Saturday, December 01, 2012

75/25: A Warm Common Capsule Wardrobe, and Signature Red

Lest you thought that red was not going to work with warm colors...

Cardigan – La Garconne, shirt – Rag & Bone, jeans – MiH, sweater – Bird of Paradise by Trovata

Scarf – Givenchy, sunglasses – Ray Ban, earrings – Michael Kors, bracelet – Punch & Judy, watch – Skagen Denmark, bag – Banana Republic, flats - ChicNova

Minimalist Wardrobe, common wardrobe, basic wardrobe, 12-piece wardrobe


  1. Oh be still my heart! Janice this is beautiful! And just in time for Christmas (without resorting to those sweaters and outfits that make one look like a first grade teacher. I refuse to become a human Christmas tree.)
    I'm also mentally substituting my favorite hot pink in this set and seeing how it would work as well.
    Hugs to you!

  2. How festive!
    There is nothing that says "common" here in these scenarios!
    Lovely indeed Janice.

  3. Wow, adding a pop of color sure brings it to life!

  4. Tan with brown and accented with red. How clever is that? I would have never dreamt this up but all the ingredients reside in my closet. Thanks. I think the reason I have trouble following 333 is because you come up so many new ideas that I want to try. That's my story anyway.

  5. I always love your accessories. Great ideas with eyeglasses (frames), jewelry, scarves, etc.

    Janice, a favor...

    Sometime in these next 30 days, as we consider New Year Resolutions, could you repeat/refresh how you approached a shopping fast, what kinds of limitations you put on yourself; in other words, how to do it and survive a year ahead of nearly NO clothes shopping...

    Thank you!

  6. Another request. Would you address the issue of skin tone and colors one should wear? There used to be a "season chart" that you could identify which colors looked best on you, based on skin, hair and eye color. It would be nice to get your view on that. Thanks!

  7. ooh, this is lovely... I adored the cranberry silver and I always like red, and this is another very appealing one - perhaps my brain is hinting something to me LOL!

  8. I love this!

    I'm really interested that anyone would think that red wouldn't look good with warm colours - I often wear red and chocolate brown, or with neutral, beige-y shades!

  9. After reading your entire site and playing with all your various methods to get my wardrobe under control, this is my favorite post! My two 4x4 wardrobes fit onto the common wardrobe template using warm neutrals with red and teal, to create my P333 wardrobe. Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas, creativity, and most importantly, logic. It is much appreciated.