mooz

Turtleneck – L.L.Bean, blue striped shirt – Golden Goose, blue shirt – D&G, white shirt – Theory, navy blazer – A.P.C., grey sleeveless sweater – J. Crew, grey cardigan – J. Crew, navy v-neck – J. Crew, navy shirt – J. Crew, navy pants – A.P.C., grey skirt – Comme des Garcons, grey pants – Theory

Ring – Astley Clarke, cardigan – L.K. Bennett, Tee shirt – John Lewis, scarf – Anthropologie, silk blouse – Equipment, loafers – Rebecca Minkoff

Top row – L.L.Bean, cream shirt – Kitsune, peach blouse – Chloe, cardigan & v-neck sweater – L.L.Bean, brown long-sleeved tee – La Garconne, tan pants – Jil Sander, cream jeans – Les Copains, brown pants – Maison Martin Margiela
Pantone Spring/Summer 2013


  1. Wonderfully spirit-lifting! Thanks so much, Janice. (And now please spend the rest of the weekend resting and getting well.)

  2. You're right. This colour does suit everyone. I keep telling my friends about your wonderful wardrobes. Take care.

  3. This is beautiful indeed, and one of the few 'new' colors I can wear. I still have an EF linen cardigan in this shade and I happily wear it nine months out of the year, because it truly looks good with all my neutrals. The Hermes scarf is gorgeous. And I agree, rest and get well.

  4. Glad to hear you are on the mend!

  5. Hope you are on the mend.
    Poppy red is the colour that I seek out when I need a pick me up.
    Ballet flats are my go to cheer up shoes in red.

  6. Yay! I've been waiting for Poppy Red to make an appearance as it is one of my colors. I'm off to find those loafers. Hope your household is soon back to normal. Hugs!!

  7. Beautiful - love red (always torn between it and cobalt blue my "pop" colour). Thankj you.

    Take care of yourself!

  8. Just the pick me up I needed to see on this dreary winter day!

  9. Poppy red makes my heart sing and, as a redhead with green eyes and freckles, is one of the few reds I can wear. Off to John Lewis to order that T-shirt now! I love your inclusion of the warm wardrobe. In a retail world where everything is black/grey/navy it switches your work from inspirational to personally relevant.

  10. Uplifting and inspiring. I hope it lifted your spirits too as you and yours are recovering. Thank your for your effort here it certainly warms up this
    Winter's day. I you believe in the "Ground Hog" tradition they say Spring will be early this year Yeah!!

  11. Beautiful. Glad you are back

  12. Thank You for lovely inspirations.Ilove red .
    Hope you feel better soon.
    We, who read your blog ,have many inspirations to look at while you get better.
    Your health is the most important thing.
    Take care.

  13. I'm hopeful you're feeling better! This has been a nasty virus season.

    I have to say, however, that your illness did not effect your work. Janice, this is the best grouping yet! I especially enjoyed seeing how some if these pieces cut across the Common Wardrobes, making the pieces even a better investment,since they can move between weekend and workplace.

  14. I hope you are feeling better soon!

    I am a warm autumn redhead, with hazel eyes and fair skin with gold-not pink-undertones. Can I wear this color? And can you do the Monaco blue with the warm wardrobe sometime?

    Thank you--and get well!

  15. Feel better!

    Really beautiful and vibrant color. I love all of the combinations but the red cardigan and the grey simple but breathtaking--is my favorite.

  16. Alive! I love poppy red too. I was eating at a window table on a bitter winter's day last year and watching the people walk by outside. And I saw black coats. Then I saw more black coats. After that were more black coats with very few exceptions. Well, I was in the market for a new ... black coat! Right then and there I decided - no black coat! (And I love black!) This year I walked into a store Labor Day weekend just as the new winter clothes were beginning to trickle in and there was a ... poppy red coat! So if you are ever eating at a window seat on a blustery winter's day and see a happy, poppy red coat walk by - it might be me!

    Love you Janice! Linda

    PS Janice, I know you just bought a new black coat but you will never wear it in a dull way - you will always 'happy it up'!

  17. Yay - love it! I've been buying a little red this spring - already have the scarf and ballet flats, so this is perfect.

  18. Every wardrobe needs a jolt of colour and mine is in red. One year a red coat, another year red boots - this year a red cardigan. The colour lifts the spirit on a misty west coast Sunday.

  19. Oh, boy, do I love this post; amazing possibilities and such a wonderful pop of color. Feel better!

  20. Such a bounty. Nice surprise.